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  1. Dutchman101

    MTA textures bug and low fps, pls help me

    The screenshot that you provided shows a problem that others encountered when their Windows WMI was malfunctioning. MTA relies on WMI to communicate with hardware such as your GPU, assigning streaming memory etc, and a failure with especially that can lead to this problem. This script will perform some operations that include rebuilding your WMI controller; https://mirror.multitheftauto.com/mtasa/utils/servicing.bat 1) Download the .bat file, rightclick and select 'Run as Administrator' (make sure, or else it won't work out correctly) 2) Wait until it completes; don't assume it hangs, may appear so but it may take a while, once it's done it will close itself. Don't press any keys or use your PC before that. 3) When it has closed itself, restart your PC, re-install MTA once and try again. Please let me know of the results, @Latszi123
  2. Dutchman101

    MTA is crashing

    The issue is on your side, (not MTA) and is some sort of interference, the reason for low willingness to help resolve direct3d issues is because the real cause (unique per user) is really difficult to find. Maybe reading all possible solutions from https://www.google.com/search?q=direct3d+88760868 will help you (this is your error code). Also, you should turn off any application profiles for GTA in your graphic driver's control panel, and select something similar to "Let the application decide" globally. If you want to receive more troubleshooting steps, then; Please download and run MTADiag and follow the instructions. Post any Pastebin URL MTADiag gives you in this topic
  3. Dutchman101

    Issue being kicked

    There are reasons for anti-cheats of a variety of games to block this driver (which I won't elaborate on), however others who were playing games that blocked it for the same reasons found out that the heavily outdated driver's presence isnt limited to having installed CPU-Z; other applications may bundle the driver. For more information on that, read from https://www.google.com/search?q=cpuz141_x64.sys (the resulting troubleshooting topics that were successful) Regardless whether it came bundled with something else or was the actual CPU-Z application, it should be possible to disable or delete the driver like ccw mentioned, unless ofcourse said application is scanning for a change in the driver's state and turning it back on. Therefore, I advise you delete it instead of stopping it only (write the below in command prompt) sc delete cpuz141
  4. Dutchman101

    How do i update my server to the newest version

    This isn't a way to update the server. Just get the latest release and copy & overwrite the non-config file binaries in your server folder. Regular (x86) server can be downloaded from homepage (as part of the MTA installer) but x64 is advised if your server environment supports it. Windows x64; https://nightly.mtasa.com/?mtasa_x64-1.5.6-rc-latest (you may need to change your directory layout and delete all old binaries if you're still on x86) Linux; https://linux.mtasa.com/ (both x86 and x64 are listed on that page)
  5. Dutchman101

    Kicked from serwer by AC #4 [OJEL]

    Deleting this file will solve your problem: C:\Windows\system32\drivers\snspoofer.sys (it's not allowed)
  6. Dutchman101

    اريد مساعدة بشيء.

    they can only PM me in full English and if they have sufficient evidence and details
  7. Dutchman101

    [HELP] Color Name Chat

    This happened before, one of his earlier topics got locked with a mention of the section guidelines. He can no longer post in here for a while, and all his topics in this section were locked at once.
  8. Do you have any examples of such, and your opinion as to why those detections should be opt-in? Why do you feel it's not perfect right now? We take feedback on matters like these very seriously.
  9. Detections for SeriousBit NetBalancer, Locktime NetLimiter and similar apps with the same capabilities have been removed from AC because we understand your concern; there are users using such software for benign purposes, but it has strong lag(switch) capabilities, there was no midway for us to stop that. Now there is, because we're working on adding them to SD # detections which can be opt-in enabled in mtaserver.conf, so server owners can still prevent people from using it as a lag inducer. Detections are removed so your problem is already resolved, I will keep you updated about the completion of this new special detection. Edit: added as SD #33, read the AC guide for more information. @Xabache
  10. Dutchman101

    MTA CRASHES (screenshot and mtadiag attached)

    Sounds like typical bloating of a PC which isn't maintained very often. I also recommend you to remove needless entries from autostart (apps that launch on startup) and if you're not an advanced user, use a renowned system optimization tool (for example, google 'CCleaner' or 'Wise Care 365' and use them with all cleaning categories turned on).
  11. Dutchman101

    MTA CRASHES (screenshot and mtadiag attached)

    Cody is right; most 'toaster' PC's can run SA without problems, which is one of the reason MTA is flooded with players from all around the world. There's no other game with such a variety in gamemodes and possibilities that still runs fluently for them, you know, SA is an old game, and if MTA does anything to SA's performance to begin with, then it's smoothing it out. It's the invididual servers that can easily mess up, MTA exposes the GTA engine by scripting, so besides filling it up with heavy mods they can aswell mess up by highly inefficient coding practises (scripters will be able to tell you that a few lines of crappy code is capable of halving your FPS or causing a significant memory leak or drain) From my own experience, top ranking servers of each nationality are the worst ones in regards to mod heaviness and unoptimized scripting practises. For some reason, for example all these russian and balkan "drift" / "drop" servers (or the polish, russian, and north-american RPG servers) with 2GB+ resource downloads still attract quite some players (opposed to what you'd expect as a consequence), but their own audience, which means people with PC's that can handle it, therefore revealing they are into MTA for the experience on said server, and not because their PC cannot handle any other reasonable game but MTA. That's right, these folks go there to play with gaming PC's that can run the game on a bloated server for multiple hours, (toaster would crash quickly and a mid-range but old PC may run it for a solid 20-40 mins until it crashes) while they could aswell spend their time playing modern and heavy games, but they prefer MTA due to the results said server has achieved, being unique and nearly turning MTA into a completely different, barely recognizable game. However, that comes with a toll.. It's a matter of priorities: ask yourself what kind of player you are, and whether you consider these mod-packed servers as something additional for those that can run it without issues, or instantly the definition (your image) of MTA. In the latter case you may need to adjust to the situation.. Ah, and sorry for the essay, but I'm trying to write up a reference point for others to understand similar difficulties.
  12. Dutchman101

    MTA CRASHES (screenshot and mtadiag attached)

    I investigated the crashes that you encountered individually and most of them can be traced back to running out of memory. There's only 1 which seems to be related to corrupt custom models (the one from your screenshot, which somehow doesn't appear in your log..) and another that might be, but could aswell be running out of memory. You're not constantly crashing due to the 2 aforementioned model crashes, the memory crashes account for most of the crashes that you keep experiencing. The answer may surprise you, but your PC really isn't powerful enough for your current purposes (or its performance/OS health has degraded since you last ran MTA with it). I'm trying to say that if you are playing mainly on mod-heavy or unoptimized servers with that PC, having just 2GB of RAM, these results are to be expected. You could mind the choice of servers to play on, or try solutions listed at https://forum.mtasa.com/topic/78081-32-bit-windows-crashing/ first. Your CPU can handle 64-bits Windows, so I advise you to re-install with a 64-bit OS and eventually upgrade your RAM. I used this occasion to update the wiki page at https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Famous_crash_offsets_and_their_meaning with additional crash types (including some of yours) and advise on how to resolve performance/memory-related crashes. I recommend you to read it thoroughly (especially at the page's bottom) if you need any further assistance. @Lukasievicz
  13. Dutchman101

    Can't Join Any Server - SD #5 OANE

    SeriousBit NetBalancer has recently been added to the detections because of its overwhelming use as lagswitch/deliberate lag tool. You can get kicked for actively using the app's configuration while MTA is running, or having the tray app running in the background. To resolve your issue, stop using NetBalancer and/or remove the tray app from autostart (or shut it down before launching MTA).
  14. Dutchman101

    [HELP] Freeze Vehicle

    @xXGhostXx, I would like to remind you of the scripting section guidelines, particularly; Because we've seen this happening with several recent topics you made, please be aware that any repeating will result in a topic lock. I will lock this first to set an example.
  15. Dutchman101


    https://forum.mtasa.com/topic/46410-stolen-resource-accusations/ Please stick with that and stay on-topic, unless you're ready to show evidence that leaked/stolen code is being posted here. In that case, use the 'report post' function.. please don't post here again (or respond to me), we're back on-topic now.