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  1. Dutchman101

    MTA Server dont work with higher versions

    We're working on it, please use older server revision until we get back to you.
  2. Dutchman101


    The attempt you're describing wasn't the first time you tried to use cheats, you're always looking for new cheats to use and have multiple bans on record. I planned to tell you that we'd consider your unban and you'll hear from us shortly, but then I noticed that you also tried to run a custom version of a known, detected MTA cheat 2 days ago. Therefore, I don't think you learned from your mistakes. Appeal denied
  3. Dutchman101

    something strange

    Not really.. it's not neccesarily the fault of server (HTTP server). It's logging the client for a reason, if it doesn't affect everyone then something on the PC of said player is interfering with the download of client resources, for example when harmful applications (such as viruses) that scan and modify all files received on a PC, or those of a specific extension or with certain characteristics. Also there are aggressive "download managers" that hook onto any HTTP data stream and could therefore mess with (modify) all incoming downloaded files on that PC, albeit often not with such intrusive modifications that it would prevent its usability on the client. Another interference type is something nulling, removing or locking files, which may result in the MD5 from error message being 00000000000000000000000000000000 or D41D8CD98F00B204E9800998ECF8427E (which means empty file). Logically, this would also happen when a virus scanner on the client's PC flags and removes a downloaded resource file for some incorrect reason (such as the server's HTTP server or its hoster being listed as a known source of malicious files in the past), or something prevents MTA from properly reading/accessing/writing said file. I'm just trying to say, there are tons of ways in which a downloaded client resource file can get damaged, or externally modified. Most of them are due to problems such as the ones I named, (so basically innocent) although some of them could either be clandestine (related to cheating attempts; modifying running scripts beyond the ordinary) or able to cause problems with resource execution. Therefore, if you have a competitive server, we advise you add extra security by enabling SD #22 and eventually #23 in mtaserver.conf <enablesd> (info at https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Anti-cheat_guide#.3Cenablesd.3E.3C.2Fenablesd.3E) so that incorrect file downloads will lead to automatic kick of said player. These opt-in detections are described as: Disallow resource download errors/corruption (Lua script files) Disallow resource download errors/corruption (Non-Lua files e.g. png,dff) *Note: if all, or many players on your server are triggering these error messages, it's possible than rather their client PC, something is wrong with the HTTP server of your MTA server. In that case, if you have an external HTTP server, you should verify its configuration and if its content matches what generates in the MTA resource-cache folder. If you cannot resolve it, re-install it with the latest version of a webserver such as Apache. If you're not using external HTTP but the built-in internal HTTP server (default), then verify (with a hash generation tool) the MD5 of files that throw errors for clients, from this location: server\mods\deathmatch\resource-cache and note down the MD5 results. Then go to the actual resource folder at server\mods\deathmatch\resources and do the same thing for the supposedly identical files, and note down the MD5 results. If 1) the results don't match (different MD5), then clear the resource-cache folder (delete all of its contents), update MTA server, launch it and check again. If it's still not resolved after this, or 2) if (now or from the beginning on) the results of those files from \resources\ match with those from \resource-cache\ (but you're still getting a lot of HTTP mismatch errors on most of your players, which is why you're reading this chapter to begin with), and you're sure that you're using the internal HTTP server, then something on the server machine may be using the same port as the configured HTTP server port for MTA (mtaserver.conf) and interfering, or some HTTP-utilizing appliance or service may be running on the same machine that still manages to interfere; you should review the server's environment and configuration. It's also possible for firewall (gateway) to selectively fail specific HTTP transmissions. If you cannot locate the culprit, as a last resort we advise that you restore your server machine environment to a clean installation without additional bloat or services running or being installed.
  4. Dutchman101

    MTA Server dont work with higher versions

    Thanks for the backtrace, however please provide dump files from server\dumps\private (upload to http://upload.mtasa.com)
  5. Dutchman101

    Free MTA-SAMP Application (Opened)

    Please read and review the updated section guidelines and make the neccesary changes to your topic in order for it to be compliant. Additionally, we will start removing personally sensitive data from this topic, and expect you to make the required changes within 48 hours. EDIT: I made the neccesary changes to application format for you, in order to remain compliant please don't change the formulation of given name (now 'First name' instead of 'Real name') or remove the note in the e-mail column.
  6. Dutchman101

    Guidelines for this section

    Following internal review, these regulations have been updated to include safeguards for user privacy (data collection policy for hosters and a specific policy for free hosters) and safe practise advise/warnings for users. Starting today, all hosting providers will have to comply with the updated regulations.
  7. Dutchman101

    Tow trucks...

    This implication is incorrect, as the current situations is as follows: - Towtruck can tow empty vehicles (as far I know, there's no MTA version in which vehicles occupied by players could be towed.. probably a technical limitation) - Towtruck can tow an infinite amount of other towtrucks. Contrary to what you think, these additional towtrucks can be chained together in the way you described. If i misunderstand, you could upload a video with reproduction of the latter, to clarify.
  8. Dutchman101

    Your forum and game are sexually victimizing me

    The only problem here is your attitude. We have previously explained you that these user titles are actually traditional GTA ranks. You complained about it before at https://forum.mtasa.com/topic/73302-mtasacom-no-insults-please/ In the past, your attitude has also resulted in other judgemental posts such as https://forum.mtasa.com/topic/90725-mta-staff-are-bloaters-and-haters/. You also involved the statement that MTA "used to be better" in other, recent, unrelated posts. I would suggest that you stop spending your free time on formulating senseless complaints, and start appreciating MTA and our forums for what they are. We have no intention to spend our time and resources arguing with people like you. As you have done this before, it's clear the ridiculous language in your post isn't a joke or meme.
  9. Dutchman101

    Crash | Module = gta_sa.exe

    Both of your crashes are related to anims. Do you use custom animations (IFP)? If you do, then they might be corrupt and I'd advise you to stop using it to find out, or have someone experienced with anims take a look at it/attempt to fix them up. Also, @Saml1er is interested to learn more about these particular crashes, so if you are using custom anims, it would be appreciated if you sent all of them (preferably along with your relevant crash dumps) to him in a forum PM.
  10. No, most (if not all) of your posts are asking for some sort of help, and our policy is that such posts won't ever be deleted because they may help others with the same problem in future. Furthermore, even if they weren't in those places, deleting particular posts would break existing discussions and make them look awkward. It's possible to 'delete' your account (anonimize it, so your posts will appear as made by 'Guest') but unfortunately anonimizing particular posts isn't possible. If you want to opt for account removal instead, feel free to read more about the procedure at https://forum.mtasa.com/topic/12275-forum-rules/ (Appendix D). So unfortunately it's all or nothing, @Gat
  11. Dutchman101

    I forgeted to close my injector again, so banned.

    I apologize for the delay in responding (I was on vacation), but the real reason for these bans is an underlying technical issue with hibernation of your PC, or something similar that compresses or saves memory/running processes. You already deleted GH DLL injector but due to this, the detection still triggers. Perform a full reboot (not sleep mode or hibernation) by clicking start > power menu > restart PC Note: unbanned early, just make sure to prevent it from happening again. @mateyo
  12. Dutchman101

    Ban without reason

    We discovered that you used backdoor commands on a server you intended to breach, using the so-called TK-DLE resource. Malicious hacking activity will not be tolerated and can result in a global MTA ban. We were already on the track of identifying you as TK member or individual from R9 Freeroam (which has made itself known for illegal acts lately; refer to https://forum.mtasa.com/topic/114545-ban-appeal/ for details) and thus it came to no surprise that we actually saw you using these backdoor tools; it seems to be in the nature of you guys. Unfortunately caught, appeal denied.
  13. Dutchman101

    Mass Crashes

    All of your image links are invalid
  14. Dutchman101

    Ban appeal

    Don't run GH DLL injector while MTA is opened, you got a ban for this tool before. Unbanned early because GH still results in a longer ban than other injectors
  15. Dutchman101

    Ban appeal

    You're the co-owner of a server (R9 Freeroam) that has been banned from MTA because of its leaders and admins constantly engaging in illegal activity (DDoS'ing their own players and other servers). After this ban, you guys decided to start evading it by switching hosts. This, together with your known involvement in plotting attacks (both in person to your fellow server admins/(co)owners, and on the R9/Morgue Freeroam discord), has resulted in us also banning the server leadership and high admins that we consider taking part in all these illegal acts and evading the actions taken, from MTA. As co-owner of this malicious server, you personally received a permaban, and not everyone involved did. Please refer to the extended explanation given to the owner (ScreaM) of R9 freeroam: The owner had been banned for DDoS a few years ago, and after evading it for a while he found his other PC was still banned from the old incident. He appealed, and got unbanned; it didn't take a week for him to DDoS yet another player. After this, our investigation turned up links between your server and a clan that focusses merely on DDoS activity rather than playing. It was no surprise that more people, similar to the DDoS'ing owner, were coming together to call R9 Freeroam their home. Furthermore, we confirmed the spirit that all of the banned server leadership had (and high admins.. not all admins/staff), which was a drive to discuss and execute DDoS attacks. In the investigation that followed, you weren't compliant and mostly resorted to personal attacks on me, but you gotta realize I got a thick skin and will go far if we need to protect others on MTA against a certain group of individuals. Besides the original investigation, I have also witnessed all co-owners and admins that are currently banned, discuss new attacks to launch. You quickly wiped the channel and banned me from your discord when you found out. All bans given are a result of either identification from openly discussing attacks/malicious actions while on the MTA server itself, or solid links between the Discord server tied to R9/Morgue Freeroam in which said individuals were listed as server admins/owners and discussing attacks, furthermore confirmed in identity and serial by linked activity on the MTA server. Please don't forget that a reality in which a player needs to use a VPN in order to safely join a certain server (and will be at risk when they piss someone off through gameplay), is one that we will not accept. You guys even went as far as to create "databases" full of aggregated player serial/IP for easy lookup to DDoS them if they frustrated you while on another server. *Note: this will be a template reply for anyone that will try to appeal a ban like this, we are unfortunately not open for arguing, as I have spent a few hours doing that fruitlessly during my investigation. Our decisions are final.