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  1. What if you had a status bar above the players with a bar that shows how hostile they have been to you / you have been to them. Green for friend and red for enemy, and the degrees inbetween. If you shot a person he get redder, if he shoots you you get redder. If you gives him a ride he gets greener, if youre close without fighting he gets greener. This could be a client matter based on nick, and mabye stored localy inbetween games. Since there are a lot of people playing it could be fun to see if a person has been very hostile against you, and who it would be fun to team up with. You should
  2. gdwarf


    sorry, my fault... can't read and eat at the same time...
  3. gdwarf

    Server is a LAN ip and will not work over internet. And since my own comuter is I will then acctualy try to connect to my own computer. I have no MTA server up, so no, I can't connnect.
  4. Compressed using DivX5 with 500kbps bitrate, 320x240px, 15fps. Exported from Premiere 6.5 wich I used for editing.
  5. I used fraps 2.0 for recording, works very good and you can remove the fps in the corner. I probably could have made the vid about half as long by removing some of the simple stuff. Most of the clips are the same (360 with PCJ-600), and I should have used more cars. (more fun, but harder to do perfect) I myself was very happy with, the perfect 360 with car over river, and the PCJ 360 to rail over river. Most of the time I only drive around and do crazy jumps and search for new places to jump. Killing ain't that much fun, but it's nice to shoot back when someone irritates you. A part of the
  6. Last night i hadn't anything better to do than make this crazy video from MTA:VC. Download here (DivX5~15Mb)
  7. Nice idea... but no teams to begin with, just single persons. If person A kills person B... A gets B on his team. etc etc In time fewer teams will remain, after a while only two teams, and in the end everyone (team A) is chasing one person (last remainer of team B).
  8. tnx it took some tries to get it right...
  9. My first video... a 360 Roll with car. http://home.online.no/~t-amsrud/vcstunt/360roll.avi DivX~2Mb
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