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  1. Wrong language and section, looks like a scripting related question so I moved it to Portuguese scripting for better results.
  2. I guess you are trying to play the video in embed player to avoid ads. But it's blocked for a lot of videos by the author. I think you can do nothing with this.
  3. It works, but "Va" is not in the list.
  4. Hi! This is the Scripting section for scripting related questions(!), I moved your thread to Resources.
  5. You can find all of them with getAccountsBySerial and remove with removeAccount.
  6. Wrong language, moved to Portuguese section.
  7. Wrong language and section, moved to Portuguese scripting.
  8. smoothMoveCamera function is not exists in MTA. This is an useful function what you can find on MTA Wiki: https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/SmoothMoveCamera You have to paste function's source code into your script before use it. And there are 2 other problems in your code: - LocalPlayer is not exists in 2nd line, use localPlayer instead. - local before smoothMoveCamera is incorrect in 3rd line, just remove it.
  9. Wrong section and language, moved to Spanish scripting.
  10. Hi. This module is really old and unsafe. Use built-in MySQL functions instead.
  11. You have to pass the player's element when you call Portao1() function. And you can use this only on server side, because isObjectInACLGroup is a server sided function. -- SERVER -- example addCommandHandler("opengate", function(player) exports["portaomecanico"]:Portao1(player) end)
  12. You can't do it on server side, as far as I know.
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