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  1. Yeah that did the trick ccw, but how do I allow network access so that I don't have to keep disabling it temporarily and put my computer at risk? EDIT* Nevermind, I've checked gtasa.exe as allow instead of blocked so hopefully that should do the trick for good. Thank you ccw.
  2. Here is the new link ccw. http://pastebin.mtasa.com/119635012
  3. ccw, I've ran MTADiag and this is what link it gave me but no where did it ask me to press 'n' so yeah but here's the URL. http://pastebin.mtasa.com/785153429
  4. Exactly the same thing is happening to me..
  5. I'm not sure, is it to do with our locations or something?
  6. So I used to play MTASA a few months ago and decided to play again, I downloaded the 1.4 version and the game loads up fine but when I go onto server browser, it doesn't show any servers at all, I also can't even create my own server. I tried joining servers manually using quick connect as well and it still wouldn't connect for some reason, what's going on?
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