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  1. The server language is ENGLISH , website is currently only latvian. EVENT NIGHT STARTING AT 19:30 by GMT+3 , A lot of events, cool prizes. IP: mtasa:// http://mtasa.lv/
  2. UPDATE: Added levels system , which unlocks unique features for players. Like access to new abilities via commands,unlocks cars and much more. Come and join. mtasa://
  3. Hello, i want to introduce you with my project. We have 3 servers at the moment. DayZ : With a lot of custom features like auto-events each 30 mins, very optimized gamemode, all bugs fixed, added realistic features to dayz and .e.tc Custom made zombies, with help of npc_hlc script. There are 3 types of them, slow , medium, and fast. We offer players a free base when they have 5 members in they group. All user interface elements are customly made by us. There are plenty of vehicles (Above 400) , they have low polygon mods, which reduces the size of mods. Roleplay: We make our scripts mostly by our selves, we are working for a good economy in the server, a lot of realistic features, like batterys for vehicles, fuel consumption, engine types , plenty of jobs, plenty of features for those jobs, good atmosphere Drift/rpg: This server is made by me completely from scratch, the idea is , a player joins , he haves a choice for 1 car, then he needs to gain reputation/level/money to buy new cars, you can join races with npcs, or with players , drift battles or sprint battles, and in the free time you can completely tune your car as you wish and cruise the town with your gang Website: http://mtasa.lv/ Dayz: mtasa:// ( Free base, international, easy loot) Roleplay: mtasa:// Drift/rpg: mtasa:// (Closed now, not finished yet)
  4. local modelNames = { [402] = "Nissan 240SX", [529] = "529", [420] = "420", [550] = "550", [546] = "546", [540] = "540", [580] = "580", [527] = "Honda Civic Si", [587] = "Nissan Silvia S14", [436] = "Nissan Silvia S15", [426] = "BMW E39", --[526] = "BMW E34", [401] = "Nissan Skyline R34", [559] = "Toyota Supra", [562] = "BMW E36 M3", [477] = "Mazda RX7", [480] = "Porsche 911", [533] = "Honda S2000", [517] = "Toyota Celica", [405] = "Toyota Chaser Tourer V", [560] = "Subaru Impreza", [526] = "Audi S1 Quattro", [600] = "Audi S4" } function getVehicleNameFromModel(model) if not model then return false end if not modelNames[model] then return "Nav zināms:" .. model end return modelNames[model] end function getAllVehiclesModels() local models = {} for k,_ in pairs(modelNames) do table.insert(models, tonumber(k)) end return models end this one is for the names and this one is for drawing: addEventHandler("onClientRender", root, function() if not drawingName then return end offsetY = offsetY + (offsetTargetY - offsetY) * 0.15 local y = screenHeight - height + offsetY local h = screenHeight + offsetY local vehicle = getPedOccupiedVehicle ( localPlayer ) local vehids = getElementData(getPedOccupiedVehicle ( localPlayer ),"handlingType") dxDrawText(""..drawingName, 3, y + 3, screenWidth + 3, h + 3, tocolor(0, 0, 0, 170), 3, "default-bold", "center", "center",false,false,false,true) dxDrawText(""..drawingName, 0, y, screenWidth, h, tocolor(255, 255, 255), 3, "default-bold", "center", "center",false,false,false,true) if drawingOwner then local ownerOffset = dxGetFontHeight(3, "default-bold") y = y + ownerOffset h = h + ownerOffset dxDrawText(drawingOwner, 0, y, screenWidth, h, tocolor(48, 113, 138), 2, "default-bold", "center", "center", false, false, false, true) end end ) local function hide() drawingName = false end local function startHiding() offsetTargetY = height setTimer(hide, 1000, 1) end addEventHandler("onClientVehicleEnter", root, function(player) if player ~= localPlayer then return end drawingName = getVehicleNameFromModel(getElementModel(source)) local ownerName = getElementData(source, "tws-ownerName") if ownerName then drawingOwner = "" .. tostring(drawingName) else drawingOwner = false end offsetY = height offsetTargetY = 0 setTimer(startHiding, 4000, 1) end )
  5. I'm wondering how do i check if the tent is empty (in dayz)? Have no idea.. maybe some one knows? the part what i've made for _,col in ipairs(getElementsByType("colshape")) do if getElementData(col, "tent") then local tent = getElementData(col, "parent"); if tent then local x,y,z = getElementPosition(tent); local rX,rY,rZ = getElementRotation(tent); i just want to check if the tent is empty, and then delete it.. can any one help me with this?
  6. Can we see some screens? Atleast of the character system
  7. local bases = { {2412.8,92,26.47,1830.7,-1930.1,2955.6001,"garaza","playerserial"}, {1835.7,-1930.1,2955.6001,2412.8,92,26.40,"garaza2","playerserial"}, } local x,y,z = bases[1][1],bases[1][2],bases[1][3] local marker = createMarker ( x,y,z, "cylinder", 2, 82, 203, 54, 18, getRootElement() )
  8. if use createMarker with x,y,z , it doesnt work. Tried add tonumber() before bases[1][1] and then even in createMarker function. Dunno where is the problem.
  9. i've tried it like this: local x,y,z = bases[1],bases[2],bases[3] local x1,y1,z1 = bases[4],bases[5],bases[6] password = bases[7] and it won't work
  10. local bases = { {2412.8,92,26.47,1830.7,-1930.1,2955.6001,"garaza","playerserial"}, {1835.7,-1930.1,2955.6001,2412.8,92,26.40,"garaza2","playerserial"}, } and i need to get data out of the table, basically i want to contain all data about bases in table. Adding them manually , like in e.x above. but the problem is i don't know how to get data out of the table. for e.x i need these. local x,y,z = 2412.8,92,26.47 -- get the coordinates of first 3 values in the table local x1,y1,z1 = 1830.7,-1930.1,2955.600-- the 4,5,6 index in table password = "garaza2" -- get base password local ownerserial = "playerserial" -- last one , get base owner serial any one can help me? i need to fill those local x,y,z e.t.c with data from table for each base.
  11. any one?
  12. i have seen this in many servers, you can do it some how , in the start i thought its some custom object which was put on the car, but then i saw the same on default gta sa cars too , so maybe some one knows how to do this?
  13. Hello dear mtasa community, i have found an issue , i can't really set vehicle wheel rotation with setVehicleComponentRotation, they just don't rotate, other components do.. Some one knows where is the problem? --wheel_rb_dummy addEventHandler("onClientVehicleEnter", getRootElement(), function() local theVeh = getPedOccupiedVehicle(localPlayer) if (theVeh) then local rx, ry, rz = getVehicleComponentRotation(theVeh, "wheel_rb_dummy") --get the rotation of the component setVehicleComponentRotation(theVeh, "wheel_rb_dummy", rx, ry+10, rz) end end )
  14. doesn't work. and there's no errors o.0