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  1. No they dont tell me anything but my friend have this problem too , on this internet...
  2. Thanks guys for helping , i hope i have the reason why this MTASA wasnt working. I Have a multiple problem with my internet provider (cs16 sometimes connect , sometimes not... ) and more . Only 2 weeks and i get a new one , then i write here if it is changed or not!
  3. I tried to connect directly , no change... ahh man this sucks...
  4. I wait VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY long and it found nothing. I tried to turn off firewall - no effect...
  5. I dont use FW , i have this version mtasadm_v1.0-dp2.3.
  6. I run MTA:SA and hit the refresh and nothing found - if i try to connect without refreshing i get error with timeout
  7. I have problem , i try to run MTA SA and i get to the menu where is CJ and others... but i get there stuck in 1-2seconds. Nothing can do, only ctrl+alt+del. 3Gbram Amd X2 5200+ @ 3003Mhz Ati 3870 512mb @ 800Mhz Asus M2R32-mvp
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