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  1. Random death sound when a player dies

    Sos, i do have Skype but i barely use it due im now on Discord, but ill try to add you there
  2. Random death sound when a player dies

    Wow! This time it really worked! Even for the skin IDs you choose! Thank you very much!
  3. Random death sound when a player dies

    Nope, still not working
  4. Random death sound when a player dies

    But how about Skins ID? Because i think thats how it works This didint worked, i keep killing myself and nothing is playing, i even edited the line for the sounds and nothing else
  5. Random death sound when a player dies

    function wasted (thePlayer) local sound = playSound("The_Incredible_Coneman_Death.wav",false) setSoundVolume(sound, 1) end addEventHandler ( "onClientPlayerWasted", getLocalPlayer(), wasted ) This is my current edit for the mod downloaded, what i want is like, plays a random death sound, but with different file names Also, "InCase" if you can, how about something more "Complex": A death sound, but ONLY for a certain skin, like for example, on my server, i use a custom Kirby skin, when you are having the Kirby skin and then you die, it plays a death sound for that skin, or, i have also a Yoshi skin, if you die having the Yoshi skin, it plays another death sound If you dont want to do this complex thing i said, is ok
  6. Random death sound when a player dies

    See i downloaded this mod: http://community.multitheftauto.com/index.php?p=resources&s=details&id=6331 But i want to know, what lines do i need to edit to make it plays a random death sound when you die, i got many death sounds So waqaarali i hope you dont mind that i edit your scrip.
  7. Radio music sometimes cuts

    Sometimes when i enter to a vehicle, sometimes the radio is fine, but other times, it cuts even if i change the radio to another station, and even when i is working, when i change to my user tracks it skips to another song everytime i select the user tracks again but doesnt starts from the begining. Not to mention, the radio station names doesnt apear on the top of my screen.
  8. Cant change gamemode: gamemode resource could not be started

    I tried to install MTA on a new folder and then overwrite every resource from my original one, it didint worked, same error, and again, i didint edited anything
  9. Cant change gamemode: gamemode resource could not be started

    Saml1er: No, i didint edited anithing because i dont know what to edit for race Khadeer143: Are you telling me to install MTA on a new folder, then copy everithing from resources to my origial MTA folder? Besides, what i see on the line 376 is this: function startGamemodeT(gamemode) setTimer(startGamemode, 50, 1, gamemode) end
  10. When i try to change from "play" to another gamemode like "race", i get this problem: [2017-10-06 03:04:03] Stopping play [2017-10-06 03:04:03] Stopping freeroam [2017-10-06 03:04:04] startResource: Failed to start resource 'race' [2017-10-06 03:04:04] ERROR: mapmanager\mapmanager_main.lua:376: mapmanager: gamemode resource could not be started.
  11. How i add (Not remplace) custom skins?

    See, i have my GTA SA with my skin selector cleo mod and my characters, but is it possible to add them for the freeroam (Warever is called) gamemode? Or any other gamemode? I want to know this because the Youtubers from my country Spain likes my series of GTA SA, and maybe if i announce to get MTA, they might come to my server, im not adversiting, just saying for my spanish youtubers This is my very first post, please dont be so mean