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  1. Probably because you try to use it on server-side, but localPlayer is available only on client-side.
  2. No, only with <files/>. Scripts are different, and hard to load them well. No, but here is a modified version, to load files easier. Example: (vehiclemodels/meta.xml) local files = {} addEvent("pOnFileDownloaded", true) addEventHandler("pOnFileDownloaded", resourceRoot, function(path, model) if model then table.insert(files, { path = path, model = model, extension = path:match("^.+(%..+)$") }) end end) addEvent("pOnDownloadComplete", true) addEventHandler("pOnDownloadComplete", resourceRoot, function() table.sort(files, function(a, b) return a.extension > b.extension end) for i = 1, #files do if files[i].extension == ".txd" then local txd = engineLoadTXD(files[i].path) engineImportTXD(txd, files[i].model) elseif files[i].extension == ".dff" then local dff = engineLoadDFF(files[i].path) engineReplaceModel(dff, files[i].model) elseif files[i].extension == ".col" then local col = engineLoadCOL(files[i].path) engineReplaceCOL(col, files[i].model) end end files = nil end) Example: (vehiclemodels/client.Lua) <meta> <pDownloader>true</pDownloader> <!-- STEP 2 - enable pDownloader --> <script src="client.Lua" type="client" /> <!-- STEP 3 - disable downloading with download="false" attribute --> <!-- and set model id --> <file src="files/infernus.txd" download="false" model="411" /> <file src="files/infernus.dff" download="false" model="411" /> </meta> Just set model ID in meta, and its load for you.
  3. Patrick

    Ped Sound Attack

    Solved on Discord. (link)
  4. Patrick


    local myShader_raw_data = [[ texture Tex0; technique simple { pass P0 { Texture[0] = Tex0; } } ]] local theTechnique = dxCreateShader(myShader_raw_data) local theTechniqueon = dxCreateShader(myShader_raw_data) local texture = dxCreateTexture("vehlights.png") local texture_on = dxCreateTexture("vehlightson.png") dxSetShaderValue(theTechnique,"Tex0", texture) dxSetShaderValue(theTechniqueon,"Tex0", texture_on) -- replace everywhere, not only for a specific element (don't use 3rd arg) engineApplyShaderToWorldTexture(theTechnique, "vehiclelights128") engineApplyShaderToWorldTexture(theTechniqueon, "vehiclelightson128")
  5. Hi! This is not script-request section, we can't send you done scripts. But you can do it yourself. Whats you need: onPlayerVehicleEnter, addCommandHandler, outputChatBox You can detect if someone enter to a vehicle with onPlayerVehicleEnter event, and then save player's name to a table for example. And you need a command, what loop trough your table and print player names out to the chat.
  6. Wrong language, moved to Arabic section.
  7. Load the model when player is in that dimension, and unload if not.
  8. Just don't use MD5, instead of bcrypt.. please. Here is NanoBob's tutorial, how to handle passwords: (Functions in php: password_hash, password_verify)
  9. Nem lehet Azért van titkosítva, hogy ne bántsd.
  10. Wrong language, moved to Portuguese section.
  11. I have a resource on community, what is similar, try it out. Just change the "collisionsmoke" to "bullethitsmoke" in client.Lua, at line 24.
  12. Converters Some basic converters that may be useful. 💾 IPL to Lua converter - objects, vehicles and weapon pickups only. 💾 MAP to IPL converter - objects and vehicles only. 💾 MAP to Lua converter - objects, vehicles and object removes only. 💾 PWN to Lua converter - objects, vehicles and object removes only. 💾 PWN to MAP converter - objects, vehicles and object removes only. Please let me know if you find a bug!
  13. Probably you don't have enough free video memory.
  14. Patrick


    A resource-nak nincs joga az addBan funkciót használni. acl.xml-ben add hozzá a resourceod (mta_admin) az Admin csoporthoz.