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  1. Jekorgi

    Custom radar.

    Nevermind, i've already got it :D. If anyone is wondering how i did that, i've used this mask: Then some math and i'm on the good way to finish this radar
  2. Jekorgi

    Jekorgi's Designs

    Hey Dear MTA Community! Today i wanna show you my new works (almost all of them aren't finished because i didnt have to finish them). And i want to offer myself as an UI/GUI/Web designer, i've really cheap designs (depends on what do you need). Before you contact me you have to know that i'm really bad in logos. Thanks for reading and enjoy watching. SKYPE: Jekorgi DISCORD: Jekorgi #8655 E-Mail: You can find my all works there: Simple avatar: YouTube Banner: Race HUD: Wallpaper: Business card: Instagram redesign: Forum theme: Simple tournament logo: Race HUD: Ranks for my Race:
  3. Jekorgi

    Custom radar.

    Hey guys, i'm rebuilding default race gamemode and i've got stuck on radar script. How this thing is working? I would like to make circular one using 50p's mask. How to update this thing without losing performance? And a question about map image itself: It has to be cut like a grid? Or can i use just one big image?
  4. Jekorgi


    Hi guys, i want make custom editfield, but i dont know how to do this . I make graphic for it: but i dont know how i could write something in this