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  1. DOWNLOAD: https://community.mtasa.com/index.php?p=resources&s=details&id=14512 This script allows you to detect Ban evaders who change IP or serial to try evade bans, it can fight:- Dynamic IP's (or static..)- changed serialsHow? By resolving the IP hostname when they connect.You can choose to 'log' the connections (flag option) when a player connects with a defined hostname, which means Internet Provider hostname, so you can investigate if they are who you think they might be.VPN hostname: looks like; datacenter1.vpnworks.net (example; you would then block or log use of a specific proxy/VPN program if many ban evaders use it)Home internet connection; looks like: (develop a sense for how they often look) customer17135.ippool.t-mobile.com (you can both list the customer-or pool specific hostname (before the first dot); this to avoid logging or blocking innocent unrelated players, OR if they are (almost) the only using that Internet provider or VPN software, log or block general hostname ('ippool.t-mobile.com' as for fictive example) If you know one problematic ban evader uses one internet provider usually (ISP) you check the hostname of that IP and add it to the flag list, then when someone connects using this matching hostname, it will print a warning to server.log and you can investigate: - Does the player behave as the banned player? - Is he with the same friends or does he talk similarly, IS HE clearly the same person? This resource basically give you usable leads in order to identify these ban evaders; it provides you with suspects, based on Internet provider or customer account hostname, so you can start analyzing if they are the same person. It can also block the connection automatically instead of only logging a warning of the suspicious player connecting. Besides the lead-giving to investigate, if you got problematic ban evader(s) who mainly use the same VPN/proxy program that uses often specific hostnames of Datacenters/the VPN company, or the same Internet provider hostname or the evader himself has a Dynamic public IP, BUT.. a static hostname (like based upon f.e, customer82423.pool.telecomalgeria.com) you can define and nail them on this static hostname that belongs to the ISP provider customer who has the internet/DSL account. (aka, the same person). As said before, be careful by analyzing the specific use of hostnames to see how many potentially legit players you could hurt. It's the best choice to go for Flagging only and not refusing connections, so you can look on a case by case basis if the player seems to be the same as the ban evader; and then re-ban the new evading serial or IP's. This resource will prove to be a reliable tool. IMPORTANT!! You MUST have a bit of experience with web-hosting in order to get this resource working! It will NOT work straight out of the box, you'll need to host a resolver API (PHP) file on the web. This .php file is included, together with extensive README (documentation) for you to understand why this is required, and assist in setting the resource up. See below a copy of this documentation: (spoiler)
  2. Pure coincidence, corrupted DFF's in the way this crashfix acts on, can crash the game at any random moment (not instantly). It also has nothing to do with proxy_sa. So if you want this crash to never come back, upgrade away from Windows XP. FYI
  3. This crash ( 0x003F18CF ) was fixed here: https://github.com/multitheftauto/mtasa-blue/commit/eddacab44f71a62653e6033362791586e6bb34f6 You're using 1.5.4-r11411 and the crash was fixed earlier in r11352, however the fix doesn't work for Windows XP (due to a limitation in how XP handles unitialized memory and the MTA crashfix relying on that) For that reason I'm kinda sure you're still using Windows XP, upgrade your OS instead of using that ancient XP to solve this. I can imagine as you say the crash happens often, as it's caused by bad mods (bad DFF's) and clearly the servers you play on have alot of bugged mods, of which MTA can now avert crashing if you use a modern Windows version. @Vego
  4. I'm certain it was something like a troll saying: ''write /bind w kill'' but then a variation causing what @homies describes (like a specific server script command + arguments that cause the lag and freezes he mentioned) The solution is simple: go to settings > binds, and reset to default.
  5. @Adiidas once you started asking a question in full english and appropiate English board, please don't switch to talking Portuguese in the midst. One more portuguese reply and it would've been moved, if you want to ask a question (mainly) in Portuguese then start topic in that language's board please
  6. Please make sure your topic follows the section requirements within 24 hours: https://forum.mtasa.com/topic/93773-rules-and-formatting-for-this-section/ @BlueBoy
  7. Next time please include your serial (9D4898D737711F0D420745306905A0E2). You were reported by admins of server Trinity freeroam for DDOS'ing them, you admit it here and apoligize but I hardly think that's enough to get unbanned, as these acts are very malicious in nature; Maybe the ban can be commuted to temporary but for that please send a PM to @ccw and once again I think you won't easily get a new chance after doing something like this, as others also said. As you can send a PM to who I mentioned to try resolve it, I'm locking this topic.
  8. Please be more detailed, also when looking through your previous topics in Scripting section; all of them are lacking detail and even when people ask you to improve it, you usually don't. So I expect you improve it here before I move this and all following topics lacking detail that you start, to Trash right away. Thanks for your understanding
  9. The included infernus.dff isn't UV mapped. Everything works, you'll just need to add a wrap compatible vehicle model. As I said, those who know how to work with these kind of resources can have it up and running pretty fast.
  10. Please open a new topic in Scripting section if you need help locating the memory leak, instead of posting code here. Thanks and good luck
  11. Follow ccw's advice and also; Please download, extract and run MTADiag and follow the instructions. Press 'n' when asked. Post any Pastebin URL MTADiag gives you
  12. Disable the Steam overlay, it's clearly causing it. Third-party apps overlays may cause issues and crashes if they try to hook into MTA.
  13. I don't think its possible to detect what kind of purposes a modded tree is for; detecting the kind of gamemode can be tricky (TDM, assault etc) but maybe it rather be a flag in mtaserver.conf @ccw? also I think you're one of the few looking to do this, and anti-unfair advantage outprioritizes this kind of wish.
  14. I believe (client - gta3.img only) tree mods were blocked because of anticheat reasons (someone would replace the tree with a small object to gain unfair advantage over assault/deathmatch maps, being able to see and shoot through trees and woods where others were hidden and they couldn't.
  15. I explained you before that OEM drivers are the ones you can get from laptop manufactorer driver page. And obviously a driver update tool will interfere with that.. As you still don't understand, let me clarify and repeat: Simply go to the laptop brand manufacturer site and then their driver/support page, enter your laptop model and get the drivers supplied for your laptop specifically, even if they are way outdated. There are too many laptops architecturally bad that suffer from having the latest drivers (generic) available, as it can disable your whole Nvidia card by breaking Optimus. (so if true, MTA would run on that slow Intel HD graphics only) And don't forget to uninstall that ''driver update tool'' before doing so, as it will interfere by overwriting what you just installed from OEM drivers.