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  1. I don't recommand you to bind "onClientGUIClick" on resourceRoot, it takes more CPU resource. Don't set the 4th argument to false when binding "onClientGUIClick" on resourceRoot.
  2. If you are lazy to do that, just use onDgsMouseClickDown instead of onDgsMouseClick
  3. if you are using DGS onClientGUIClick is unusable, use onDgsMouseClick instead, You'd better check wiki otherwise you may confuse this function with onClientGUIClick
  4. Your code doesn't work with GUI. You will get the same warning. local shop = {window = {},edit={}}; addEventHandler("onClientResourceStart", resourceRoot, function() shop.window[1] = dgs:dgsCreateWindow((sW-483)/2, (sH-352)/2, 483, 352, "some window", false, 0xff000000, 25, nil, 0xC800ff00, nil, 0x96141414, 5, false); shop.edit[1] = dgs:dgsCreateEdit(419, 81, 40, 27, "1", false, shop.window[1]); addEventHandler("onDgsTextChange", shop.edit[1], function() -- do something... end,false); end);
  5. I need further information about this. Try to give a string of complete code that can reproduce this problem.
  6. thisdp


    For local video. if you don't want to know how does that works, just aiming at how to do that as soon as possible. You can consider DGS (https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Resource:Dgs) And use the following function. https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/DgsCreateMediaBrowser Note: only WEBM is supported currently.
  7. if isElement(window) then
  8. I had to solve something like label:setSize(label:getSize)
  9. Currently, I need some help with get type of "vector", I can't get the type of Vector/Vector2/... window is the parent of button1 button1 is the parent of button2 but window is not button2's parent, it is button2's grand parent getChildren only gets parent, exclude grand parent
  10. thanks, this was a mistake when I am optimizing dgs code
  11. maybe dxDrawMaterialPrimitive3D but this function is buggy
  12. for drawing render target, use dxDrawMaterialLine3D
  13. thisdp

    (help) panel

    I can't understand the logic from the code. I assume you are attaching an event to a dgs element, but I can't find the function you want to execute. function openWindow() Karakter = dgs:dgsCreateWindow(290, 268, 250, 283, "Karakter", false) dgs:dgsWindowSetMovable(Karakter, false) dgs:dgsWindowSetSizable(Karakter, false) dgs:dgsSetFont(Karakter, "default-bold") gridlist = dgs:dgsCreateGridList(9, 5, 231, 221, false, Karakter) dgs:dgsGridListAddColumn(gridlist, "Skin", 0.9) for i = 1, 2 do dgs:dgsGridListAddRow(gridlist) end dgs:dgsGridListSetItemText(gridlist, 0, 1, "bayan"
  14. You can solve this with setElementStreamable. But you should know that out of GTASA's streaming range, the collision of world object will be unloaded. This means the ped will go under ground.
  15. https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Resource:Dgs#Client_Events see example in onDgsMouseClick. Or you can use these: onDgsMouseClickDown onDgsMouseClickUp
  16. Join the DGS discord.https://discord.gg/QEs8q6W
  17. what, why. I can play video now. This issue https://github.com/multitheftauto/mtasa-blue/issues/1091 has been fixed in https://github.com/multitheftauto/mtasa-blue/pull/1397
  18. https://nightly.mtasa.com/ download latest mta here
  19. this means it maybe not DGS' fault, because dgsSetInputMode("no_binds_when_editing") is guiSetInputMode("no_binds_when_editing"). Try to find whether there are other scripts that modify input mode
  20. try whether guiSetInputMode("no_binds_when_editing"), doesn't work.
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