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  1. Dutchman101


    Unbanned, even though i really don't believe you intended to report it the last time (you got banned in August 2019).. in fact, it's probably not something you found on the internet. You know better. There will be no chance in the future, so really, don't do that again. @tweet
  2. There are currently no known MTA bugs that will reset handling if you exit a vehicle, only when you're replacing an existing vehicle (that had modified handling) with setElementModel (https://github.com/multitheftauto/mtasa-blue/issues/1198). But since that's clearly not the case in your situation, none of the issues mentioned by The_GTA apply. So your script probably contains a bug (where it differs from the script example, which doesn't suffer from it and will apply handling just fine to all new vehicles, and will not reset it on exit) or there is interference from other scripts. First post your code if you want help to find out why this is happening.
  3. It's usually error and trial, you could ask someone with experience creating handlings to help you as they should know how to tweak even the default GTA handlings to be more realistic, let alone allow a speed boost in acceptable ways (e.g let the vehicle climb to a higher top speed, so no acceleration overkill). I'd call it a performance boost rather than speed boost, and I've seen plenty of roleplay servers that managed to provide an entirely different vehicle experience in terms of handling and road behavior.. I advise you to focus on road behavior rather than top speed if you want to create realistic handlings. But like i said, you would need a good understanding of the effects of each handling parameter and flag, and how they interact with eachother (since GTA does weird things). If you can't find anyone for that, or you have no time to learn it, then maybe one of these "Realistic handling packs" is a good starting point: https://www.google.com/search?q=gta+sa+realistic+handling But i can't vouch for them, or how close individual ones would come to what is required for RP in terms of realism. I tested none of them. Protip: for RP servers and realism, you can see that the default GTA vehicle top speeds are nothing too crazy. So the overarching change would be road behavior and driving characteristics, and climb to the desired top speed/gear phases. .. and yes, like The_GTA mentioned.. if you download such a "realistic handling pack", you would need to load the values using the MTA scripting functions instead, or create your own handling.cfg parser (where you feed the resource the .cfg content) if you're lazy.
  4. Please make sure to follow all section requirements from https://forum.mtasa.com/topic/93773-rules-and-formatting-for-this-section/ For example: I have my doubts about that being the case here.. what do you think? @Papuno
  5. Dutchman101

    Sorry me?

    You got banned as a result of illegal activities on MTA. After creating a fake cheat, you spread it around to other MTA players, infecting their PC's with a virus (remote control trojan, aka RAT) There is no room for cybercriminals like you on MTA, and we want to protect our players against malicous people like you. The ban is permanent. Note: you made over 60 victims, first admitting (and saying it's because of "your fascination with the hacker world") and then saying "yeah but I didn't use any hacked information from the PC's that i infected" and "I didn't do anything wrong" is kinda unrealistic.. we won't forgive you. Note 2: to all the wannabe cheaters in MTA that are looking for MTA cheats.. this is a good example of why you need to be careful these days. There are people like this guy (Whad) uploading files that are no cheat but a virus, trying to win your trust, and ready to hack your PC. Be very careful.. especially knowing that working MTA cheats do not exist 99% of the time. @Whad
  6. It's weird that you are claiming Paradise Roleplay is leaked, while it's an open-source gamemode: https://github.com/mabako/mta-paradise
  7. Well, you spammed us in multiple ways for this ban, but so far haven't made an appeal on the forums, so I will answer this for good. You will not be unbanned. The reason is that your DDoS practises are really serious, not only did you attack servers often, you also made a YouTube channel to brag about it. People that make channels dedicated to show off criminal activities targetting MTA users and servers, do clearly not belong on MTA, and we need to protect the rest of our users against them. Who wouldn't agree with me? Even though you removed it all, we can now still know what you did. Appeal denied. Please don't make any appeals in the future, and don't contact us. For the record, it applies to both of your serials: AB90CFB2812771462FE7528D41615452 and 3DFEE027D1253511266FC3A70E88AAB2 (i will edit this post with more if you decide to evade, so you can't return to appeal them with a different name).
  8. لقد نسخت الكود من https://community.multitheftauto.com/?p=resources&s=details&id=18041 وقمت بأستخدامه من دون القيام آخذ اذن من صاحب الكود وأيضاً لقد قمت بآخذ الفكرة بأكملها وائتمانها بأسمك وحتى من دون حتى ذكر صاحب الفكرة أو الكود. على كلً سيتم إغلاق هذا البوست وادا تفضلت يرجى عدم عمل اي ريسورس خاص بموضوع "الكورونا" في المستقبل القريب. ^ Translated & locked, @Ahmed Ly
  9. Reinstale MTA Pero también vuelva a descargar primero, desde https://mtasa.com/
  10. The previous appeal was delayed because we were trying to consult with someone who had more knownledge on what the person we targetted with this ban, actually did.. since they dealt with the situation. But this makes it clear. You may have bought a laptop off someone that did very serious things, in a category related to MTA cheat development or serious hackage. The problem is: we do never accept excuses like this (e.g "I bought it, it's not me, someone else used my PC, my cat jumped on my keyboard and launched a hack") for obvious security reasons. So if this is really true, then I apologize for the inconvenience, but unfortunately you will be unable to play MTA on this machine. This ban will never be removed. * With this, both appeals will be archived
  11. Locked as a result of https://forum.mtasa.com/topic/122766-ban-appeal/
  12. You won't be unbanned Апелляция отклонена, ваш запрет никогда не будет снят. Мы знаем, что вы сделали больше, чем просто рекламировали это.
  13. Stop making appeals, already handled in https://forum.mtasa.com/topic/122733-ban-appeal/ We know that you're the same person.. please just don't take any of your 4 other serials to try and appeal independently. We won't buy it. Your other serials (appeals will be rejected instantly): 9CEE0C019076402669BEA44C3EE7C0F3 A018AFBCAD59FCF7A0CFCAB2599099A1 6C49DA4E0100D3EB6C5470D76B1EB4E4 605DA4FB4905326A71E171BA3A032EA2
  14. We won't be able to provide support for non-official MTA builds (forks) here. Please go to their own forums (MTA Province) to ask for help: https://forum.gtaprovince.ru/ Мы не сможем обеспечить поддержку неофициальных сборок (вилок) MTA здесь. Пожалуйста, перейдите на свои форумы (провинция МТА): https://forum.gtaprovince.ru/