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  1. I wish to know how to make music play when the button is clicked. Please i realy would apriciate your help.
  2. Can you still tell me the code line for it? Thought i would add it to my IG websites for my RP serv. Thanks for your help tho
  3. Does anyone know how i trigger the music to play aswell?
  4. I need some help, How do i make the label change when i click on it. What code is it. Thaks
  5. Hi, my name is Marcus. I am 18 years old and i am going to try out something abit unusual. See, i dont realy like to spend my card on a server. So im gonna try to summon up donators which will help me to host a server. Now this server will as you can see by the subject's name be a Roleplay server. But there is more to it then just a normal Roleplay server. This server will be built up after your wishes. I will collect wishes from people mostly on this forum and give it my best shot to add it to the server. Now take this in mind while posting your idea, it has to have Roleplay related content,
  6. Look, Ive made the ordering buttons now So if you want to order its just to go ahead and pay. And for the record, Yes one can start a hosting company with a .webs.com domain!. Its til we get cash to purchase bigger supplies
  7. Why would it be some kind of a joke?
  8. pLEASE Help me make a cool login that activates a window to show after i've logged in to a character selection/creation
  9. Hello, My name is Marcus i have rented a MTA SA server from Delux and i want to make a realistick server with a realistick economy and stuff, i got lots of ideas. But as most people im stuck with one problem. I NEED A SCRIPTER. Scripters are never cheap that's annyoing. scripting can be learnt but im struggling learning it. So im basicly asking for free help. If you are this kind add me on skype. Skype: marcus.hernes.davidsen
  10. Well my brain is as empty as a newly bougth can. But i guess im actualy just asking if anyone can help/teach me the LUA language.
  11. Hello, My real name is Marcus. I am one of those who plays MTA maybe to mutch, but anyways i want to learn how to scripts realistic scripts so i can try to develope realistic servers with good scripts. Its just a dream but i know its alot of great scripters out there so if you could please add me on skype. skype: marcus.hernes.davidsen Thank you kindly for your time.
  12. we are talking about Valhalla. I know your gonna reply "Dont use Valhalla" but i want to.
  13. I need someone to help me with making a roleplay server. Everytime i try to fix the MySQL it dosent work please help me i wont pay cuz i dont have any money ATM. Thanks Sincerly Jacky3.
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