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  1. Tips to reduce lag on a crowded server

    It's not only about elementdata, the case you describe can be a sign that your gamemode/scripts were just coded inefficiently, maybe not by very skilled scripters. You can achieve functionality of the desired script in several ways, using different kind of techniques, and one can be more well-thought out than the other approach. A good scripter won't start writing immediately, but will draw a plan or design an efficient core which he'll work from in that moment to add all functionality. Sometimes it's said; development is 60% planning/thinking it out and 40% actively writing. If you first brainstorm about effective approaches and then pick the most performance friendly one, you'll not easily end up with the problem you are encountering now. @Axel to resolve this I advise looking in performancebrowser (or ingame ''ipb'' default resource) to see which resource is peaking in usage with that amount of players, or just regularly, so you can make a list of culprits. Then take a look at each of those resources and identify the structural problems, so you can improve its code efficiency (you can call this ''duct taping'' already doomed resources, or just rewrite chunks using different and optimized techniques, then re-check on IPB/performance browser with the updated version if those rewritten parts were at the heart of the performance problem.. for some stuff you see in the code you can just know it plays a role in the slowdowns though)
  2. [REL] Troll/prank resource: Johncena

    Added update to community; only allow Admins/moderators to use the commands (enabled by default; modify with ''local aclRestricted = true/false'') so you can easily let the resource run without unauthorized use/messing around
  3. [REL] Troll/prank resource: Johncena

    Download: https://community.multitheftauto.com/?p=resources&s=details&id=14907 - /globalcena - Troll everyone on server - /cena [playername/part] (troll a specific player) - /stopcena (effect will last until stopped with this cmd) it will replace all world textures with johncena GIFs and sound the known meme track that belongs to it. Credits also to @Brophy, originally made by him for SAES server but now edited.
  4. جميع الاقتراحات السابقه كانت مبنيه علي الصور القديمة وتم تحسينها ، قم بتحميل اخر إصدار All of the most recent suggestions were based on old screenshot / version and already improved. Run the latest version
  5. Matrices for vehicle components please

    As you might know this was implemented earlier in response to this suggestion, only to be reverted later due to causing script compatibility issues. Now, in 1.5.5 (latest revision only) it's added back (r11712 onwards) https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Changes_in_1.5.5 > Scripting > Client > ''Return vectors for vehicles component funcs (#9507)" @AfterAll14 @Einheit-101
  6. Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas 1.5.5 released!

    Yes, 1) ''Added to fetchRemote: request method, request headers and response headers'': https://github.com/multitheftauto/mtasa-blue/commit/ffa943c043ddd9d4e3a49b55a13218091862e02b 2) ''Added to fetchRemote: username/password, redirection'': https://github.com/multitheftauto/mtasa-blue/commit/1a23a6250f655a3181ef612d4c9d1cdf9cbe5f97 3) ''Added form fields to fetchRemote'': https://github.com/multitheftauto/mtasa-blue/commit/44135585071dd286e41f6ecc9d86f092957fc9e6 All of that is included with 1.5.5
  7. Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas 1.5.5 released!

    True, it doesn't look like it but the complete list of changes is bigger than for 1.5.4 (''Changes in'' comparisation).. https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Changes_in_1.5.5 although they are generally smaller it improves MTA's quality greatly by their variety.
  8. Updated translations after feedback from : تم تحديث الترجمة الموجوده في اللوحة بعد اخذ الاراء من : @xX_Ma[D]arA_xX, @Rakan#, @Mr.OppS, @#,+( _xiRoc[K]; >, @#_iMr.[E]coo, @Talis نسخة جديدة
  9. GTA.Ru DM New Life serverine herkesi bekleriz

    Daha etraflı ol
  10. You or anyone else can suggest translations to improve, because I don't speak Arabic i couldn't verify the quality of translations from the older Arabic admin panel i took them from. But still I've been told the current translations are pretty high quality. So there may be some goofs around.. If others help improve the translations to near perfection, I will try to keep the panel as updated possible with any future official admin resource update (by applying all patches immediately instead of letting gaps grow until the whole resource can be salvaged, like happened with all other circulating Arabic admin panels). AR : انت او اي شخص اخر يمكنكم إقتراح اي ترجمة بحيث توضح اللوحة بشكل افضل وبما انني لا اتحدث اللغة العربية لايمكنني التأكد من صحة الترجمة التي قمت بأخذها من لوحة الادمنية القديمة ولكني مازلت اعتقد ان الترجمة الحالية جودتها عالية جدا , ولكن ربما هناك بعض الاخطاء الإملائيه وإن وجدت إهتمام كبير بأمر الترجمة وتحسينها ساقوم بمتابعة كل تحديث يحصل للوحة الادمنية الاصلية وسأقوم بوضع التحديث لهذه اللوحة علي الفور قبل خروج اي ثغرة قد تسبب مشاكل في هذا الإصدار الجديد وهذا الإصدار لن يكون كأي إصدار قد تم نشره من قبل !
  11. مرحبا لقد قمت بإطلاق الاصدار الجديد من لوحة الادمنية العربية بعد ان لاحظت ان معظم الاعضاء يقومون بإستخدام لوحات الادمنية العربية القديمة التي مر عليها الدهر من دون اي تحديثات او حماية وكما انها غير مؤمنه كـ اي لوحة ادمنية حديثة الإنشاء,( وبالمناسبة انني هولندي ولا اتحدث اللغة العربية ) وكما انني بذلت الكثير من جهدي حتي اقوم بنقل الترجمة العربية من اللوحات العربية القديمة الي هذه اللوحة حديثة الصنع وكل ما اريده هو ان اقوم بإفادة اصحاب السيرفرات الذين يستخدمون لوحة الادمنية العربية القديمة وكما انه يمكنك ان تري اخر تحديثات لوحة الادمنية من خلال : https://github.com/multitheftauto/mtasa-resources/commits/master/[admin]/admin وإذا كان لديك صاحب سيرفر يستخدم لوحة الادمنية العربية القديمة رجاء اخبره بهذا الموضوع لكي يقوم بتحميل النسخة الحديثة من اللوحة العربية لتحميل اللوحة العربية DOWNLOAD:https://community.mtasa.com/?p=resources&s=details&id=14837 واذا كان هناك خطأ في ترجمة اللوحة رجاء اخبرني " لقد تمت ترجمة الموضوع من قبل نصور " ENG: I'm here releasing a new Arabic-translated admin panel from today's version (september 2017) after I noticed all community circulating AR panels were outdated as hell. As they pose serious security risks, eventhough I'm not Arabic, I felt it of such importance that I've spent a long time transferring translations from older circulating panels to this most up-to-date Admin panel. I'm helping a huge amount of server owners with this, because most will just use a Community version that is outdated because of the great time to invest in translating yourself. Ofcourse, you'll also benefit from new features and updates made to Admin recently, (look here: https://github.com/multitheftauto/mtasa-resources/commits/master/[admin]) both for this reason and security I advise you inform all server owners you know about this release and suggest they update if they're using Arab panels. If you spot any translation issues, please leave a reply.
  12. Report community resources here!

    Don't forget MTA staff can access your community compiled scripts, after comparing it to castillo's resource it turns out it's the same, only customized. You just had the guts to call someone else's work ''your rights'' and are lying, which proves intent to breach castillo's original author rights. Therefore, this resource will be removed anyways, and your community account is now temporarily banned.
  13. Report community resources here!

    I found out it's not a leak, you just edited this script: https://community.multitheftauto.com/index.php?p=resources&s=details&id=720 so don't worry about the accusation. However, you're selling the resource off as scripted by yourself in the description, and you're also compiling someone elses work. Please fix that or measures will still be taken.
  14. I need help

    I can't see any modified GTA audio files. 1) Restore gta_sa.exe to default (yours is unknown) 2) Some of your drivers have an error code, this indicates underlying system problems that result in driver components failing, first download https://www.dropbox.com/s/9yrjnjrkrkg7c6n/servicing.bat?dl=1 (and Run as Administrator + restart your PC) before installing any of the following drivers. Driver corruption in your case may happen during/after installation, that's why you can only install them after running that .bat file which tries to solve the device error codes. 3) Update with these drivers: - https://download.lenovo.com/consumer/mobiles/9ulk01af.exe - https://download.lenovo.com/consumer/mobiles/9ulv01af.exe (both are slightly different links..) - https://downloadmirror.intel.com/20775/eng/SetupChipset.exe - https://downloadmirror.intel.com/27058/eng/win64_154605.4771.exe (graphics drivers just to make sure, as Intel HD also has a sound integration that may affect the issue) @Mixes If all that doesn't fix it, first record the problem and send a video so I can see what happens, and also go into Control panel > sound settings, and make sure only your Conexant HD audio is set as active/default play device. (or better, take a screenshot of the sound settings tab)
  15. [REL] Anti-Ban-Evade / NAIL Serial changers and Dynamic IP's!

    Yes; add the included .php file, instructions: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/31538747/where-to-upload-my-php-files-on-web-hosting-server and for your question #4, correct: change the example URL to location of your hosted .php in the script. yes, and if you want resource to not only flag/log listed hostname connections but also block them, also add kick ACL access. I would advise only blocking VPN services that are problematic to your server, like a few harsh evaders keep using them (the same VPN app with just 1 or a few select hostnames bound to its datacenter)