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  1. Simple02

    3ds max help

    Kams script it's pretty outdated due to the leak of updates. I would recommend to create a script from scratch or making use of Zmodeler 2.
  2. Simple02

    Infernus vM1cra [ULTIMATE RELEASE]

    Micra I would like to talk with you about something, PM me when you're avaible.
  3. Simple02

    [WIP]The Roleplay Reborn|Unic si Original

    Inca ceva, un RP are nevoie de Job-uri, pentru ca factiunile se stie ca dureaza pana un jucator poate sa intre in ele. In rest foarte buna idea.
  4. Simple02

    [WIP]The Roleplay Reborn|Unic si Original

    Bun, inca un server in progres
  5. Simple02

    [AYUDA] Porque Da Lag?

    Ayudar en temas de optimzacion? Con todo gusto manda PM
  6. Simple02

    [Proyecto] RP

    Y en cuanto a host te puedo ofrecer 50 slots a 1,50$. Y si necesitas un scripter te podría echar una mano con el RP.
  7. Simple02

    [Proyecto] RP

    Si quieres pagar un host sin Paypal y sin tarjeta de crédito, el único método fiable sería llevar a cabo el pago con PaySafeCard.
  8. Simple02

    [SERVER] [LCFE] Liberty City - Euphoria Freedom [RPG]

    Forum cu stil GTA III, in lucrare.
  9. Simple02

    Basic Roleplay

    Yeah about that, it's pretty easy to fix it. It's due to a INSERT INTO with inexistent values in the .sql structure. I can give you a hand, just PM me.
  10. Simple02

    Basic Roleplay

    You could try this one: It's called Venux RP, it's not finished and it's too far from being finished, but you could learn and create at the same time with it
  11. Simple02

    connection timed out!!!

    You could give a try to install a windows on a Virtual Machine and see if it works. If it doesn't work on a VM that means it's something about your net connection.
  12. Simple02

    Basic Roleplay

    Tias putea da o mana de ajutor pentru a reconstrui Basic RP, sau a face un gm de RP mai bun.
  13. Simple02

    Cambiar posición de los DX usando el mouse

    No es complicado, solo se lleva mucho tiempo desarrollarlo. addEventHandler() removeEventHandler() "onClientClick" "onClientCursorMove"
  14. Simple02

    [AYUDA] Porque Da Lag?

    Los elementData suelen dar mucho lag y también se puede deber a falta de optimización en cuanto tablas y loops.