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  1. Nop, I have this script, with this cant damage car physically (when black smokes go out from motor and cant start motor), but I want make script which cant damage car visually when hitting by hand. Works like anti-DM script for roleplay server
  2. not good soloution if vehicle is damaged its fix it fully
  3. It is possible make that with hand cant damage car visually ? i know can make that cant damage car phisically ...
  4. botshara

    mta sdk

    function myFunction($charactername, $hours) { if($hours >= -1) { $MY_SERVER = [ "host" => "", #The host/IP of your MTA server "http_port" => 80, #The HTTP port for your MTA server (Default 22005) "http_user" => "mta_php_sdk", #The username that we created in the previous step "http_pass" => "xxxxxx" #The password for the username that we created ]; $SERVER = new mta ( $MY_SERVER['host'], $MY_SERVER['http_port'], $MY_SERVER['http_user'], $MY_SERVER['h
  5. botshara

    mta sdk

    Because 80 port is default for my apache, I disabled it because need download from my apache http server not from mta httpserver on the basis mta httpserver lagging my server. Im using php mta SDK
  6. botshara

    mta sdk

    Hello, I have a problem with MTA SDK, i disabled mta httpserver 0 and make it download from url myip/resources , all works fine, but from website cant connect to server (user doesnt connect to server, nothing in server logs showing) I also changed port in my php script to 80, but nothing
  7. This function doesnt works
  8. I want allow only 2 numbers after comma if is more than 2 numbers then show error or format to number with 2 numbers after comma
  9. Hello guys, which will be the easiest way to format number to decimal. I want allow formats like these > 1 > 1.1 > 1.22
  10. botshara


    Hello guys, it is possible make a radio which can play sounds from your GTA folder, I know that there is radio channel who do that, but i want activate only this channel
  11. botshara


    It is possible from web call function or event with arguments to server ? I know that from server can call to web function. If, yes then how ?
  12. Hello guys. Which will be the easiest way to check if the player start jumping or hiting
  13. Now skin changes only for me, the other players didnt see that I changed skin and I didnt see them is changed skin
  14. botshara

    I Dont Know

    client-side -- HERE WILL BE SCRIPT local startJOB = createMarker ( 2208.328125, -2284.1962890625, 13.764669418335, "cylinder", 1.5, 255, 255, 0, 170 ) function startTheJob() setElementModel(getLocalPlayer(), 27) nextMarker = createMarker ( 2230.3369140625, -2283.4921875, 13.391557693481, "cylinder", 1.5, 255, 255, 0, 170 ) addEventHandler ( "onClientMarkerHit", nextMarker, nextStage ) destroyElement(startJOB) end addEventHandler ( "onClientMarkerHit", startJOB, startTheJob ) What the fuck, when hit on marker then changes player clothes but the problem is that
  15. Hello why some servers is under attack from MTA ? Here we can see that hostname is voila.multitheftauto.com . Also the IP is blocked in iptables but the ip likewase can connect to my vps. Why MTA team hacking servers ?
  16. botshara

    Get time

    It is possible get time from OS and then make it in 'if' to check if time > 8:00 then return false ?
  17. Nop it doesnt help (unblock) and no one error with debugscript. WTF where is the problem
  18. * I downloaded script from my pc (windows) and then upload via ftp on my server * I set for all files chmod 777, but nothing changing * Resource start but start without spawning peds and vehicles, on my windows server console show that have loaded map in 0.99999 server but on my linux server console doesnt show it, I mean there is the problem. Im using Linux Debian 7.7
  19. Someone knows why on linux doesnt works npchlc traffic script ? On windows servers works fine but on linux server doesnt works and didnt show any errors! Please help SOURCE: http://crystalmv.net84.net/pages/script ... raffic.php
  20. Im looking for scripter who could make me some scripts for me. Job is not hard, if you sre interested then write me PM. Ofcourse it is not for free,I will pay.
  21. I have a problem with math.random , it always generate 44! Why ? g_shops = { { -- 1 name = "Main Shop", description = "The Main Shop Items.", { name = "Main", { name = "Lottery Ticket", description = "Lottery Ticket.", price = 10, itemID = 68, itemValue = math.random(2, 48 ) }, }, }
  22. I mean players on scoreboard and also in server list show fake players
  23. it is possible script fake players? if yes please tell me how to do it ( which functions, events etc)
  24. Nope, that's surely why no one replied. Explain better and tell us why you want to do that (What are these numbers for etc). I need it for forsing system. When player click on item then item disappears and insert in column itemID. I dont want make namerous columns because i have vey much items for this reason I need insert all itemID's in one column. Why I need export from column itemID's ? Because i want check if the item already exist
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