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  1. Simple Webviewer of players

    can't get futher than this http://prntscr.com/h6461v made an admin account, gave resource admin rights
  2. [Release]thisdp's Dx GUI System

    Hello i have an problem. I've created an window with couple buttons, but when i press the button it calls the function two times or even more.. code: --the button gButtonVehRespawn = edit:dgsDxCreateButton(0.825, 0.076, 0.16, 0.06, "Respawn", true, tabVehicles) -- code addEventHandler("onClientDgsDxMouseClick",root,function() if source == gButtonVehRespawn then btRespawnOneVehicle() elseif source == gButtonAllVehRespawn then showrespawn() end end)
  3. The server language is ENGLISH , website is currently only latvian. EVENT NIGHT STARTING AT 19:30 by GMT+3 , A lot of events, cool prizes. IP: mtasa:// http://mtasa.lv/
  4. UPDATE: Added levels system , which unlocks unique features for players. Like access to new abilities via commands,unlocks cars and much more. Come and join. mtasa://
  5. Hello, i want to introduce you with my project. We have 3 servers at the moment. DayZ : With a lot of custom features like auto-events each 30 mins, very optimized gamemode, all bugs fixed, added realistic features to dayz and .e.tc Custom made zombies, with help of npc_hlc script. There are 3 types of them, slow , medium, and fast. We offer players a free base when they have 5 members in they group. All user interface elements are customly made by us. There are plenty of vehicles (Above 400) , they have low polygon mods, which reduces the size of mods. Roleplay: We make our scripts mostly by our selves, we are working for a good economy in the server, a lot of realistic features, like batterys for vehicles, fuel consumption, engine types , plenty of jobs, plenty of features for those jobs, good atmosphere Drift/rpg: This server is made by me completely from scratch, the idea is , a player joins , he haves a choice for 1 car, then he needs to gain reputation/level/money to buy new cars, you can join races with npcs, or with players , drift battles or sprint battles, and in the free time you can completely tune your car as you wish and cruise the town with your gang Website: http://mtasa.lv/ Dayz: mtasa:// ( Free base, international, easy loot) Roleplay: mtasa:// Drift/rpg: mtasa:// (Closed now, not finished yet)
  6. Is it possible?

    local modelNames = { [402] = "Nissan 240SX", [529] = "529", [420] = "420", [550] = "550", [546] = "546", [540] = "540", [580] = "580", [527] = "Honda Civic Si", [587] = "Nissan Silvia S14", [436] = "Nissan Silvia S15", [426] = "BMW E39", --[526] = "BMW E34", [401] = "Nissan Skyline R34", [559] = "Toyota Supra", [562] = "BMW E36 M3", [477] = "Mazda RX7", [480] = "Porsche 911", [533] = "Honda S2000", [517] = "Toyota Celica", [405] = "Toyota Chaser Tourer V", [560] = "Subaru Impreza", [526] = "Audi S1 Quattro", [600] = "Audi S4" } function getVehicleNameFromModel(model) if not model then return false end if not modelNames[model] then return "Nav zināms:" .. model end return modelNames[model] end function getAllVehiclesModels() local models = {} for k,_ in pairs(modelNames) do table.insert(models, tonumber(k)) end return models end this one is for the names and this one is for drawing: addEventHandler("onClientRender", root, function() if not drawingName then return end offsetY = offsetY + (offsetTargetY - offsetY) * 0.15 local y = screenHeight - height + offsetY local h = screenHeight + offsetY local vehicle = getPedOccupiedVehicle ( localPlayer ) local vehids = getElementData(getPedOccupiedVehicle ( localPlayer ),"handlingType") dxDrawText(""..drawingName, 3, y + 3, screenWidth + 3, h + 3, tocolor(0, 0, 0, 170), 3, "default-bold", "center", "center",false,false,false,true) dxDrawText(""..drawingName, 0, y, screenWidth, h, tocolor(255, 255, 255), 3, "default-bold", "center", "center",false,false,false,true) if drawingOwner then local ownerOffset = dxGetFontHeight(3, "default-bold") y = y + ownerOffset h = h + ownerOffset dxDrawText(drawingOwner, 0, y, screenWidth, h, tocolor(48, 113, 138), 2, "default-bold", "center", "center", false, false, false, true) end end ) local function hide() drawingName = false end local function startHiding() offsetTargetY = height setTimer(hide, 1000, 1) end addEventHandler("onClientVehicleEnter", root, function(player) if player ~= localPlayer then return end drawingName = getVehicleNameFromModel(getElementModel(source)) local ownerName = getElementData(source, "tws-ownerName") if ownerName then drawingOwner = "" .. tostring(drawingName) else drawingOwner = false end offsetY = height offsetTargetY = 0 setTimer(startHiding, 4000, 1) end )
  7. [HELP] Delete empty tents

    I'm wondering how do i check if the tent is empty (in dayz)? Have no idea.. maybe some one knows? the part what i've made for _,col in ipairs(getElementsByType("colshape")) do if getElementData(col, "tent") then local tent = getElementData(col, "parent"); if tent then local x,y,z = getElementPosition(tent); local rX,rY,rZ = getElementRotation(tent); i just want to check if the tent is empty, and then delete it.. can any one help me with this?
  8. [SELL] Roleplay Gamemode

    Can we see some screens? Atleast of the character system
  9. table data

    local bases = { {2412.8,92,26.47,1830.7,-1930.1,2955.6001,"garaza","playerserial"}, {1835.7,-1930.1,2955.6001,2412.8,92,26.40,"garaza2","playerserial"}, } local x,y,z = bases[1][1],bases[1][2],bases[1][3] local marker = createMarker ( x,y,z, "cylinder", 2, 82, 203, 54, 18, getRootElement() )
  10. table data

    if use createMarker with x,y,z , it doesnt work. Tried add tonumber() before bases[1][1] and then even in createMarker function. Dunno where is the problem.
  11. table data

    i've tried it like this: local x,y,z = bases[1],bases[2],bases[3] local x1,y1,z1 = bases[4],bases[5],bases[6] password = bases[7] and it won't work
  12. table data

    local bases = { {2412.8,92,26.47,1830.7,-1930.1,2955.6001,"garaza","playerserial"}, {1835.7,-1930.1,2955.6001,2412.8,92,26.40,"garaza2","playerserial"}, } and i need to get data out of the table, basically i want to contain all data about bases in table. Adding them manually , like in e.x above. but the problem is i don't know how to get data out of the table. for e.x i need these. local x,y,z = 2412.8,92,26.47 -- get the coordinates of first 3 values in the table local x1,y1,z1 = 1830.7,-1930.1,2955.600-- the 4,5,6 index in table password = "garaza2" -- get base password local ownerserial = "playerserial" -- last one , get base owner serial any one can help me? i need to fill those local x,y,z e.t.c with data from table for each base.
  13. Vehicle parts rotation

    any one?
  14. Vehicle parts rotation

    i have seen this in many servers, you can do it some how , in the start i thought its some custom object which was put on the car, but then i saw the same on default gta sa cars too , so maybe some one knows how to do this?