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  1. Is there a list of vehicles and their ID codes on the wiki manual? I couldn't find any links.
  2. Does the current version support synced trailered vehicles, like the large transport trucks and their trailers or the tractor and towtruck towing other cars?
  3. Nice video, but half the shots were too dark to see what's going on.
  4. Weather and time changes? Does that mean they're synced now?
  5. Windows 2000 Professional here, i have the problem too.
  6. What are the differences between your two comps?
  7. stone-rhino


    Whenever I load a new MTA game, the radio stations always start off at the same spot in the files. Kchat in the middle of the animal guy interview, wave at 'in cars', flash at 'billie jean', etc. The repetitiveness can get pretty annoying. Would it be possible to randomize the start time index for the radio files?
  8. stone-rhino


    You can already do this in the current version, just need to organize a few friends together to play as cops.
  9. Isn't the engine smoke a pretty good indicator in single player? If they could get that effect working there'd be no need for a seperate meter.
  10. Does it also reduce crashes in clients?
  11. Crashing, then animations, then netcode
  12. I think the Hunter should be removed entirely until they can get vehicle weapons and drive-by's working. All it does now is add to the instability and sync problems. Replace it with a police chopper or a land sparrow.
  13. If you need to wait for the other players to respawn to see their skins, what good does killing yourself do?
  14. Yeah, that would work, if the radar actually always showed what team someone is on. Right now it's as buggy as the skins.
  15. Yeah, this happens to me all the time, when I join a server. The skins and the map icons usually right themselves after the others respawn. It can easily lead to lots of friendly fire kills, so i hope it's fixed soon. That happened to me too. You have to get off the bike to respawn.
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