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  1. I have a race mode and I want to make it to play a random map instead of voting panel, any help would be appreciated.
  2. Fishy

    Basic Problem

    Okay, I fixed the problem. I now can find the resource and run it successfully, but it seems the code is broken. I took the code from wiki Btw, the problem was i named my meta "meta.xml" and you only have to name it "meta"
  3. Fishy

    Basic Problem

    Yes, I restarted admin panel from Console & refreshed the list.
  4. Fishy

    Basic Problem

    Okay, So I have a resource that I can't start in the admin panel, the name does not even appear in the panel so I can't find it. It's a welcome message. The file is located here It is called message It has two folders inside, one is a .xml and one is a .lua I am nameing them : message.lua and meta.xml Names: Here are the codes for them Note : I am making a script not gamemode Meta.xml file message.lua file: Please help me!
  5. Fishy


    Well, my resource isn't working because I don't know how to start it.
  6. Fishy

    [TUT] Basic Lua

    Thanks man! One of the best tutorials out there! I was searching for a good tutorial for some time now and wiki doesn't explain much! Now I understand, Thanks again!
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