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  1. Sell VIPS and other things...

    This is legal not only you many servers owner sell VIPs etc.. For there profit and its allowed in there own server
  2. Anti-Team kill

    Community already having no team kill script you can use it
  3. help staffchat

    did you tested the code got any erros ?
  4. [HELP] Interior Bug

    you cant exit or enter because you need to state markerhit functions which helps you to get in the interior and exit from the interiors check this will be usefull
  5. is inviting everyone to take part in this anniversary giveaway free vps/domain/website/gameservers will be given for free pls do visit us and read this
  6. [HELP] How to make interior?

    Provide output msg when he enter the interior

    Hello everyone thanks for supporting us we finally reached 900 members and this month of July its PH anniversary so we are trying for homepage so we shift the forum to new directory now you need to visit here for any request Meanwhile we r giving some giveaways this month due to first anniversary don't want to leak it before only I just hint (free vps,domains ,servers ) quantity will be hidden stay tune with us thank you all for your love shown to !!
  8. Get a free MTA:SA Server

    vortex shutdown his services and his website also you can visit here for freegameservers we provide free gameservers with 200 slots (Samp,mta &csgo)
  9. [TUT] How to make MTA:SA Server with FTP

    Ports r not opened ,why you r trying for local server? When you can get free MTA sa servers from with 200 slots have a check on it
  10. Well I wish you good luck and it will be the official map editor as I guess take more time and complete it
  11. [REL] Gift Box

    Good you made it from basics cool
  12. Help

    First make sure you added your username has admin in acl.XML !then restart your server ! Next enter your server then do /register with your username & pass then do/ login with same details now you will see press p to open admin panel now its done perfectly !
  13. Speed hack bug {just proof video}

    There is no drugs system its a free roam server not a RPG server
  14. Well mostly don't know about this they think it will work from discord without vps but by this tutoring they will know how to add discord for there server thanks for sharing this tutorial help full ! Meanwhile you had used connecting instead of adding
  15. [REL]Neon Panel

    Well you can't add for aircraft vehicles