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  1. FYI: https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Client_on_Linux_Manual
  2. Read these pages for some information: https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Anti-cheat_guide https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Script_security Now, all you need to do is: - Ensure a good enough script security in your gamemode (and also think about stuff againt abuse or DoS attacks: anti-spam in your commands and buttons, etcetera) - Always keep minclientversion in mtaserver.conf to the latest supported version (as visible at https://nightly.mtasa.com/ver/), preferably by enabling minclientversion_auto_update If you do these basic things, then MTA anti-cheat (w
  3. Temporary bans cannot be appealed. Your ban is a result of your cheating-related activities, that consisted of trying to bypass certain detections. We know you didn't succeed, but your activity alone is enough to warrant this ban. Upon your ban expiring, please return to play as a normal player, to avoid future problems.
  4. I have another update to this, @Aaron™ - ExternalGaming owners replied to my e-mail, and started efforts to optimize stuff on their server. They now deployed these experimental changes, and we told them that we'll soon collect new crash stats for memory crashes, so they can find out if they optimized it well enough/took care of the culprits. I am glad that they accepted our help to make the experience for their players better.
  5. They all look like memory-related crashes, some of them are even listed at https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Famous_crash_offsets_and_their_meaning as being such. Well, then this is what you gotta do: hire a better scripter, and someone that knows about low-poly models and texture optimization, considering some of the listed crashes are also video memory-related. The other crashes can be due to inefficient client-side scripts and simply the server ecosystem, and apply to RAM memory (all factors related to lack of optimization combined)
  6. Dutchman101

    Error cd 16

    Just read my replies carefully, and you'll know what to tell them. If you don't get it, it would be something like: Also, keep in mind that it's possible this new router model has a worse Wifi antenna than the previous line of routers, so you could just be getting bad signal strength leading to packet loss, and then being thrown out of MTA servers as a result. So if they want to check on this, or provide recommendations on the distance between your router and PC (e.g upstairs & downstairs) or send you Wifi repeaters to use, then follow those recommendations, and see if they so
  7. Gotta admit that i've heard multiple users say the same thing, that they are suddenly lagging on all servers.. If it's an MTA issue, then not everyone is affected. Some are. It would be nice if we can get more affected users to post in here.. (and for all of them to post an MTADiag log) Thing is, it can just be the timing around 1.5.8 release - tests that i performed with others who said they were affected, returned the result "still lagging" after forcibly downgrading to 1.5.7 and making sure they stay on it during the test. So if it's the timing, these users may have something in c
  8. Dutchman101

    Error cd 16

    Next steps: 1) Download the latest driver version for your network adapter (only for @nexys, not other readers): https://www.dropbox.com/s/4lc84wpk4v7mefa/realtek_8821CE_2024.0.8.122.zip?dl=1 2) Go to Windows 10 network icon on taskbar > "Network & Internet settings" as shown below: In "Network & Internet settings", scroll all the way down to "Network reset" as shown below: Click "Network reset" and then restart your PC 3) When your PC has restarted, install the driver that you downloaded in step 1 To install the driver, extract
  9. Dutchman101

    Error cd 16

    I doubt you followed all instructions properly, but OK. We will try a few more things.. if they won't help, it's time for you to contact your ISP. Please download and run MTADiag and follow the instructions. Then post the link it gives you in this topic.
  10. "Assertion failed" (densehashtable) from your screenshot is known to happen, rarely, if there are memory issues (e.g as a result of unoptimized scripts that abuse memory). For the other question, please ask for support with issues you're experiencing only. If i wanted to answer that, i would need to spend a lot of time checking server stats for various memory crash types.. that's not a service we provide, sorry. But in the future we might add a page for server owners, to see the top crash types on their server and highlight important ones, that are a result of performance-related things o
  11. Dutchman101

    Error cd 16

    Then it might have to do with a stricter internal router firewall/filtering (rather: bad one). First of all, this guide is under the assumption that nothing else on your PC (e.g a firewall or security software) is blocking MTA-related network traffic. So, make sure to check and disable (for testing) if you do have such products installed, and to also do the same with Windows Firewall (disable it). If that doesn't help, then go ahead with the below guide. Instructions: 1) Go to start menu > "Run" and write "cmd", to open command prompt. Make sure to right-click it and s
  12. It's unrelated.. some windows issue (AcLayers.DLL caused the crash, it's not part of MTA) For that one, i advise you to make sure you got all the latest Windows updates, and to run sfc /scannow in command prompt (open cmd > write /sfc scannow and let it finish, then restart your PC). There's no real way for us to find out more.
  13. Update: i contacted the server owners of "ExternalGaming" in multiple ways, so if they care about it they will probably fix it soon, by optimizing some stuff. Let's hope so.
  14. Dutchman101

    Error cd 16

    Try this first: Download https://mirror.multitheftauto.com/mtasa/utils/servicing.bat and right click > "Run as Administrator". Let it complete (it can take a while), and it will close on its own when it's done. Then restart your PC. After that, see if the problem is solved * Note: it might work, because it resets your Windows networking stack, and sometimes corruption within it causes network errors like this.
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