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  1. Thanks for the MTADiag, although I still need a dump you generate with the method I proposed. Now, before you do that, take a chance to update some drivers already. 1: Intel chipset update (https://downloadmirror.intel.com/20775/eng/SetupChipset.exe) if it's incompatible, download this one instead: https://downloadmirror.intel.com/20018/a08/infinst_autol.zip) 2: Graphics driver: http://support.amd.com/en-us/download/desktop/legacy?product=legacy2&os=Windows 8 - 32 (take Catalyst 13.4 down below.. Windows 10 driver in combination with your system may cause issues) 3: https://downloads.dell.com/bios/530_1018.EXE (some fix in a BIOS update may be related to the freezing, but be careful - don't interrupt power or anything while it updates - optional at your own risk) 4: Audio driver, very outdated: http://12244.wpc.azureedge.net/8012244/drivers/rtdrivers/pc/audio/0008-32bit_Win7_Win8_Win81_Win10_R281.exe 5: Secondary audio driver: download from http://drivers.softpedia.com/get/SOUND-CARD/OTHER-SOUNDCARDS/Screaming-Bee-Audio-Driver-3001-for-Windows-10.shtml (left 'Download' button and follow installation instructions listed on that page) After updating with all of that, please follow the earlier instruction to await a freeze and generate + upload a crashdump.
  2. Se isso acontecer quando você se juntar a um servidor aleatório, antivírus varreu porque algo externo pode mudar os arquivos após o download (mismatch - vírus editando recursos do cliente) em outras palavras os arquivos estão incorretos após o download quando se juntar a um servidor porque algo está prejudicando-os, Problema raiz.
  3. Why not? Because it's rented and the hoster controls it? If you can access mtaserver.conf you can easily change the port to correct one. And with ''port is wrong'' do you mean the currently set port isn't forwarded? If you cannot control the config or the current port isnt forwarded, approach the hoster's support desk.
  4. Are you never able to connect there, or at certain moments you tried? (it looks simply offline from the time you took that screenshot - right now it's online so should be accessible) and you say, you can connect to any other servers: including those with a Russian host, or also not? If you always have this on certain servers, let's take 1 of them (from screenshot) and open command prompt: write: ''tracert'' and copy the whole log it outputs (once finished) into this topic for me to see it.
  5. Please download, extract and run MTADiag and follow the instructions. Press 'n' when asked. Post any Pastebin URL MTADiag gives you in this topic You're saying the type of ''crash'' is a game freeze. Please create a new text file in the MTA installation directory, and rename it ''debug'' so it will be debug.txt Wait for the next time MTA freezes, and then press left CTRL and right CTRL at the same time, holding them down simulaneously, MTA will then crash (with crash dialogue isntead of just a freeze up) then go to your MTA install directory > MTA > dumps > private and upload the most recent crashdump to: http://upload.mtasa.com and share the link in this topic.
  6. Go to C:\Program Files\MTA San Andreas 1.5\MTA\CEF and please zip up the whole directory. Then upload the .zip file to http://upload.mtasa.com and post the link in this topic.
  7. 1) Uninstall MTA (and manually completely delete the MTA San Andreas 1.5 install folder) 2) Temporarily disable your anti-virus/malware software (might silently quarantine cef files because of false positive.. or check Quarantaine or detected items first) 3) Re-download & reinstall MTA (don't deselect anything, keep complete install) 4) Before launching, rightclick MTA installation folder > properties > security tab, 'Edit' and select Full control over all checkboxes for ''Users'' group/and or your account name Try all that and let me know.
  8. There was a row of patches making MTA more sensitive to corrupted gta3.img, you can verify 1.5.3 is runnable without this crash by 1) disabling auto-update in MTA settings, and then installing: https://nightly.mtasa.com/mtasa-1.5.3-full_rc-11199-20170223.exe Let us know. Using 1.5.2 until those issues are nailed is far from ideal. Also, the nature of this underlying issue guarantees your GTA isn't unmodded (as said, corruption causes it for you). It simply can't happen with a 100% clean installation.
  9. I hope you didn't solve that by evading, it looks like a global ban and without listed time-remaining that could be indefinite one, For that reason, mind telling me how you ''solved'' it barely a day later? And if you feel like it also give me your serial (press F8 > type ''serial'') so the problem could be investigated to prevent it from re-occuring.
  10. General MTA > Other languages > Portuguese / Português https://forum.mtasa.com/forum/97-portuguese-português/ (marca páginas)
  11. Movido o seu terceiro tópico / thread (este) que você postou na seção de Inglês. Pode ser seu último erro. Da próxima vez que você vai enfrentar advertência oficial / conseqüência.
  12. Fixed, next time simply add the ''< >'' shortcut in the text editor: (and select LUA for highlighting)
  13. Please make sure your topic fullfills the requirements set in https://forum.mtasa.com/topic/93773-rules-and-formatting-for-this-section/. (Topic title and introducing yourself) I will give you a bunch of hours to correct this before removing or force-editing the topic. @WASSIm.
  14. This crash (0x000C9691) and the underlying mechanism is known to me, and most likely related to local mods to certain (vehicle) models that fail to load properly. Possibly this specific server, FFS, is interfering with your (corrupted/bad) installed mods by trying to replace them, or (pre)load them on connect where other servers you don't neccesarily encounter the mod you got installed except when you directly spawn or face this object or vehicle. (Assuming so as you said; the crash happens when you join FFS server). The crash more specifically is known to occur when your gta3 vehicle mod (one of them) is applied to a wrong vehicle type, like a train model on a car ID, and then the server (or another event/maybe even facing or loading it) tries to replace this original car ID with a car-type model again. (You can use this info if you want to try fix your mod install, however for a quick fix attempt I'd suggest starting with a clean install or even keeping it unmodded). Possibility 2 is that you have no existing, or unloadable (corrupted) model in your gta3.img which is being loaded/rendered at the server you're crashing on. (where the server doesn't neccesarily try to load a server-modded version of it) So the first solution to try would be re-installing GTA with a clean, non modded version. However, also please: Please download, extract and run MTADiag and follow the instructions. Press 'n' when asked. Post any Pastebin URL MTADiag gives you in this topic
  15. @shay103 This is a progress show-off, even when it's not finished yet that belongs in the Resources section. It would only be appropiate for Scripting section if you also ask a set of concrete scripting questions on how to proceed/finish it, which you didn't. There's no need for that attitude, and those reporting the post to be moved were right. I suggest you cut off this argument or else it will be locked, and hope that you understand better now you're not right. No more fights after this (my) comment.