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  1. Script optimization is really important in MTA, and if you cannot avoid using events like onClientRender then special care should be taken for them (e.g many conditions, cancelling unnecesary execution early, and such). Always imagine that otherwise you're executing whatever is in it, between 60 and 100 times per second. There's a bunch of most popular ways scripters on MTA mess up performance (and cause lag & crashes) for players on their servers, and that's one of them. About avoiding render: imagine you do acceptable optimization when you use it, but then in the end.. multiple
  2. Ask someone that knows more about webhosting. It's not my field either, when i used that API myself, someone else was hosting it.
  3. It's not that - you know what it is, only you expect that after a serial change (aimed to evade your global ban) appealing for the changed serial instead makes us unable to recognize you. The decision on your original appeal stands, and so does the actual ban reason stated in it. Please stop making new accounts to post more appeals. @gorilaa
  4. No, we won't give you a new chance because of the severity of your actions. You weren't just involved in cheat development activity (known as "EjecT"), but also attempted to kill a bunch of popular polish servers using a hack (after discovering a vulnerability which you could use to create it). Besides teaming up with a small group of toxic, MTA-banned polish users (such as "Liberty" and "Norelock / Ansceniczny") that also had malicious goals in mind You are no longer welcome on MTA @paprotka
  5. It always surprises me how far people are willing to go for lying / denying something that AC knows they did. Did you really think an AC has no technical measures these days, to establish you've done something that you got banned for? The truth is in your previous appeal and you know it. Now please stop making new ones to lie more.
  6. No, we can't help you.. because you are banned from the fork "NextRP" and they added your ban, not us. Appeal your ban in the appropiate way for that fork (like a website or forum where they accept appeals, or through contacting their admins). We have no power over bans from particular servers, or particular forks. Even though you're a forks cheater, so im pretty certain of what they will tell you when it comes to your ban reason. No one likes cheaters bro, neither do admins on forks. If they won't unban you, go play official MTA (https://mtasa.com/> "Download") or another fo
  7. Don't lie, you are part of a team that's working to develop a new "Polish mining bot", these bots are designed to ruin the economy on Polish RPG servers and therefore any such teams (be it their main developers, assisting developers or testers/sellers) are not welcome on MTA. We banned the lead developer (serial E0F5F924EFC8F3B312F1C7F60933E3A1, known as "DooNik / dunik") and you.
  8. It has been confirmed that he used your map and since that's without your permission it will be removed from community page. Confirmed because your file upload (.map) is from 2013 / 2014, and objects with exact coordinates match his "submarine.lua" file, so it's clearly the same map
  9. No, the results from your previous appeal were clear. We won't make any exceptions on temporary bans like this either.
  10. Temporary bans can't be appealed. You are a forks cheater that brought a forks cheat to the official MTA build, you should have removed it beforehand as it obviously won't work. Since we have no sympathy for cheaters (even if you're making a move from forks to official MTA, as you claim) we won't help you, and also we cannot determine if it was really an 'accident' or if you just wanted to know whether or not it would work on official MTA. Therefore, sit out your ban and then make sure the cheat files are removed before playing again. @Graff_Demon
  11. Ban appeal denied.. first of all, temporary bans cannot be appealed. Secondly, your entire story is based on the impression that you're innocent, which beyond reasonable doubt has been proven you're not (as you know following our conversation on Discord). It's just that you think a weak excuse will save you from being too obvious and blatant in taking responsibility for DDoS attacks that you have carried out against servers on MTA. We need to protect MTA and its users against malicious individuals like you, and you can consider yourself lucky to only have a temporary ban. I advise yo
  12. Pretty sure it exists (as anim you can use with setPedAnimation), but just like you I don't know it from the back of my head. Many GTA animations are named in a weird/obscure way, so you can't always figure out what something is based on its name (or the other way around, as in this case) so if it's out there you may have a hard time identifying it. GL! Well, maybe there's some tool in GTA modding world that can log whatever animation you play, or you could try to create such a tool. I have another last resort idea: you create a file debug.txt in MTA installation folder,
  13. No Your cheat development activities / messing with MTA have resulted in a permanent ban, sorry.
  14. You will get a last chance, you know what would happen if you repeat things like that in the future. @sodilegnagyobbrajongoja
  15. For this you will really need an API, information about that can be found in this earlier topic (my reply): https://forum.mtasa.com/topic/128283-play-music-from-online-radioyoutube-in-car/ Unfortunately there's no other way. Except for maybe finding a public API (so you don't have to do all that work of setting up your own), i have seen a few suitable ones in the past.. but they all went away over time. So you'll have to search.
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