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  1. Sent it by pm. Thanks for help anyways.
  2. Hello everybody, I tried to do scope attachment for some weapons but I have a problem. I tried to get target coords for scope by using these functions. getPedTargetEnd getPedTargetStart But when I set the camera matrix, I couldnt get the positions with these functions. I am waiting for your help Thanks. Sorry for my bad English...
  3. Best Dx lib I've ever seen. Thanks for this again.
  4. Very good. Thanks for it. Is it synchronous between clients?
  5. I wanna ask is there a sorting system in gridlist?
  6. I got a very important bug. Needs hot fix. I use edit in my gui and added this code addEventHandler("onClientDgsDxGUITextChange", add_item_amount, function(element) fixEdits() LAST_AMOUNT = exports.EKdgs:dgsDxGUIGetText(add_item_amount) reloadPriceCalc() end) function fixEdits() local price = tonumber(exports.EKdgs:dgsDxGUIGetText(add_item_price)) local amount = tonumber(exports.EKdgs:dgsDxGUIGetText(add_item_amount)) local buyamount = tonumber(exports.EKdgs:dgsDxGUIGetText(buy_select_edit)) if not price then exports.EKdgs:dgsDxGUISetText(add_item_price,"") end if not amount then exports.EKdgs:dgsDxGUISetText(add_item_amount,"") end if not buyamount then exports.EKdgs:dgsDxGUISetText(buy_select_edit,"") end if exports.EKdgs:dgsDxGUIGetText(add_item_price):len() > 5 then exports.EKdgs:dgsDxGUISetText(add_item_price,LAST_PRICE) end if exports.EKdgs:dgsDxGUIGetText(add_item_amount):len() > 5 then exports.EKdgs:dgsDxGUISetText(add_item_amount,LAST_AMOUNT) end if exports.EKdgs:dgsDxGUIGetText(buy_select_edit):len() > 5 then exports.EKdgs:dgsDxGUISetText(buy_select_edit,LAST_BUYAMOUNT) end end function reloadPriceCalc() local price = tonumber(exports.EKdgs:dgsDxGUIGetText(add_item_price)) or 0 local amount = tonumber(exports.EKdgs:dgsDxGUIGetText(add_item_amount)) or 0 exports.EKdgs:dgsDxGUISetText(GUIEditor.label[5],"Toplam: $"..(price*amount)) local buyamount = tonumber(exports.EKdgs:dgsDxGUIGetText(buy_select_edit)) if buyamount then exports.EKdgs:dgsDxGUISetText(GUIEditor.label[10],"Alınacak eşya sayısı: "..buyamount) end local selectedbuy = exports.EKdgs:dgsDxGridListGetSelectedItem( items_list ) if selectedbuy and selectedbuy > -1 and buyamount then local idata = exports.EKdgs:dgsDxGridListGetItemData( items_list, selectedbuy, 1 ) exports.EKdgs:dgsDxGUISetText(GUIEditor.label[12],"Ödenecek miktar: $"..(buyamount * idata.price)) end end and when you try to enter something into edit. Game freeze''.s. Waiting for fix.
  7. local AnimationWindow = exports.EKdgs:dgsDxCreateWindow(584,226,262,421,"TRYO ~ Animasyonlar",false) local stop = exports.EKdgs:dgsDxCreateButton(9,367,122,25,"Durdur",false,AnimationWindow) local close = exports.EKdgs:dgsDxCreateButton(133,367,120,25,"Kapat",false,AnimationWindow) local animgrid = exports.EKdgs:dgsDxCreateGridList(9,3,244,358,false,AnimationWindow) local column1 = exports.EKdgs:dgsDxGridListAddColumn(animgrid,"Kategoriler",0.35) local column2 = exports.EKdgs:dgsDxGridListAddColumn(animgrid,"Animasyon",0.5) for i=1,#anims do local cato, name = anims[i][1], anims[i][2] local row = exports.EKdgs:dgsDxGridListAddRow ( animgrid ) exports.EKdgs:dgsDxGridListSetItemText ( animgrid, row, column1, cato, false, false ) exports.EKdgs:dgsDxGridListSetItemText ( animgrid, row, column2, name, false, false ) exports.EKdgs:dgsDxGridListSetItemData ( animgrid, row, column1, {anims[i][3],anims[i][4]} ) end And buttons havent got wordwrap. Add it and it will be good. Thanks.
  8. Good library. Thanks for it. http://prntscr.com/hcf9e8 I have a gridlist and second column is blurred why? Can you help me with that?
  9. Hello everybody, Today I need a tool like this and I wrote it. This tool compiles all lua files in folder and automatically change meta.xml for their new name. It uses luac.mtasa.com's compiler. If you dont trust me you can replace it with your download. Meta.xml changing is not good because it find .lua and change it to the .trpg. Sorry for my bad English. Tutorial: Let's think you have a folder resources and it is full with scripts. 1. Select folder with "Klasör Seç" button. 2. If you want to delete not compiled lua files check "Eskileri Sil" checkbox. 3. Click "Şifrele" to start process. Note: Do not forget to make backup before progress! Some pictures: Downloads: http://www.mediafire.com/file/6tw8um74wmzt6ke/COMPILER_1.0.zip If you have any problem then post it to here.
  10. Tried some things bot it doesnt work. Need some help.
  11. Here the customblips resource: https://community.multitheftauto.com/index.php?p=resources&s=details&id=960 What i'm using: for i,v in pairs(locats) do exports.EKcustomblips:createCustomBlip ( v[2], v[3], 24, 19, "icon.png", 180 ) local obj = createObject( 5000, v[2], v[3], v[4], 0, 0, 0 ) end
  12. @darkdreamingdan Then this is a problem bc Talidan's last visited is April 16.
  13. Tried with other versions of customblips and not worked. Waiting for any help.
  14. I think its a bug of customblips. I tried with 1024 x 768 and it worked but when I back to the 1920x1080 its buggy.
  15. I didnt use any scripts for change camera matrix i m doing it by mouse only I didnt modify the customblips resource. exports.EKcustomblips:createCustomBlip ( v[2], v[3], 24, 19, "icon.png", 180 ) This is the code I m using.
  16. I am using customblips resource for my server but i have some problems. I can add customblip but it slips and changing its pos when I change my camera matrix. I can explain it with some ss. Normally I was using normal radar and normal GTA SA radar have this problem. Sorry for my bad English.
  17. I got a VF #2 23070000 error kick when i connect to any server, please help me.
  18. Hello guys, I'm doing a custom vehicle weapon and I am trying to do a custom weapon for SWAT vehicle. How can I create missile and send it to where the turret is aiming? THX
  19. Hey guys, I m writing a survival gamemode so there will be a lot of loots. I want to spawn those items with chance. Like M4 has got a chance %0,05 but Shotgun has got %1 chance to drop. How can i do this?
  20. Change the syntax cause those two functions setAccountData and getAccountData are mta defined functions. You can do something like accountSetData() and accountGetData(). Thanks for reply. I think I dont need to change function names. Because the developers will use it as exports.xxxx:setAccountData() . No need to change.
  21. Hello everybody, Now, you can save your account data to MySQL tables. I cant explain it much more because it's same as normal account data but only difference is my account data system is using MySQL. Sorry for my bad English. The script has some exports: setAccountData(acc,datakey,value) string getAccountData(acc,datakey) removeAccountData(acc,datakey) getAllAccountData(acc) You need to execute this queries in MySQL: CREATE TABLE `datamanager` ( `id` int(11) NOT NULL, `username` text COLLATE utf8_general_ci NOT NULL, `datatable` text COLLATE utf8_general_ci NOT NULL ) https://community.multitheftauto.com/in ... s&id=13004 Hope you like it, report bugs please
  22. ahmedo01


    I think so but if i recreate all time then it can do lag.
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