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  1. Witam jak w temacie poszukuje skryptera do mta:sa zainteresowanych PW. Lub kontakt steam
  2. [HELP]Tdm Command

    Wtf no this when j write /tdma j have gamemode Tdma .. but any player have play.
  3. [HELP]Tdm Command

    Hello I am looking for a script that will tdma move players after typing /tdma and to move into the arena. and are excluded F1 and get the gun a skin Team

    aaaa ok manager ACL ? Admin add subject resource.bf3 ok ! work
  5. [MAP]Berlin 1945 v.2.0.0

    I sorry I forgot that this forum is for all countries.
  6. [MAP]Berlin 1945 v.2.0.0

    Świetna mapka POLECAM!!! Szkoda , że tak mała jest .. .. Będzie większa ? (czy jest to w planach)

    I added myself admin but does not work zarejestrowowanie to .. and players can not play ... those who have done normally account for chat window is log on without a problem.

    I need Help.. J have problem register.. ... ls&id=6071

    Potrzebuje pomocy zainstalowania TeamSpookera na serwer Nie ogarniam tego scrypta..
  10. [HELP]Server Buy?

    hi That's my information from two web hosts mta sa I know which server is better 1 or 2? 1.CPU: i7-2600K 8x3, 4GHz Memory: 8GB of data protection: Raid 5 Bandwidth: 100mbit 2. OS: Debian Lenny x64 Processor: Intel Xeon 2 x QC E5620 Processor Speed: 2 x 2.4 GHz Number of Cores: 2x4 Memory: 64 GB HDD: 4x450GB SAS 6Gb / s, 10Krpm Controller: Adaptec RAID 6405 Kit SATA / SAS PCIe 512 MB
  11. S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Rise of Zombies

    Great Work We must download
  12. Call of Duty for MTA:SA [DOWNLOAD]

    NICE! When start map MW3 ?
  13. Call of Duty for MTA:SA [DOWNLOAD]

    NICE! When start map MW3 ?