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  1. For those that missed it, hedit is now part of the official MTA resources package and therefore all bug reports, pull requests and suggestions can go to the official resources github tracker and yes, it would be nice to have some scripters contribute to improve and modernize it.. PR's are welcome. Btw, soon we will forcibly update the main post of this topic (including fixing all screenshots). Despite it now being part of the official resources, we will definately keep this topic as it's legendary for having 110,000 views and many posts & input. TL;DR - get the latest version of
  2. As you may know from past ban waves targetting cheaters on MTA forks like NextRP, RPBOX, and MTA Province (which have a severely limited to nearly deactivated anti-cheat compared to 'official' MTA), we can occasionally help out forks by counteracting the cheaters that terrorize them. This time, we (MTA anti-cheat team at the official MTA) has been the recipient of harrassment campaigns and illicit activities & testing of crap from the cheat developers part of such groups that provide cheats for forks (which I won't mention but you know which groups im talking about). Because these gro
  3. No We already answerred you in your original appeal, mr. Ashame The decision won't change, not even if you behave like this or spam. Bye.
  4. He's trying to appeal a global ban on serial BE9D69057B2508007700A0DF77AE3243 Since the ban is issued on behalf of @.:CiBeR:., he'll handle this appeal soon
  5. Do you see a crash dialog when MTA exits afterwards? (otherwise it's silently crashing on netc.dll, I asked @ccw to take a look there) Also, please attach a video of launching MTA that captures being stuck up until exiting MTA @olver
  6. We have determined that you are 1 of those people in the Turkish DD scene, that we have called the "core abusers" group in the past. It consists of people that are constantly working on new avenues for abuse, cheating, unfair advantage.. as in: massively testing such abuse tools (crafted for DD scene), lag switches, and the development thereof, with the purpose of facilitating the toxification of DD scene (with unfair play, and spreading your stuff as soon you guys found something new to abuse). These are the big names in the DD abuse scene that are getting banned. The most active of
  7. I don't believe you are really sorry, because you've been doing it for months (if not longer) and only appealed now that after a while of being able to play unnoticed with yet another changed serial.. decided it was time for another serial change, which got you caught and banned again. But i am willing to give you a last chance - we have fixed your serial changing method, and corrected all of your changes / serials to your old main serial BB082685F06942B6246DF61C1D7A9EF4. Now you are unbanned. If you come anywhere close to activities related to serial change (attempts) in the future,
  8. Hmm, sounds like an interesting workaround.. I am wondering if it looks natural without hitches (heli movement), including for remote players? As well as that it looks as good for laggers (or lagger remote players) as default heli movement would look on their screen? No chance of position or remote player vs local player interpolation desync, or rubberbanding? At least i will test it soon and attach a video of how it looks locally, on the heli driver's screen..
  9. You are banned for DDoS related activities & providing DDoS (and DDoS teaching) related services to members of MTA communities. This happened in early 2020. All of these activities were aiming to harm MTA servers & users and to enable others to do so. MTA strives to protect its users from malicious people like yourself, therefore you are no longer welcome on MTA, causing the ban. This ban won't be removed, @chameauuu
  10. Unfortunately handling doesn't affect helicopters to increase speed, it's some sort of GTA limitation.. maybe it can be fixed in MTA some day
  11. You know its not a "game bug" (completely honest? nah).. you were testing stuff for a known cheat developer. Send me a PM to hear about the possibilities for unban, @3131
  12. Unfortunately, you won't get any different treatment than the other people which were part of the severe abuse cycle that you were involved in. We're still not planning to unban any of these people. @circa
  13. This would only hold if you can bring forward any cases where bans aren't correct, actually where they are structurally incorrect. You haven't brought them forward, and this system works for us, and as a result of it working, we aren't encountering any incorrect bans. Therefore, your suggestion still has no feet in the ground. Never fix what isn't broken. You got personally annoyed, and this caused you to speculate (imply) that there are problems with our current tempbans system. There are good reasons why we don't allow appealing for tempbans. Besides, cases like yours shouldn't
  14. Yesterday, 4 minutes after closing MTA, you got the source code of a hackdriver (used in gamehacks for read/write memory) and manually built it. Today, you started up the hackdriver and launched MTA, causing the hackdriver to be running while MTA was opened. This caused you to be banned. It's obvious why this is a violation. Most people that get banned for building their own hacking :~ would say "yeah but I wanted to cheat in a different game, not MTA, this was by accident" but that doesn't hold, because hackdrivers like this (if not detected) can pose a security threat to any game.
  15. No We never said that you're a cheater, and your ban isn't cheating related - but being Liberty / Finciakk you know exactly why you received a permanent ban from MTA services. Huge summarisation: severe abuse and extreme troublemaking on MTA services, and major efforts to toxify the Polish scene and your followers to become just like you. And attitudes similar to those you are showing right here. Your behavior and actions made you no longer welcome on MTA, and this was a decision made by MTA staff team after discussing you together.. they agreed it was time for you to go. After getti
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