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  1. looks like he cancelled the project for certain problems o_o
  2. What a great Idea Lampard. Creative idea to make a forums and get a server by making posts. No one can think by this creativity. and your services are awesome!
  3. Good job, one question. Does every tank have it's own damage caliberation so we can make a difference and does every tank has its own health and speed to differentiate from a light Tank to Heavy Tank.
  4. great services, didnt have any problem from it, Just Post some shits and get a free server!. The only problem was the changing new control panel, but the new one is awesome, you should try this service free!.
  5. killeryoyo


    Works! thank you so Much all who helped
  6. Hello Egyptians, As people can't find a good VPN that work for long time. I found a good VPN for all the Egyptians who has the same problem. the free VPN https://www.hotspotshield.com/. it made all my online games work. it's a great VPN with no Limited time or download. Use it and if you feel lag, contact me on Skype to give you something that will solve that Crack. Skype: youssef.best2 Good luck Egyptians!
  7. killeryoyo


    same error but its written with Arguement 1 not 2. I used this export exports["notices"]:addNotification("Test",source,255,success);
  8. killeryoyo


    Hello people, i tried to launch a script today and found that error and can't solve it till now D:. Bad Arguement @ TriggerClientEvent [ Expected Element @ Arguement 2, got string ["addnotficiation"] in Line 3 function addNotification(player, text, type) if (player and text and type) then triggerClientEvent(player, 'addNotification', player, text, type); end end
  9. wow that tutorial made things easier, thanks! what a impressive work you did.
  10. why it's only valve games, isnt it possible to take from another games or the quality is so high?
  11. killeryoyo

    Server lags

    did you try to check /debugscript 3? maybe there are spamming errors that makes the people lag when they enter the vehicles. Check it up that might help!.
  12. pretty cool DayZ server, good job guys. Are you new community?
  13. nice panel keep it up, it will need some more features like buying maps etc. You are going great!
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