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  1. Resolvido, atualização de download: https://nightly.mtasa.com/?mtasa-1.5.6-rc-latest
  2. Resolvido, atualização de download: https://nightly.mtasa.com/?mtasa-1.5.6-rc-latest @TavinhoXP
  3. Dutchman101

    Missing markers

    Fixed, update to https://nightly.mtasa.com/?mtasa-1.5.6-rc-latest You were on the nightly channel (not always without risk..)
  4. Dutchman101

    All Markers are invisible

    Fixed, update to https://nightly.mtasa.com/?mtasa-1.5.6-rc-latest You were on the nightly channel (not always without risk..)
  5. Dutchman101

    xSimas unban req

    Together with a few others, you meticulously set up a plan to routinely get the IP addresses of a lot of MTA players, for the purpose of DDoS'ing them. Your motive (the scheme these actions were part of) are known to me and make your situation even worse. Everyone playing MTA has the right to play wherever they want without a risk to fall victim to cybercriminals like you. Unfortunately, for you there is no future on MTA. At this point, we really don't care about your plans for mapping on a local server.
  6. Dutchman101


    This ain't no global MTA ban (read the section notes; also why your previous topic got deleted), you can only ask for unban by appealing to the admins of server you're banned on. We don't have any power over bans from individual servers. In your case (you mentioned it's proyecto mila) that would be https://foros.proyectomila.net/forumdisplay.php?fid=15. Post there instead of here, good luck! @Cachinarmy
  7. Dutchman101

    CD47 Trainer

    Don't use (GH) DLL injector while MTA is running to avoid bans like this.
  8. Dutchman101

    BAN CD47

    You got banned as a result of trying to run a known MTA cheat (HackLoader). Wait for the ban expire, and don't try to cheat again in future. RU: Вы были забанены за попытку запустить известный для MTA чит (HackLoader). Дождитесь окончания бана и впредь больше не пытайтесь использовать чит-программы. @Renz**
  9. Dutchman101

    ban by trainer

    I already told you that all your chances have been wasted, you didn't handle your previous last chance well either. So unfortunately this ban won't be up for discussion again.
  10. Dutchman101

    [AC4] Trainer

    If you get a ban for trying to run a detected cheat, you will stay banned for the duration it shows without exceptions. Please read the description of "Ban appeals" section next time. Note: I cleared half of this topic, there's no need for spammy behavior or over-the-top apologies. It's really that simple, no one will get early unbans, not even if you regret.
  11. Dutchman101

    Banido por Trainer

    You tried using a recent cheat, wait for the ban to expire, as cheaters won't get early unban.
  12. Dutchman101

    SD #15 SIGN

    Just for the record; Servers can enable SD #15 from https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Anti-cheat_guide for additional protection, because disabled driver signing can make cheating easier. If you're getting kicked for SD #15 SIGN, then a server has decided to do so. DSE (driver signing enforcement) can have been turned off on your PC for various reasons, such as; - Virus/malware infection (the virus can disable it, so it can better execute its malicious code) - Manually by you, or due to a pre-modded Windows installation - Custom drivers or software that require signing to be turned off. Avoid using modded drivers, use official ones, and then you can easily re-enable signing. Furthermore, using software that ships untrusted, custom drivers like that presents you with a broad security risk. Generally, serious software publishers (legit ones) don't need to do that. Solution (how to fix it, so you won't get kicked on this particular server again): open command prompt (cmd) "as Administrator" and enter the following commands: BCDEDIT /set NOINTEGRITYCHECKS OFF BCDEDIT /set TESTSIGNING OFF Restart your PC, and it should be resolved. If it's not resolved, this means re-enabling signing was unsuccessful, probably because something on your PC has (automatically, or in a short while) disabled driver signing again. This is most likely the work of a virus or software running on your PC In the background, which detects that signing has been enabled (which would obstruct its malicious activities), and makes sure to turn it off again. If this happens, (you still get kicked for SD #15 SIGN after trying to enable signing using the above CMD commands) then run a full antivirus and malware scan and think of any untrusted (PUP) software running, or ask for help on a dedicated tech support forum such as https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/ For anyone (like server owners) reading this and possibly getting suspicious of someone; Please note that only around 0.5% of all MTA players worldwide have disabled driver signing; we still want to avoid discriminating people with modded drivers and virus infections by default, which is why SD #15 SIGN kicking is still optional. A lot of other anti-cheats always block it. We currently don't need to, because cheating on MTA is still virtually impossible (due to the general state of AC) even if they disabled signing on their PC. It's more of an "just in case" thing. You cannot derive if someone is cheating or not from the SD #15 status. If you block it however, you will barely make any casualties.
  13. Dutchman101

    I got banned from MTA

    Hi, please don't lie. Usually you'd get a 4-hours ban for launching DLL injectors while MTA is opened, but you tried to use said DLL injector to inject a known MTA hack (detected) into the game process. Therefore, the ban is a bit longer. Please wait until it expires.
  14. Dutchman101

    Ban Trainer

    You ran a DLL injector, preparing to inject the "LIVE" MTA cheat. It was detected, so you got banned. For cheating, we don't care if it's your brother, dog, or cat walking over your keyboard and launching a cheat; the PC involved will simply be banned without further question. "TRAINER" is the ban type for (attempted) cheating. @dzinuchiha
  15. Dutchman101

    MTASA bought by SAMP (April Fools)

    Since it's 02/04 now; I've never seen a more successfull April's fool than this one.. it was especially entertaining to see what happened on Discord :)