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  1. I've never understood lua's patterns too, gonna be helpful for me too
  2. @SaNoR why are you giving him the entire script without even explaining ?
  3. Yeah this is my help, i'll not give you a code unless you pay me, i'm not your slave or anything like this This forum changed a lot
  4. You should create a new register way, a new command for example, or a panel
  5. https://www.mtabrasil.com.br/2018/08/dancas-do-fortnite-para-mta.html just found it
  6. I'm always pretty anxious to use a single model for a big projet (i already had bug with collisions because of this) I prefer splitting objects Great job anyway
  7. Could you just reduce your signature @MrKAREEM ? it's painful to hide it manually thanks.
  8. It was a texture problem, my bad
  9. Hi, I searched as far as I could but I still can't get it. I hope someone will be able to help me. So, how am I supposed to remove this ugly shadow from my model ? Thanks for any help
  10. (i didn't made the ifp file by myself) but i'm creating something like this for some fortnite dances https://streamable.com/hmnjw
  11. I still don't understand why peoples keep using the MySQL module...
  12. So now MTA's forum directly gives scripts 🤔
  13. You want us to create your GM for free, is that it ?
  14. Ok but.. Will it be* ok for low configs ?
  15. Hi, I have a shader (here) that replace an object's texture and here is my code : (red.png ; blue.png) local o = createObject( 2121, 1418.1678466797,-1595.0837402344,13.366353988647 ) dxSetShaderValue( shaderForImageLoading, "gTexture", dxCreateTexture( "red.png" ) ) engineApplyShaderToWorldTexture( shaderForImageLoading, "cj_red_leather", o ) local o1 = createObject( 2121, 1411.8753662109,-1591.5054931641,13.360206604004 ) dxSetShaderValue( shaderForImageLoading, "gTexture", dxCreateTexture( "blue.png" ) ) engineApplyShaderToWorldTexture( shaderForImageLoading, "cj_red_leather", o1 ) So, the prob is that I'd like that the first object to have the texture red.png but it gets the blue.png one Is it possible to "freeze" the shader for a worldTexture ? Or... Am I supposed to create a shader for each object I want to replace the texture of ? It will take a lot of the client vram if I have a lot of objects isn't it ?
  16. You're right, that's now interesting me too
  17. Could you link what you are talking about ?
  18. I will create fortnite animation dance soonly, it can be interesting
  19. Wow, i didn't know that was possible. Thanks again.
  20. Yeah, outputChatBox is showing for every client because you have to put the player argument after the string. Take a look : outputChatBox
  21. @MIKI785 Oh dude you are saving my a** thanks to you i've got every vehicles image
  22. Hi, I'm actually trying to make a script that could save the player's screen to a file local s = dxCreateScreenSource ( 1366, 768 ) local b = dxUpdateScreenSource ( s ) if b then -- ... end Is it possible to save the "s" texture to a png file for example ?