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    skin dff file

    hello guys i have been workin lately on skin and it was my first time so i import GTA SA DFF file (skin num=230)and got some object from player.img and add it them to the skin that i made using 3Ds max but whene i add the skin to my gta file MTA keep crashing whene i get the skin
  2. kills addEventHandler( "onPlayerWasted", getRootElement(), function( killer ) givePlayerMoney( killer, 100 ) kills=kills+1 end ) like that?
  3. thanks man ,another thing how can i make counter to count players kills and show who is the top killer
  4. yep i can see the timer now but the marker not geting recreate after the timer is over
  5. [12:52:02] ERROR: Loading script failed: shoprob\robbery.lua:15: ')' expected ne ar 'then' that showen in the debug and i cant see the marker
  6. marker =createMarker(-23.4414,-55.150,1002.5468,"cylinder", 1.5, 250,0,0, 255 ) setElementInterior( marker,6,-23.4414,-55.150,1003.5468) function output() outputChatBox ( "*To Rob this shop use /robshop", getRootElement(), 255, 0, 0, true ) end addEventHandler( "onMarkerHit", marker, output ) function rober(thePlayer, matchingDimension) if isElementWithinMarker(thePlayer, marker) then outputChatBox ( "robbery attempt success", getRootElement(), 0, 255, 0, true ) givePlayerMoney (thePlayer , 15000) setPlayerWantedLevel ( thePlayer, 6 ) destroyElement ( marker ) else outputChatBox("get in the marker to rob this shop", thePlayer, 255, 0, 0) end end addCommandHandler("robshop", rober) here is my code i want the player to be able to rob the shop once every 5min,
  7. another question how can i make the function restart witht timer example i created function that works whene you hit marker after you hit the marker ,the marker got destroyed and the function will restarted after 10sec
  8. abdalbaset


    hey guys how can i Check if the player inside the marker or not inside ?
  9. it's not working i cant see the colshape on the map anymore
  10. local Col = createColCuboid(1290.5771,2100,11.0156, 300, 100, 30) local pArea1 = createRadarArea( 1290.5771,2100,200, 150, 32, 32,32) bool = false function shapeHit( thePlayer ) givePlayerMoney (thePlayer , 1000 ) end addEventHandler('onColShapeHit', Col,shapeHit) function onWasted() if isElementWithinColShape( source, Col ) bool = true end end addEventHandler ( "onPlayerWasted", getRootElement(), onWasted ) function onSpawn() if bool then setElementPosition (--here??,1369.93,2194.938,9.757) end end addEventHandler ( "onPlayerSpawn", getRootElement(), onSpawn ) what should i put instead of "--here??" ,is that serverside or client side ,thanx for your help
  11. Just one i am going to use it as DM area player get killed and respawn there
  12. local Col = createColCuboid(1290.5771,2100,11.0156, 300, 100, 30) local pArea1 = createRadarArea( 1290.5771,2100,200, 150, 32, 32,32) function shapeHit ( thePlayer ) givePlayerMoney (thePlayer , 1000 ) end addEventHandler('onColShapeHit', Col,shapeHit) that all what i made
  13. i mean whene player die in the colshipe he get's respawn in it again ,i didnt understand how getPointFromDistanceRotation works
  14. hello guys, how can i make respawn inside colshipe (example player got killed in the colshipe he will be respawned in it)
  15. شباب اريد فنكشن لما الاعب يدخل على السرفر الهيلثي يكون 200 ) health*
  16. Well idk if this is the right place to post this, i am looking for any delux host supports or admin i have made an order 3 days ago and didnt get any thing if you got any solution please send it in pm ty for your time Sloved
  17. عملت اوردير ولم يصلني شئ عللى الايميل هل المشكلة بس عندي ولا حد ثاني واجه المشكلة يقدر يساعدني
  18. يعني بدي استخدم متغير يعد كم مرة دخلت الماركير او لستخدام اخر
  19. شباب اين اجد معلومات عن المتغيرات كيف اعرف متغير وكيفية استخدام المتغيرات واي شي عنها
  20. thanx table so much but how can i make whene some one inside airplane hit the marker the marker work?
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