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  1. It's not a false positive, but I won't give you any information; you know exactly what you did.
  2. Dutchman101

    "Unfair" Ban

    Same story as https://forum.mtasa.com/topic/124146-ddos-ban/ You too were an admin there, leaking player IP addresses so they could be DDoS'ed. This ban cannot be appealed
  3. Nope, you tried to use a hack that causes explosions on Next RP / RP BOX (russian MTA fork). Even though forks have very limited anti-cheat support, this detection is enabled and MTA helps them get rid of some hackers trying to use these intrusive hacks. You tried to run the fun for others, now this is what you get. Nice try to lie. You cannot appeal tempbans
  4. Even though forks have very limited anti-cheat support, some detections are enabled and MTA helps them get rid of hackers like you, that want to ruin the fun for others. It doesn't matter that it was on NextRP, you got what you deserved and you can't appeal tempbans. Denied
  5. You used a "mining bot" trainer for the server MultiRPG, on your other PC (with serial 226454090E431781DB7D88327C81DD44) but we have learned about the polish botters culture and observed they always think "ahh, i will simply use another PC, i dont care about ban" so that's why your other PC's, like the serial you appealed for, are also banned. Just don't lie, and dont make the same mistakes in the future. Temporary bans cannot be appealed, wait for it to expire.
  6. If i answer this question, you won't understand it unless you have a serious background in development and security. Also security, because the beginning of answerring the question is basically: "patching doesn't mean the same with MTA anti-cheat as it does for other anti-cheats from popular games". But to keep it simple: most of today's anti-cheats by other games aren't "real" (proper) anti-cheats, at least that's what people who are really skilled (those who made the MTA AC) can see. If you want to know a little more, then read https://forum.mtasa.com/topic/66858-bounty-for-finding-security-flaws-and-working-cheats-in-mta/ and open the spoiler at the bottom. MTA anti-cheat is basically the best in gaming industry, but it was helped to become that by being native to the engine. For example, EAC and BE are anti-cheats that can work with any game engine, but they cannot totally "understand" it (basically, be inside of it so they can know what is right and what's not), they have limited power and are more external. There's just not many games with their own engine and anti-cheat development team that makes full use of it. Such external ACs will only make file signatures of cheats and patch some basic methods (very limited), besides judging by K/D, impossible scores, reports, etcetera. So you can see, it's an entirely different type of anti-cheat, and just because they are over-represented in the gaming industry, there is easily a stark contract between MTA and other games where cheating is rampant.
  7. We know you are davezokkt, nice try!
  8. There is a script problem on "GTA Battlegrounds" servers, the following error: isn't an MTA error but a custom script, and the "X" is said not to be clickable so it won't go away and won't let the user play. We already notified the server owner of this problem, but there's nothing more that we can do, and we also don't have details about why their script is malfunctioning. It clearly is, because even people with high-end PC specs are affected. Also when there's plenty of video memory available, as confirmable with /showmemstat Even though the reason, whatever it is, allows people to work around it for again, unknown reasons. So, until they fixed it, preferably follow work arounds mentioned, and submit your own workarounds in this topic.
  9. Don't lie. You know that anti-cheat knows what you did. Temporarily bans can't be appealed. You wanted to cheat, this is your own fault. Normally we don't check temporary bans, but here I know you're lying, because you've been using EXEMOD even on the regular version. A lot, recently.. as well as on your other PC with serial A8F3ED36289139BF24202FB1176C68F3 (which is no surprise.. once a cheater, always a cheater, everywhere). Besides, you received multiple EXEMOD bans in the past, also on your current serial in the recent past - basically you've been looking to EXEMOD cheat during your entire run with MTA, as well as on the super old serial 25BCA10421E6C773B9B6FFE094474C02 you received your first EXEMOD ban in 2017. So considering all of your history and persistence in cheating, now I turned the ban into 1 month duration, unlike other bans from this ban wave. Because you never seem to learn.
  10. The answer from https://forum.mtasa.com/topic/126138-ban-trainer/ (guy who tried using the same) applies to you as well. Appeal denied, don't try to appeal temporary bans or bans that were issued when trying to cheat on MTA forks.
  11. Temporary bans cannot be appealed Not true
  12. Dutchman101

    MTA Server Bug

    It's definately the same issue - MD5 (8D90FFA9DF5843E27FB4BCEFC1253555) of the downloaded result is .txt content That resource file could not be found in that resource. And the files from your post do contain spaces.. so yeah, work around it by removing spaces until MTA fixes that issue, @kr1s
  13. You've been doing fishy things, leading to this ban. Stop messing with MTA or trying to cheat, once the ban expires. Temporary bans can't be appealed
  14. Nope, you tried to cause explosions on RP BOX (russian MTA fork) with hacks. Even though forks have very limited anti-cheat support, this detection is enabled and MTA helps them get rid of some hackers trying to use these intrusive hacks. You tried to run the fun for others, now this is what you get.
  15. You know why you have been banned, besides this ban being a direct result of your recent activity, you are in the circles of a certain chinese cheat developer, which is also why the previous appeal you posted was for your friend, who got banned after he tested something for said cheat dev. We're gonna step up our fight against people from this circle, so this ban won't be removed.