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  1. Welcome. Is owner_email_address set in mtaserver.conf? And make sure ase is 1
  2. Patrick


    With fetchRemote, but "to the web" is not accurate enough.
  3. Welcome. Your thread has been moved to Portuguese section.
  4. This way works for me, to send data as JSON. function sendDiscordMessage(message) local data = { content = "Example:", username = "Webhook - Example", embeds = { { title = "Webhook - Example", description = "```Some user have typed \"help\" command.```", footer = { text = "I want to do this...", } } } } local jsonData = toJSON(data) jsonData = string.sub(jsonData, 3, #jsonData - 2) local sendOptions = { headers =
  5. Yeah, and there are some other problems. - author subtable's syntax is incorrect, you have to use = instead of : and put index names inside [ ] (or use them withouth " ") - fetchRemote's syntax is incorrect, a callback function is required Don't forget to use /debugscript 3 Here is a tutorial of how to send Discord messages trough webhook:
  6. Hi. local hasCharacter = tonumber(hasCharacter) local verificationQuery = dbQuery(db, "SELECT `hascharacter` FROM `accounts` WHERE `hascharacter` = '?'", hasCharacter) -- use argument binding, instead of string concatenation (it's always a better way) local verificationResult = dbPoll(verificationQuery, -1) local countOfResults = #verificationResult -- table length if countOfResults > 0 then --this is the line which I don't know how to use properly outputChatBox('Verification value is TRUE', thePlayer, 100, 255, 100) else outputChatBox('Verification value is FALSE', thePlayer,
  7. Welcome. Your thread has been moved to Portuguese section.
  8. Hi. There is a dedicated event for this: https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/OnClientProjectileCreation Event's first parameter is the creator who throws the projectile. Cancel effect This event cannot be cancelled. To remove the projectile you can use setElementPosition (some where far away) and then destroyElement (which makes it explode).
  9. Welcome! Your thread has been moved to Spanish section.
  10. Welcome! Your thread has been moved to Turkish section.
  11. Welcome. Your thread has been moved to Portuguese section.
  12. Patrick

    Register Once

    Hi! I moved your thread to Scripting section, next time ask your scripting related questions here. You have to check "bRegisteredOnce[source] == true" before(!) calling addAccount. Should look like this: bRegisteredOnce = {} function registerPlayer(source, username, password ) if bRegisteredOnce[source] == true then outputChatBox("You already registered on this server!",source) else local accountAdded = addAccount(username, password) if (accountAdded) then triggerClientEvent (client, "createNotification", client, "#33aaccCogratuation #fff
  13. Welcome! I moved your thread to Portuguese section, please keep Portuguese posts there.
  14. Welcome! Scripting section is for scripting related questions, not for resource requests. I moved your thread to Resources section.
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