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  1. This is a good improvement over your previous appeals (https://forum.mtasa.com/topic/120535-cd-47-ddos/ and https://forum.mtasa.com/topic/121134-despacito/) and you clearly meant it this time. Appeal accepted, ban removed
  2. Your PC can't handle the unoptimized mods that server loads. - Upgrade your RAM memory (you have 4gb) - Use the link that ccw posted, upgrade to a 64-bit version of Windows so that all of your RAM memory (even without increasing it) is usable, making you less likely to crash. - If you can't do either, play on different servers with less heavy mods. Besides that, there is an update (newer version of MTA than what you're running) with some experimental tweaks that can reduce the chance to get this type of crash. You can give it a try, get it here: https://nightly.mtasa.com/?mtasa-1.5-latest
  3. Please start with re-installing MTA, because something failed in a process to guarantee compatibility with your Rockstar launcher version of GTA. That process only occurs when you are (re)installing MTA. Also re-download it from http://mtasa.com/ to make sure you'll get the update that adds compatibility. @komadachi
  4. Unfortunately, resources being compressed (.zip or .rar) won't affect the total size players will download. The server will extract resources to then place it in the cache and send it. The possibility of using archived resources besides folders exists for other reasons, not to decrease download size. There are other possibilities for that, like optimizing textures, images, sound files, and mods (custom models). @Vitaum
  5. Dutchman101

    Trainer Ban

    Hey, please don't lie, you tried to use a cheat designed for MTA (that never worked because of being detected), so you got banned. Wait until the ban expires @Carry
  6. Unbanned, please check your Discord PM (after adding me) as i have some additional questions for you. @AGENT_STEELMEAT
  7. .. And that was the reply from MrGreenGaming's owner. I agree with him, appeal denied
  8. I don't get the idea that you have improved after reading https://mrgreengaming.com/forums/topic/20836-alekscore/ Note: that topic was after you last appealed your MTA ban at https://forum.mtasa.com/topic/120535-cd-47-ddos/ and thus shows how you were really feeling all the while making both your global unban appeal and the topic at your victim's community. The first part of the message from that image also contains another threat ("you don't help the server have less time-outs") that fits the illegal activity you have engaged in. I will see if we can get him removed from contributors list, in my opinion he forfeited everything. Not to forget that the previous appeal where "other criminal activity" was mentioned, it was about things like extortion (AleksCore was asking for money to make the DDoS attacks stop), terrorisation to strike MrGreenGaming at critical times structurally, trying to show them he could terminate the entire community, etc. It was just very serious abuse, not "just simple" DDoS. Since this global ban appeal was made too early (in the last appeal I said: appeal again in 2 months), I would have even more of a reason to deny it than him showing he doesn't really care or regret at all. So I personally don't think he deserves unban. But in this case.. I will leave some input (about early unban) up to the victims of his DDoS attacks, the ones who made the report to us: MrGreenGaming community. It can also help them to get the ban on 1 line (as I read somewhere that they unbanned him from their server already). @Haxardous and @AfuSensi can take a word now, and then this appeal will be concluded with the help of their advice.
  9. I cannot see any problems with the listing of your server. 1) No problems at the master server 2) I can find your server in the server browser list (in-game) without any issues Maybe it's a problem on the end of anyone experiencing it (ISP or firewall.. if it's just you as server owner, perhaps you set special access rules for traffic from your own IP, that is causing problems with getting it in serverlist), @Rukibarber
  10. By waiting for future MTA updates that include said ability. I think you mis-translated what I said. Currently, you're limited to the existing vehicle ID's to replace with custom models.
  11. MTA developers are working to lift GTA limits in near future, one of the things that has been accomplished already is dynamic ped models (so yeah, infinite amount of them). Vehicle, object and weapon limits are still planned.
  12. Show us a screenshot, as you're not providing enough detail about the issue
  13. Re-install GTA (using a clean version, not modded to the extent you have right now) and try again
  14. Trying to cheat was your own decision, so you'll carry the consequences. Yes, you can wait, and you'll have to because as the section description and topic explains, these bans won't be reduced. Note: the reason that the ban duration is 6 days, is because you were testing this hack for its creator (obviously as he is banned himself, he just was unaware the files he gave you and a few others were already detected by MTA)
  15. Dutchman101


    Yesterday, you tried to inject an old, detected MTA cheat into the game. This was a conscious action that involved opening a DLL injector, selecting the cheat DLL and then the game process to inject it into. Therefore, lies are useless. If you try to cheat, just take responsibility. Now, wait for the temporary ban to expire, we won't reduce it. @lukac