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  1. Dutchman101

    ERROR CL25

    Please download and run MTADiag and follow the instructions. Post any Pastebin URL that MTADiag gives you in this topic.
  2. I can't really write this in polish, but this is a known issue (false positives from Avast and McAfee anti-virus scanners, on loader.dll). As far we know, only McAfee so far hasn't resolved the false positive.. Avast did, so then update your definitions. Disable the scanner, add a whitelist for the MTA installation folder (e.g C:\Program Files (x86)\MTA San Andreas 1.5) or loader.dll, and then re-install MTA. After re-installing, re-enable your scanner. Autotranslated: Naprawdę nie mogę tego napisać po polsku, ale jest to znany problem (fałszywe alarmy ze skanerów antywirusowych Avast i McAfee na module loader.dll). O ile wiemy, tylko firma McAfee do tej pory nie rozwiązała problemu fałszywie dodatniego. Avast tak, więc zaktualizuj swoje definicje. Wyłącz skaner, dodaj białą listę do folderu instalacyjnego MTA lub loader.dll, a następnie ponownie zainstaluj MTA. Po ponownej instalacji ponownie włącz skaner.
  3. Temporary bans can't be appealed. Next time, don't upload resources to the community that contain backdoors. Wait for the ban to expire
  4. Looking at your picture, I'd say there is a bug in the plugin or Blender, or it may be a compatibility issue (check what the plugin page says about the version of Blender it's designed for). If you want to spare yourself the pain of finding out and then knocking on the right door to report the issue, then Tut's advise will help.
  5. Dutchman101

    Aiming Bug

    Make sure that the entire MTA installation folder is gone after uninstalling MTA using the original uninstaller. So that coreconfig.xml (containing binds etc) is also wiped. But i assumed you already tried stuff like resetting binds in settings.. If that doesn't help, then there is no way to find out what's going on, unless the server scripters really get involved.
  6. No, you didn't, and I'm sure you know why I think that. Appeal denied, it is currently not possible for you to get unbanned.
  7. Dutchman101

    Aiming Bug

    After looking at the GIF, it's clearly a script issue. admins on that server have no clue whats causing it > ask them to inform their scripters, or play on a different server If it only happens for him and not other players on that server, and for him it only happens on this particular server, besides all of this ... being true (that you have actually, and properly, tried it) then I am sure that no one on this forum will be able to help you identify the problem. Then, something is seriously funky. Either something on his PC or client is predisposing him to script misbehavior.. unlikely to be binds though, since you said that you reset it all already.. or perhaps it's deliberately done by the server scripters because they don't like this person. Obviously, everything I wrote is assuming that your list of steps already taken, and the information given, is 100% correct. Then no, we can't do much for you.
  8. Please review the section guidelines and apply them to your topic within 48 hours to avoid removal. You will need to put more effort into the topic in general, such as a description of the server and introduction/media. @Slity
  9. Banned for messing with MTA (attempted cheat development). There will be no new chance anywhere soon, because you didn't learn from the first ban @montaser
  10. Nie próbuj odwoływać się tutaj od zakazów serwerów. Odwołaj się do administratorów danego serwera (lub na ich stronie internetowej / forach, jeśli go mają) Please don't try to appeal server bans here.. appeal it to the admins of the server in question (or on their website/forums if they have it). @.:Kardiniusz:.
  11. Dutchman101

    Ban Appeal

    It was clear from the beginning that attackers who have been permabanned in this situation (TK DDoS clan) won't be unbanned, due to the severity. It was clarified here: https://forum.mtasa.com/topic/114545-ban-appeal/?tab=comments#comment-943302 and here: https://forum.mtasa.com/topic/115046-r9-freeroam/ But you decided to evade your global ban twice, so you got re-banned. And that will keep happening.. @Kriwz
  12. Don't try to cheat on NextRP, and don't lie. Temporary bans cannot be appealed, sorry.
  13. It wouldn't be such a bad idea to make that the default.. I also play on 2% to 4% for both, not to mention that a lot of mouses have a DPI button to amplify it. Such low values certainly don't mean "having to drag your mouse all over the screen" like you would expect, it's rather the bad implementation of GTA that makes these values feel like 75% sensitivity on the average shooter game, and with much more fine accuracy. If nothing changes to the defaults, I would still recommend literally anyone to use sensitivities like that (4%) Edit: I just recorded this video to demonstrate how accurate such low values are: You can see the big difference with the "pixellated" aim from video up this topic.
  14. Dutchman101

    Ban Appeal

    Please read https://forum.mtasa.com/topic/116414-ban-appeals-information-how-to-appeal-your-global-ban/ and do as required for bans with "EMAIL" in the reason - which means, sending a message to the address mentioned. @SlighT