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  1. Never mind my reply in your other topic. So you basically want someone to pay for a vps which you then use for "free hosting"... good job there
  2. How's this profitable? from my own experience in running a forum one simply can't make enough money on it to cover the costs of free hosting.
  3. Will there be shared plans ever again? a whole vps just for an mta server feels overkill and expensive. I really enjoyed those $1/month shared plans.
  4. Alright so I have a function in resource A which is exported, that function creates a guiElement which is then returned once called, in resource B I call this function and get a reference to the guiElement. So far it works, but when I restart resource A the element disappears, apparently resource A is still the owner so I was wondering if there's any way to change the resource responsible for an element. i.e create an element in resource A then let resource B take control over it. How do I do that?
  5. Tanks, it's almost perfect now, getElementSpeed helped a lot but I'm also using the mass. One last question tho, I'm using the event onClientVehicleCollision which sometimes triggers multiple times in a row, I can't block it's next execution with a simple timer or even by storing tick count in a variable, it still executes multiple times, any ideas how to solve that?
  6. Alright so I'm trying to make vehicles more deadly. When a player or bot get hit by a vehicle I don't want the vehicle to bounce away but the player to fall 100% of the times (just by a simple touch) and then in some realistic sense loose health depending on the collision force. What function would you recommend? Are any of these properties useful for my needs? I'm thinking of collisionDamageMultiplier and onVehicleCollission for instance, would those be a good approach? have anyone done anything like this before?
  7. Stolen from predecessor of GTW-RPG: https://community.multitheftauto.com/index.php?p=resources&s=details&id=13392 Original: https://github.com/404rq/GTW-RPG/tree/master/[resources]/GTWtrain Proof: author forgot to remove original creator signatures from the files
  8. Unmark source address, make sure DST address is your servers local IP address, then forward the ports 22003 and 22126 as TCP and 22005 as UDP (unless you've changed them in mtaserver.conf). Especially UDP 22005 is important to allow your server to bee seen by server browsers and up-time monitors. Type openports in your server console to check if you've properly forwarded all ports and to see which ports you need to forward.
  9. Didn't know Rays had his own hosting solution once, you learn something new every day I guess
  10. Adolf_T

    Server DDoS

    You (or the MTA team) can't prevent a DDoS attack, but you can choose a host that has DDoS protection. Another forum user posted this excellent list over hosting providers for MTA recently so that's what I'd begin if I where you. Look for those who has 100% up-time (they are more likely to have proper DDoS protection, at least for their own website) and contact their support respectively, ask if they have DDoS protection and how large attacks they can prevent as well as how much it would cost you. Don't let yourself get fooled by "free" DDoS protection from scammers like OVH or DigitalOcean who brag about their total capacity of 40Tbps or so because that's shared between all their customers on all their data centers, i.e your actual DDoS protection limit would be as little as a few mbps then they block your traffic anyway to "protect other customers". Some providers has "dedicated DDoS protection", it's more expensive but then you'll also have the full bandwidth for yourself. Most attacks are smaller than 10Gbps as well. Edit: out of curiosity what's your current hosting solution?
  11. $6 / month and not oversold seems too good to be true in my opinion, would you (or anyone else who tried this service) mind sharing some benchmark results?
  12. Looks fair but I got a few questions, how many vCores do you utilize on a physical core? what's the read/write speed on your disks (or more specific how many servers share a single disk), last but not least how many servers share the 100mbps network line?
  13. You made me really curious about this, how does your solution work more practically? what hosting services do you offer, are you using your own servers or can I choose any provider I want and you'll do the installation? is the VPS or dedicated server included in the price or will it appear as a separate charge? Lastly I do wonder what makes your solution better than a VPS for $7/month with one click installers for all those software you've mentioned plus 24x7 support? That doesn't seem like a good guarantee to me, in fact there's been many scam companies recently also registered in the UK who used the same kind of argument, I'm not accusing you for being a scammer and I do believe you're a little older than a teenager but how can I trust the quality of your hosting solution?
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