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  1. yeh i know but wouldnt it be kewl if they could
  2. yeh but it might make them a bit of money, they could up the price of the next gta by like 5 buks so they (thats if they include mta with it) make a bit of money
  3. ah ok then, i didnt know, i couldnt get my hands on the code so i couldnt figure it out y dont u guys just like call rockstar games and organise for them to send you the vice city code and tee up a deal for the next gta, that way the next gta could be released along with the mta for it and you guys could get paid for it, that is if u dont already
  4. ummm no i meen instead of the client hacking into the game (or so to speak) they could just edit the files in vice city
  5. sorry, im aussie, we can make hell for people tryin to understand us when we talk normally what i meen in simple terms is that mta should make 2 different versions of multitheftauto vice city, 1 thats the one you've got already and 2 that is like the first version of mta you made for gta3 eg. moderates the files in vice city could this be done?? it might solve some of mtas problems
  6. maybe mta should think about releasing 2 versions of the next mtavc, eg one thats just what theyve been going the whole time and another which replaces the files like the first mta they did for gta3, that way they could edit the files so they could easily put in the seaplane and boats, and they wouldnt have the problem of people crashin sometimes because of overload, they would of course have to figure out a way to have mta installed into vc without screwin up the game cuz i know i put it on gta3 and i uninstalled mta and it completely removed gta3 anyways just a thought
  7. try getting the update if you havnt already otherwise if that doesnt work then ive got no idea
  8. not norton itself just this norton security program, its always pissing me and my friend off whenever we have a lan, basicly we disable it and everything works just like that
  9. thats kewl dude i didnt meen anything against you just you know its life
  10. magus just live with it, youve told the world now and this persons probly already changed his name to somethin else you cant avoid cheaters, they are everywhere, doesnt matter what you do some idiot has to crack these programs so they can cheat because they are wankers lets just leave it at that
  11. my friend has that problem all the time and he called his isp and they told him to do something which fixed it, ill try and find out what it was otherwise you should call your internet provider and ask them about it, also check that you have a firewall, or that norten security program, i know that these can sometimes stuff this sort of stuff up
  12. i think this would be a good advantage in most cases however... as you know you cant move when ure typing, but if you have a joystick or something thats seperate to the keyboard and is configured you can still moved around and shoot thus people might hit the type key and sit somewhere until someone comes along and walks past them or maybe if they get the sniper to work in the next version of mta they might sit with a sniper and shoot people then when someone finds them just hit the chat button and then kill their opponent oh well just a thought
  13. i played 0.1 and thought that was good enough and then when i saw that 0.2 was nearly finished i started checkin the site like every half hour until it finaly came out and i would like to say a massive thx and wish i could do something that could make it heeps easier for u guys to fix all the bugs by the way is any version of mta ever gonna be released with the version of gta eg. a package so when u buy gta u get the latest mta oh and one more thing, instead of having all these downloads for the updates, u guys should make and auto updater for mta thx a heep
  14. i hope that rockstar games might think about including a speedometer in the next gta
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