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  1. Dutchman101

    Pull Request Testing

    There would be a small risk of new features that have never been working side-to-side, interacting with eachother and causing issues and with that not resulting in the same test results as they will when tested on master.. this can go both ways, either the presence of additional issues or missing out on issues that would appear on master, because the surfacing of issue is being (partially) suppressed by another change. If you put some cherry-picking work into it, like ensuring multiple PR's of the same feature category (or similar terrains) won't be in the testing branch at the same time, the chance of mishaps reduces but I believe at the end of the day you can't really avoid verifying your tests against master. Besides the effort listed above, you may underestimate that there's even more manual work to be done, like reviewing the purpose of all PR's as some of them are either just suggestions based on the contributor's personal opinion or ideas (up to the dev team to decide if they would integrate it if the code was alright) or of such a low quality that it wouldn't even pass a first code-review. I am just saying, it's not as easy as throwing all open PR's on a heap and putting them all in a testing branch. The real question is if the selection (which consists of a bit of concept, and general code review to probe if it has a chance at all) and investigating which ones won't possibly interfere with eachother, is even more worth it than sticking to how we're currently doing it. Not to mention that all contributors developed their work based on master, not accounting for the design of other features they lacked knownledge of or that may make their integration better if it were in place at the time they wrote it. Basic principles in software development are that you spend half of your time thinking on how to do something, and the other half to actually write the code, so while the sudden presence of other PR features doesn't neccesarily cause interference, throwing them together can still degrade the quality of MTA's codebase. One PR may introduce changes which the other PR may benefit from or which forces the developer to take on another approach based on structural changes, or if not forced, would prefer that approach over their previous one (when they would write that feature today) because the other PR created new possibilities. Even if that PR isn't for a feature of the same category. Bottom line Your idea could be rather a development strategy, for which the additional time and effort put into the above vetting activities will perhaps be worth it. It may take some work to get a build with all suitable PR's thrown together to run, but the dev team can consider doing that as a public beta (like MTA 1.6) in which testing of all PR's is crowdsourced, and thus speeded up beyond a few individuals like you willing to actively test PR's. But of course if the others deem that a good idea, the team capacity to set apart suitable PR's and resolve conflicts and interactions before that build will run has to allow that. Again, it's not as easy as it seems.
  2. Dutchman101

    Rocket Host vps

    Please review the Hosting solutions section guidelines and apply them to your topic within 48 hours, or your advertisement topic will be deleted. @Rocket Host
  3. Dutchman101

    CD16 Error - servicing.bat didn't work

    Method (step-by-step in spoilers - click "Reveal hidden contents" below to start off) Note: In cases like yours, it's advised to first try MTA with another PC if you have one around, to determine if all below instructions are relevant to you or which ones are. This may spare you some effort. This guide exists however because we know that if it doesn't depend on your PC (made more likely as a result of your re-install of Windows) that CD16 and similar errors are often network-dependent. Open your web browser and grab the addresses you noted down from the first spoiler instructions. Now click "Reveal hidden contents" below on what to do next; Now that you logged into the router configuration page, click "Reveal hidden contents" below for a list of settings you'll have to locate in that interface. If you have tried everything listed in the previous spoilers, then click "Reveal hidden contents" below; None of this worked? Then click "Reveal hidden contents" below for the final resolutions.
  4. Dutchman101

    CD16 Error - servicing.bat didn't work

    It seems like you've finally succeeded to connect and play today, please confirm and tell me what the fix was. In cases like yours, where the problem doesn't seem to be related to your PC, I would provide instructions to access the router configuration and lower the internal firewall level, possibly use DMZ zone setting to test out, or reset the router with the small needle pin built into it physically, and additionally check on any other devices between your net line and the final (wifi) router. It depends on the current situation whether or not I still need to provide that
  5. Dutchman101

    [CD47] Ban ? HELP ME!

    Running a DLL injector while MTA is opened will result in a global ban for 1 day, no matter its purpose or the game it was intended for. "TRAINER" is the ban type for cheats and tools detected by anti-cheat.
  6. Dutchman101

    Open Source

    In contrast, over the past 3 years there's never been a period with more PR's getting merged than in the past 8 months.. Not saying we should settle for that, tho.. I agree with qaisjp. Any developer (without commit access or even prior contributions) is welcome to help out with code review, and any user/dev can test changes contained in a PR.. you don't need to know c++ in order to build MTA and include a PR, for its testing. We've even been trying to make it easier for people to test - please try out http://nightlytest.mtasa.com. Therefore, the group of people that could speed up processes is bigger than you may imagine. All of this opens the road for a quicker merge, as less work is then left to do for team members in approving the changes.
  7. Dutchman101

    MTA server connect issue

    I believe you're talking about the russian PUBG servers.. the reason this happens is because they decided to use player balancing measures; players get divided into groups and then assigned to the server they want those players (or a certain amount of players, independently of who) to be on. The redirect is done by a script. Most often this system is toggled on or modified when they run a test server with gamemode beta changes, and want sufficient exposure or a specific audience. This means you're not always in control of which one of their servers you play on; it can cause splits between you and your friends, with not everyone you know being able to play on the same server. If you don't like this mechanism, I advise you to contact the server owner.
  8. Dutchman101

    Are there any australian servers that i can play on?

    I don't think that servers with mainly australian players or leadership advertise they're an australian server (such as in their server name), because after all their language is English.. this makes it a bit different from the plenty of servers catering to a specific nationality and language. Most server owners from English-speaking countries prefer to keep their server international.. (with, guess what as main language) There's plenty of australian players on MTA, but I can't find any server that is advertising to be australian. You'll just have to join a few servers and play to see where the australians are.. or sort the serverlist on ping and hope some server owners are hosting from home.
  9. Dutchman101

    any way to escape the country tag?

    The mechanism used by servers to look up your country is taking your IP and performing a (perhaps offline) lookup of your ISP's country, either by a dynamic location check or IP range country (ip2c) file. So once the server knows your IP, there's no way to prevent the server from linking it to a country, as it does so independently. Because you need a valid IP address to join any MTA server (obviously) it will be able to geolocate the IP you're using. This explanation is pure logic, and also goes on to show no game or application can reliably implement a technical workaround to help users conceal their country (IP address) because after all, your connection gets established. Thinking further from that point there is only 1 solution thinkable; changing your IP, concealing it with for example a VPN that isn't located in your own country. You can find plenty of anonimizer VPN's and proxies with a simple web search. @BinSlayer1
  10. Dutchman101

    housesystem and GTWfastfood failed =(

    You're missing (image) files that are declared in meta.xml but not located in the proper location; check if they are elsewhere and fix the path in meta.xml and eventually in the script code loading/using said files, or if they are missing but you feel like they are essential for your scripting purpose then you should recreate them or even better, get the original files that were intended to run on this gamemode, which is open-source. The missing files can be found on https://github.com/404rq/GTW-RPG since your project is based on open source resources. If you cannot figure it out with manually restoring them and feel like you don't have many critical customisations (or are not a scripter), just restoring it to the original gamemode is also a good idea. @mitic0800
  11. This script has been stolen from a server by taking the uncompiled client.lua from the client resources directory while playing there. As this happens to be my server, I took this opportunity to publish the script on community rather than having someone else show off with work that isn't theirs. Said server has been running this script for a couple of years already. You can download the resource at https://community.mtasa.com/index.php?p=resources&s=details&id=15749 now (open source). Topic locked because this practice isn't allowed on the forums Arabic translation (not by me): هذا السكربت تمت سرقته من السيرفر الخاص بي عن طريق سرقة ملف الكلاينت الغير مشفر من مجلد المودات أثناء اللعب هناك, وبالصدفة هذا السكربت خاص بسيرفري لذلك استغليت الفرصة وقمت بنشر السكربت في الكوميونيتي بدلاً من تظاهر شخص بعمل ليس له, هذا السكربت يعمل بالسيرفر لعدة سنين حالياً https://community.mtasa.com/index.php?p=resources&s=details&id=15749 : ( تحميل السكربت ( مفتوح المصدر .هذا الموضوع مغلق لأن هذا التصرف ممنوع في المنتدى
  12. Dutchman101

    Server issue

    This crash (offset 0x000FA5E1) is related to train tracks/train engine sounds, I would figure your GTA is modded or the server is running dodgy resources but it turns out that it's just you who has this crash on that server (or recently, anywhere) so despite MTADiag not detecting any modded sound files, you should still restore the original game. It's possible that your custom gta_sa.exe is at fault (unknown version), so as I said, re-install GTA. Besides that, also update your sound driver; download here (only for your specific PC) Because it seems you can play on other servers without crashing, but not on this server (which in turn, others can play on just fine), I believe that the server has a resource doing something related to train track sounds/trains in general which due to the nature of its code is incompatible with your GTA mods or corruption. @AndreyDivnich
  13. Dutchman101

    Can't run map editor

    Under certain circumstances, launching a local server (both as map editor and regular server) can take a while. I'm not sure for how long you have waited, but first try to wait for a couple of minutes before deciding it's a permanent freeze. What happens if you launch the server from its folder location instead of ingame? go to Program Files > MTA San Andreas 1.5 > server, and doubleclick "MTA Server.exe". If it doesn't work (freeze), then does launching as administrator (rightclick) make any difference? I trust in your words that you already uninstalled, 'deleted left-overs' and re-installed MTA, if you're unsure then repeat that process before following my next instructions. These instructions are for when the server also freezes while starting up when started by the method described above; 1) Download Process Monitor from here: https://download.sysinternals.com/files/ProcessMonitor.zip 2) Download this configuration file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/5sm1n42deyxbxeb/ProcmonMTAServerConfiguration.pmc?dl=1 3) Extract and start Process Monitor, select the 'File' menu and click "Import configuration', point it to the .pmc file from the first link and open it. Keep the application open. 4) Start MTA server, and wait 3 minutes after it freezes. Now, select the 'File' menu and click "Save". Upload the resulting log file (.pml extension) to http://upload.mtasa.com and provide me a link in this topic. Also attach your MTADiag log link to your post so we can use it besides the ProcMon log; Please download and run MTADiag and follow the instructions. Post any Pastebin URL MTADiag gives you in this topic. @CTPX
  14. Dutchman101

    Banned by MTA. reason "TRAINER"

    @Tracy - you keep running the DLL injector that got you banned, so while you're already banned the duration gets added cumulatively. I think we can improve this behaviour in the future, also the ban duration for this particular injector will be lowered. You're now unbanned because you've already served quite some time banned. And @Danispace, you ran an MTA cheat and injector to inject it; each count got you a ban (3 days for the cheat, 1 day for the injector) so the 4 days ban duration is no mistake, you'll have to wait it out like all other cheaters.
  15. Dutchman101

    Crash when re-entering the server

    This crash (client.dll @ 0x00006CF9) has already been fixed, please update to https://nightly.mtasa.com/?mtasa-1.5.6-full_rc-latest. You're 1 build behind the final fix.