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  1. You simply need to pick only the ''Standard SATA AHCI Controller'' listed in your screenshot, and take all steps to manually install the driver from there on, as I described (install driver from folder, choose from list etc) please do so and let me know
  2. Open commandprompt (cmd) as admin and type: ''chkdsk /F /V /R /X /B /spotfix'' then it will ask to schedule on next reboot, hit ''Y'' and enter, so it will. Restart your PC and let the disk scan proceed. After it's done, and your PC is booted up again, please re-download the chipset driver I earlier mentioned: http://support.amd.com/en-us/download/chipset?os=Windows+10+-+64 Then try to install it again and see if the error for driver update still pops up. If it does and it wont install using AMD setup, take these steps to do it manually: 1) go to Device Manager and click the category ''IDE ATA/ATAPI CONTROLLERS'' 2) rightclick the ''AMD SATA CONTROLLER'' or generic SATA controller device and click the ''Driver'' tab 3) click ''Update driver'' on the device driver tab, and pick ''Choose from a custom location on my PC'' 4) pick ''choose from a list'' and then click the ''Browse'' button, and here put in the AMD chipset driver extracted files location: C:\AMD\Chipset\Packages\Drivers\SBDrv\hseries\AHCI\WB64A (exact..) Now, press Next on the first compatible driver that is auto-highlighted, so it will update the driver. Restart your PC. Dont forget to tell me the results on lagspikes afterwards. Also please tell me what's the device name under ''Storage controllers'' for something with SATA or ATA in its name, if the category is present besides ''IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers'' in Device manager grid. When you completed all steps, please generate a new MTADiag log and share it. Btw, I'm starting to run out of solutions and we're clearly working with an OS that's somehow bugged and some fishy stuff is going on that we're trying to break through, so soon I will be advising you to re-install Windows, if this won't fix it. It can also be your harddisk is not in bad condition but even just slow for a conventional HDD, if you can get your hands on one, please share a benchmark result of speeds. Do you happen to have another harddisk lying around that you can add as secondary, just create an empty partition on it and move the GTA SA installation to it, as means of a test if better reading speeds improve the spikes?
  3. MTA San Andreas 1.5\MTA\config > coreconfig.xml, open that with rightclick -> Edit, find this line: <display_fullscreen_style>0</display_fullscreen_style> And then replace it with ''2'' as value, so would be: <display_fullscreen_style>2</display_fullscreen_style> then save the coreconfig.xml. I can't assure you this solution works against the odd menu lag you still have, but it atleast would resolve your black screen on alt-tab. If not, let me know.
  4. Please provide me a new MTADiag.log
  5. Map

    Moved to right section (you don't seem to learn). Also just saying, you're asking for a specific person - you could just PM or mention him. What's the purpose of this? Or are you open to other mappers also helping you here?
  6. You're only replying to a part of what I said
  7. That can't be from the DISM or SFC scan if it found nothing.. and one step back you said it was improved. Weird.. Please; 1: get Display Driver Uninstaller (DDU) here: http://www.guru3d.com/files-details/display-driver-uninstaller-download.html 2: run DDU and let it completely remove your graphics drivers (make sure to select Nvidia in dropdown of which one to clean) 3: restart your PC and re-install with this driver: http://www.geforce.com/drivers/results/117918 4: Download and install ''HDD health'' from: http://panterasoft.com/hdd-health/ and show me a screenshot of your HDD's analysis results. 5: run a full malware/antivirus scan By the way, it's good that you keep troubleshooting as most users would be 1) incapable of following all steps or 2) would've already stopped trying
  8. The gap between what can occur with Windows 10 Creators update (released last week) and what happened since a longer period of time, may consist of that: the issues are related or seem related (blackscreens or freeze) but have in common a certain Windows update (milestone release) introduced the problems. However it doesn't work vice versa, the problem of blackscreens on quitting MTA (that started with Windows 10 Anniversary Update) isn't fixable by rolling back graphics drivers. For that case it also seems bound to AMD PC's and specific system setups. Because of that, your solutions are worth trying for users on Creators updating and experiencing exactly the problem of the alt-tab freeze or black screen.
  9. Please only use ctrl+ctrl when your MTA hangs/freezes like it did before, and tell me when it did so we can extract a dump file. (it's not inside debug.txt as you mistaken it for) I only noticed in your log it freezed some time, and as I said before it's at most related as its likely to be caused by the same underlying system issue.. so it may only give us a clue on where to look for. Also im doubting if that, or even continuing to troubleshoot is worth the effort, as your system is generally unstable because of what seems harddisk/space issues. Please also run a malware scan. You also didnt follow the majority of my earlier instructions (about drivers etc) do that first please or it will end here. You also didnt answer my question if it only happened on local server. If yes, you should've said before, then just re-install MTA and clean out the server folder completely as you didnt answer either if you're using custom resources with possible memory leaks or anything.
  10. Good to hear that both FFS and a server previously lagging run more stable now without the issue. But what do you mean with ''it seemed that its still loading the game'' ? Restart once more. Then go to Start > run > type ''services.msc'' and navigate to Windows Firewall and Windows Update services. Right-click both, and then Properties tab, then select startup mode 'Automatic' and hit the ''start'' button to start services. After that, open commandprompt (cmd) and type this: DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth Let it complete, and then restart your PC. After PC is booted up again, open commandprompt (cmd) once more, and type this time: sfc /scannow and let that run. Once sfc scan completed, restart PC once more, and then try out MTA again.
  11. I noticed a signal of possible system issues on the MTADiag log (with wmi, which is known to cause tiny lag spikes and may involve services like MTA's, when it fails to communicate with the OS through a local tunnel) Also that a driver made for your chipset fails to install with a vague error demonstrates system level issues. Download this: https://www.dropbox.com/s/i5wnabnrouamx2e/fixmgmt.bat?dl=1 and then rightclick > Run as administrator. That .bat files incorporates several fixes to your OS, we'll find out if the issues I suspected are related by noticing it's fixed or not. After running the .bat file, restart your PC, and try MTA again to see if it resolved. If not, get back to me.
  12. For the chipset driver, my bad, download from here: http://support.amd.com/en-us/download/chipset?os=Windows+10+-+64 (first one) The BIOS is safe unless you pull the power cord, and pretty simple aslong you follow the wizard (it's a Windows flashtool, as hard as installing a driver..) About your GTA mods, it doesn't matter CLEO won't work in MTA, it's about the fact your GTA was pre-modded for CLEO and thus who knows how many files were modified. It's some kind of custom release, probably more modified than you're aware of (or custom game files that aren't mods to texures but cause problems) so please just follow my advice and try with a clean GTA SA.
  13. Your OS seems to be well-maintained, I would say; - Faulty HDD (resulting in low read speeds for GTA data files/mods) - GTA SA bad installation (what I see is a pre-modded GTA with heavy mods and CLEO + custom CLEO gta_sa launcher) The last option would also explain your experience of lag while modded stuff is loading, who knows if those are server mods, maybe some bad mods in your GTA installation (with bad I mean taking up much load due to bad modelling) cause the lag, for example the server you mentioned where you get lag, FFS, doesn't really have much mods afaik and especially not world/environment ones (if at all, vehicles) so your GTA SA client mods lagging everything is more likely I don't know how much you value that very modded GTA installation but I advise you to re-install with a clean, official GTA SA. It will almost for sure fix the problem. About the earlier mentioned HDD reading speeds; Get the most recent AMD chipset driver: https://www2.ati.com/drivers/amd-chipset-drivers-software-17.10rcp22-apr17.zip and install it After installing, go to Device manager and check if your IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers AHCI/SATA driver has been updated/raised in version (you might want to check prior what the old version was) and tell me because if it doesn't automatically update, we'll use another method (often it doesnt auto-update with chipset driver package install..) After that, update your motherboard BIOS (be careful, no power cuts, own risk) as your mobo had lag troubles before I could find related to it (the update brings performance improvements to the system in general): ftp://europe.asrock.com/BIOS/AM3+/960GM-VGS3 FX(1.40)WIN.zip
  14. It shouldn't stutter like that with the hardware you have, you're right it should be powerful enough. Are you using a 32-bit Windows? Please download, extract and run MTADiag and follow the instructions. Press 'n' when asked. Post any Pastebin URL MTADiag gives you in this topic.
  15. There's been increased counts of MTA players getting blackscreen problems when quitting MTA or alt-tabbing, the problem is due to Windows 10 updates that are flawed and not only MTA is affected. Windows 10 Creators update can worsen the problem, and this topics contains solutions and workarounds that you can use for now. 1) In all cases, setting Borderless window (in MTA settings > video > Fullscreen mode) will solve the problem. If you don't like the graphics appearance difference with Borderless or have another reason you cannot use Borderless, you can: - Fix the blackscreen once it happens (for this, hold Windows key and press 'P' and then hit Arrow down and Enter (repeat the Arrow down max. 5 times and hit Enter after each Arrow down press, eventually you will hit the right mode and display output will return) - Prevent the blackscreen from occuring: end the Multi Theft Auto.exe process instead of ''Quit'' (this can have adverse effects with configs etc, not recommended) - Reduce the chance it happens with 90%: click ''Quit'' while still connected to a server, instead of quitting whole already disconnected. The alt-tab blackscreen occurs more often with the Windows 10 Creators update. This update might even increase the frequency of the problem appearing in general. We don't recommend anything but preventing it to happen at all if you're affected by the problem; using step 1, switching to Borderless mode. It's doubtful if MTA can include a fix if Microsoft doesn't yet release updates that fixes the bug; the problem is with dwm.exe (Desktop Window Manager) and contrary to what you would think, most affected users have only a single monitor. Also please everyone who had this problem, reply in this topic, so we can estimate how widespread the issue is.