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  1. I got an unhandled exception while exiting Vice City.
  2. Then why put it at 100% if you're not ready?
  3. That's not your server address. Well, technically, it's the address to your sever inside your network. Nobody can access that outside of your network (i.e. everyone on the internet). You need to get your real IP. I recommend a site like www.ipchicken.com.
  4. IPB has had about one security patch to it's core files since 2.0.3 came out. Once vBulletin 3.0.3 came out, there was security hole. That made 3.0.4. Then there was another. And then another. This makes vBulletin 3.0.6, while IPB is at 2.0.3 and still better. I bought IPB for my website, and I really prefer it over vBulletin. It works, it's faster than anything, and it handles a lot of things. (Yes, I know this topic is kinda old, but I had to make my point.)
  5. Sorry for the bump, but it didn't work.
  6. My Vice City is somehow strangely not working. I go to launch it, and it just does the spinning disc. That's all it does. I've reinstalled it, copied it to a new CD to make sure there weren't scratches and everything. What in the world is wrong? Edit: Okay, I got Vice City to work alone, but now when I try run it with MTA, it does the same thing. When I reset the game path and closed MTA, it said something about weapons.dat and weapons.orginal. Is there something wrong with my version of MTA or something?
  7. Funny thing is I use an XBOX controller on my PC as a game controller My Xbox AirFlo controller is USB ready (I modded it).
  8. I have three gigs of web space if you need it.
  9. Alt-tab is one way of actually getting out of a crash, so I think it'd be best if they kept it in.
  10. That's not true. Just about any distribution of Linux will run MTA if it has what MTA needs to run.
  11. I'm pretty sure the Xbox was around 700 MHz, not 1.2 Ghz. I have a PC that is nearly three years old, and I can still play a lot of the recent games out. I can't really play anything like Doom 3 on a crazy resolution, but that would be due to my video card (ATI Radeon 9600XT), and not the processor or memory. I have upgraded this computer, but I think I will be building my next one instead of upgrading this one.
  12. I think that finds out what type of proxy you're through. It says I'm in St. Louis, Missouri (which I'm not), and I'm pretty sure my ISP's big office is in St. Louis.
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