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  1. The goal should then be preventing the player from doing anything useful on your server such as playing, giving them nothing to interact with as that matches the purpose of a ban. So then, any resource from A to Z making part of your gamemode should be intercepted if the player is ''banned'' through this system, aka from the chat to spawning should be cancelled/disabled if the ''banned'' player is listed in your script's ban data storage. So the principle isnt all that complicated, just add a check on all existing scripts that give interactive experience, or spawning as player, if their serial is listed they are 'banned' and you just draw them the screen showing ban details and acknownledgement they are banned. Don't give them anything but that and they can just idle and stare at their fate. Spawning them inside a jail and taking away any interaction or usage of scripts can be an alternative that comes down to the same, if you're looking for a replacement of the MTA ban system with something like this.
  2. Are you asking because MTA already blocked it? If it does, there's plenty of rivatuner alternatives. I think using the stealth mode even increases your chances of detection or serious trouble after AC kicks in (it cannot beat MTA anti-cheat and may be quicker seen as deliberate cheat attempt as it tries to hide a hook) just try running without that ''stealth mode'' and tell us what happened. They designed the rivatuner stealth mode to be a savior when software/games don't work correctly without it, and you're just anticipating by asking without trying it seems. Don't be afraid of a ban when trying, this tool will if it kicks you at all just give you a generic AC # code as it's not a designated cheat MTA patched specificly (for which auto-bans exist ontop of kicks)
  3. It works fine for me, both that exact code you posted and the original resource for this: https://community.mtasa.com/index.php?p=resources&s=details&id=11557 There's also no real difference between the code of both except for your custom defined tags and kick message output, so I was already wondering how your version could break it, which now turns out it doesn't. So what else can be your problem, is something interfering?
  4. I don't think you really understand how MTA works, servers can develop/run their own unique gamemode. Basically what you're saying already exists, try some 'RPG' servers and you will see. (or 'RP' aka strict RP but I dont think that's what you imagine here)
  5. I'm locking this topic as the issue (report asking for his ban) has been dealt with, also naming and shaming is unnecesary I don't advise to try evade the global ban
  6. @karts I just got word he was globally MTA banned (he has a history of DDOS and was banned once before) The twitter user etc also complaining is no coincidence, when this guy does it he doesnt hestitate to let know in chat it's him who attacks, across multiple servers.
  7. Removed select replies, some upright opinions can stay but don't let it escalate into thread drama again. My (this) reply marks a line to stop thread drama and trash talk, anyone starting arguments in here again will get immediate official warning.
  8. Does it close after you actually type 'help' and hit enter, or just at a random time? And if the last, how long will server run before it closes down? Are there any crashdumps (.dmp files) in server > dumps > private ?
  9. Then they managed to stay under the limit for what you perceive to be a long name, or their nicks have been set by a script (which allows for more chars than user-set nicks). Limit is there for a reason, so if you dont find a way to write the same nick with less characters, there's nothing you can do to circumvent it (assuming you're talking about a colorcoded nick, like simplify # codes to end up with a shorter nick and have the same or similar outcome)
  10. Afaik there's only 1 country (Egypt) with connection issues, and if that even applies to (all) VPN's with Egypt IP's is unsure so don't draw quick conclusions. Also MTA itself doesnt limit access for countries, obviously You must be unfamiliar with MTA, most bans are serial and don't mainly rely on IP bans. 99% of bans are serial based so evading with VPN isnt a concern. Besides this, you 2 just bumped an old topic so I'll lock it now.
  11. Please download, extract and run MTADiag and follow the instructions. Press 'n' when asked. Post any Pastebin URL MTADiag gives you in this topic
  12. Use the server net module from official installer of the revision your build is based on, and rename it if needed. Net isn't open source so you'll have to do it that way, AFAIK (i aint that experienced with building stuff, just try it)
  13. That means this server only allows players with decent FPS ('framerate'), to prevent unfair advantage by lagging. Get a faster PC or better graphics card, or else there's plenty of servers you can play on that don't require so. It's not an error but a script kicking laggers from the server. You can also try to increase your FPS by some steps, for example set your FX quality to Low in MTA settings, lower your resolution and turn off anti-aliasing, etc, update your graphics drivers.. speed up your PC by some mainentance to Windows to prevent it from running slow.. but don't expect too much from that, most of the times FPS problems are caused by hardware. Maybe it's spiking, does it slow down as you play for a while or the FPS already feels laggy from the beginning? Are you running heavy programs in the background, does it only happen SOMETIMES (who knows what's scheduled to start, like your AV scanning..) or you could have a bad/worn harddisk. Does it only happen when you enter crowded areas with many other players or vehicles/mapping? If that's the case, check if your Windows is 32 or 64-bits, switching to 64bit may help.
  14. That depends on which audio card he has, it means you had the AC'97 onboard audio. But it's one not used much anymore. Let's just wait for his log so we can see what he uses and recommend the right driver, no speculation on which audiocard he uses.
  15. Check the VPS's host panel/service configuration for another firewall layer with connection rules; disable it, or open the ports there if required. Generally VPS has unfiltered connection and they let the user configure it through software firewall, in most cases just Windows Firewall. Check for any other firewall they may supply their servers with, or else it's either 1) you configured the ports in Windows Firewall incorrectly, 2) you got another layer of firewall (as said before, check hosting configuration panel if the hoster offers it) or 3) if both are to no avail, the hoster is simply filtering the traffic. An hosting company filtering ports without you being able to control it is the rarest thing I've ever seen, so you're most likely just doing something wrong. If none of the steps I mentioned work, you'll have to contact Support of the hoster offering the VPS, to ask what's going wrong and ask for forwarding procedures.