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  1. In hawaii we all love spam so i have an exscuse. i would love a spam musubi right now.
  2. ME like no not ME. I like.But me likes it too. i mean "ME" but i also like it please say I isnt a persons name also god im confused
  3. i like but maybe make it a time on the car that the persons sets so they dont have to0 wait around or maybe make somting so u have a chance of figuring out if your car is a bomb,
  4. i personaly like it and it would be kool to have a mod that made every thing about vice into a lego world lol i owuld love to see little lego people with guns killing each other.
  5. he mean he cant get the connect to in the game while on if he cant but now he knows abouts it so he is still confused if he can. lol hahaha
  6. sounded really fun would ahev been better if ya gave more notice i bet you would get a bigger turn out
  7. monkeydude35


    lol took me a little while to realize that he was talking to me eerr him to talking to me oh forgeit
  8. lol i think you need to go outside and get a tan
  9. one of te glitches is getting in the appaxche same time as somone else but i think there migh be another
  10. monkeydude35


    i was gonna say somthing funny about mental hospitals but all i can say is lol im to bussy laughjibng to say ne hting funny
  11. i like to use map mods in stunt so i have my own seperate gtavc for stunt and dm. i know later on they will probally make adding map mods harder to do also so do you think in the up coming versions there could be a set of check marks like custom map custome car skin custom car stats and so on. and by the way i do my stunting on private servers with friends and we all liek to use map mods but in the up coming versions it will make it hard to just play with your friends using map mods so there should be check boxes. sorry if this dosent make sence im tired didnt sleep much last night stayed up playing true crime hehe. If that dosent make sence basic point is add check boxes for differnt kind of mods such as map and car abd so on so people on provate servers can do what they want If that dosent make sence then just forget you ever read it
  12. what is it you are maing cause i dont speak wahter language your page is in
  13. an invisible ramp really can some share more abhout this?
  14. would it be possible to get the top fun rc trucks in game it would be fun to go a round with the heli killing people im not sure waht would happen when somone attacked the truck you were in though. well if it is possible it would be very fun.
  15. i had a weird problem there was like a fire stuck in the road like a moltov and it was there the whole time it didnt hurt but it was woerd cause it lit up when your car went over it and i kept forgetting and bailed out only to realize it was in the road strange
  16. If You used the SEARCH BUTTON you would realizedthat this has benn sugested time upon time and explained why its not fesible for the tiem being time upon time its one of thoe most tlaked about subjects you wouldnt even have to use search all you would have to do is scroll down the page and probally find it. sorry to be flamming but you really need to use search button. Can who ever that dose the web site make the search button in big red letters. Iv made the mistake of posting somthing thats been said before but this is a very easy to find topic. sorry for flame just had to let it out
  17. lol pikachu is gone but now you got somthing else scarry dancing snow men at lweast i think they are. they are almost as scary as the dancing spider man
  18. how about a game mode called killthe peds and every oen runs of into ciy and who ever kils most wins that would be fun in my mind at least
  19. hmm maybe there can be a neutal person in a caln battle flying heli and videotaping i would love to do that but i dont edit id be glad to be camera dude though
  20. im hopping it will be sey in hawaii cause thats where i live, it would be a nice tourism boost and fun to drive around i thnk if they do it in hawai you should be able to trave between the islnads
  21. i read the whole post but i thought he was refering to the whole picture in general not just the skins sorry didnt realize that.
  22. i got a 89.5738% woooot im so cool nad i only got a 4.53649% ha you guys are all geeks and im not nener nener nener i waonder if saying nener is geeky
  23. i could hold that button in for days and it wouldnt do any thing
  24. hmm off subject but i find your avatar a little offending wel not as much to me but i ahve parnets that walk around this house
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