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  1. Too late for me... i have been done two versions of my MTA:SA Hook early...
  2. I posted the source code @ GoogleCode: http://code.google.com/p/mtamono !
  3. Of course it can! With some limitations, but still it can! Im working on these right now, some small results: string guid = ClientRPC.Call(player.GetAsPlayer(), "isMTAWindowActive"); ClientRPC.Answer += (g, a) => { if (g == guid) { if((bool)a.var == false) Chat.OutputChatBox("Your window is inactive!"); } };
  4. MTAMono is a module that does bridge between Lua and .Net worlds! It uses Mono framework(http://mono-project.com), .Net-based wrapper, C module and small lua script! It is in a beta stage, but many server features already working good. Example of a small script: using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Linq; using System.Text; using System.Threading.Tasks; using System.Timers; using MTAAPI; namespace MTAAPI_Sample { public class Events : IIEvents { public static void onConsole(Element source, string text) { string
  5. Сломали за 60-80 ревизий
  6. Какая внезапность. Создали через полтора года после моего реквеста. Ну чтож, улыбаемся и машем!
  7. 5k downloads. Congratulations! Post edited, Moderation
  8. Made just4lulz: http://unix-net.ru/nyaaa.mp3
  9. Currently i'm working on amx-emulator. I need testers! http://mtasa.info/amx.zip What need to test: SA-MP 0.3 Dialogs. Functions in a_amx.inc.
  10. The trouble is, we do not want to mantain contributions to MTA via two different control systems. Even if we mirror changes to GIT, any contributions via GIT will be rejected. It's too much work to have to moderate two seperate sets of contributions. i know, but GIT developers can provide modified patches for SVN.
  11. I think it is quite possible to implement. I looked at the script rule of arc_, there is implemented such a system only for calling the server functions for client. It is possible to adapt it to calling client functions from server.
  12. Objective: To realize the object on the server with which you can call functions of the client. Example: client = Client.new (clientElem); client.setGarageOpen (1, true); and the object on the client, with which you can call the server functions. Example: server.createPed (1, 1024, 1024, 1024); Waiting for your ideas and examples. Sorry for my english.
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