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  1. Topic cleaned of drama. Please go fight out your problems with eachother in PM. Any drama after this line will result in a forum warning
  2. Ban duration set for 3 days, but the next time you try to change your MTA serial, we won't help you. So don't do it again. @aseq71
  3. We noticed, and all of these 'positive opinions' that were posted by newly registered accounts are now removed. Moderator decision ( @Ruben 0495) : this topic won't be allowed to receive feedback posts for a duration of 4 weeks. It will now be locked to enforce that, and be unlocked in 4 weeks. If you want to edit your topic, feel free to send the new content to a moderator who will apply your edits. To avoid this situation in the future, please make sure to read the section guidelines, particularly this part:
  4. You can use the MTA discord to chat with staff and other players, sorry but this isn't a realistic suggestion
  5. You got banned for trying to cheat in DD with a customized gta_sa.exe, please don't lie. But most of all, temporary bans just cannot be appealed. Wait until the ban expires.
  6. I got nothing to do with this ban, you're mistaken, for all I know you got banned by a discord moderator (Tut) because of some rules violation on discord, after which you decided to evade discord bans that you have received from moderators there, causing you to be re-banned. I will move this to the Site/Forum/Discord/Mantis/Wiki related section and let the moderator that banned you take a look. It will be locked until then. If Discord moderators want to handle it, they will unlock it and leave a reply.
  7. Make sure to uninstall the software properly. Instructions: Go to "Programs and software" in configuration panel and uninstall anything that starts (or looks like): * "KIller Network ..." * "Rivet Killer ..." * "Drivers Rivet Killer Performance" Then restart your PC and try again. If it doesn't work yet, then try these workarounds: 2) open task manager and go to processes list, see if any of this is running: * KillerNetworkService.exe * KillerControlCenter.exe If so, then it didn't get uninstalled properly. If not uninstalled properly, then click below spoiler for more information and workarounds: More information: - Read https://updatesa.mtasa.com/sa/trouble/?tr=netlimiter - You will only get kicked on servers that want to prohibit software of the category "Net limiter" - Net limiters are often benign applications that are however, also capable of abuse by functioning as a lag switch. * They allow you to reduce available bandwidth and speed on specific applications, like MTA, to cause lag deliberately. * They may come pre-installed on your PC (by OEM) or as part of your drivers For this reasons, servers are able to use SD #33 from MTA AC guide to block it and kick players for it. It is opt-in. You got kicked because you're trying to join a server that uses this special detection (which is a conscious decision from the server owner) and you're running this software or haven't disabled or removed it properly. So yeah, refer to the instructions to resolve it.
  8. Dutchman101


    Your english is too unclear to help you effectively, but if I were to make a guess about what you mean, I would say: If you mean version 1.5n (tag also displays like that in server browser), make sure to use custom builds for both the client and server. Use the source code at https://github.com/multitheftauto/mtasa-blue for your custom builds. Compatible servers (e.g custom servers) should appear at the top of server list (and show as version 1.5n) in a custom client. If you need more help, either ask in the russian forum section to make yourself better understandable, or join the MTA discord and ask in either #development or the russian channel.
  9. Dutchman101

    Ban appeal

    Please read the MTA banning policy at https://forum.mtasa.com/topic/116414-ban-appeals-information-how-to-appeal-your-global-ban/ The policy means that you're wrong (or could be wrong) on all points. * your statements in italic 1) "a permanent MTA ban isn't justified" This isn't a permanent ban. This ban also doesn't mean you are guilty. As you can read in the ban policy, bans with "EMAIL: X" in the reason are investigative bans. Bans like this are meant to allow (force) questioning. 2) "Nobody has solid proof that it was actually me impersonating Cookie" "There's no proof that I deleted maps, the only proof you could have is the logs of me accessing servers" You don't know what we got yet, as because of not following the procedure you haven't heard us out yet. There will be room to discuss what happened (the original report, evidence, etc) during the questioning. 3) "It's their own fault for giving passwords away while knowing anyone can access maps and delete them" Even though it's not smart to give out passwords without checking if someone isn't impersonating someone, it doesn't justify abusing this stupidity and doing something illegal. "There's no specific rule that states you can't delete resources" Taking destructive actions with illegimately aqcuired access is the definition of hacking & is illegal. There are no excuses in how stupid someone was to allow you so either. If someone first impersonates a staff member in order to get password leaked, then goes ahead and enters a mapping server with that, and then deletes all maps, it's unauthorized, hacking. Clearly malicious. "I have never used hacks, trainers or any kind of cheating software" Please, again, read our ban policy. Hacking and malicious attacks can also result in a ban. So now, at least your accusations against us are out of the way. Please send a message to the e-mail address in the ban message, so that we can start the investigation process per our ban policy.
  10. Haha, trying to change your serial.. there are protections against it. So that won't work. Anyways - the reason you're banned is because you are working together with "TheInsaneKiller" (after I believed him on his appeal at https://forum.mtasa.com/topic/121623-global-ban/) on doing prohibited things with MTA, cheat development-related. He was also banned again for giving you the things that were being messed with. If you don't want this ban to be permanent, then please contact me by sending me a PM, for more details.
  11. The reason for your ban is that we found out who you are.. Is your second PC (besides serial F9776D3C1B798479A2786C2EB0452E44) that you started using after receiving a ban (on 07A2681B473628E33B69A294BAE861F3) for trying to use an exploit on the 28th of December. That exploit means you were trying to develop cheats and it got detected. Appeal denied, your other serials have the same ban expiration date as your main PC now. Wait it out. @kreizi
  12. No Don't try to cheat on NextRP.. wait until the ban expires. Temporary bans can't be appealed.
  13. Appeal denied. Besides cheat development that got you guys originally banned, you did far more serious (and even illegal) things afterwards and you're well aware of it.
  14. That's because there is a very limited, although somewhat functional basic anti-cheat in netc.dll for forks and custom clients. Even though it offers a really weak security (it's not secure at all) and still requires you to supplement it with your own anti-cheat. Because of popular demand for information regarding this, I added this wiki page: https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Anti-cheat_support_for_custom_builds I hope it helps.
  15. If you're creating a fork of MTA, will you respect the MTA license (unlike all of those russian projects)? I think people that may be able to help find this important. You can also visit the MTA discord and ask your questions in the #development channel.