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  1. you mean 48 right. since there would be 50 minus one packer and one pcj
  2. You can play lan if you do the following: 1. Get an image of VC 2. Put it on your hard drive 3. Get a copy of a program called Alcohol 120% 4. Run the program and play the image That should work perfectly, at least it does when i play. But you are right, when you just burn the CD it does not work
  3. true, but if you try searching the way it is now, a lot of the search results are threads that say "search harder." this just frustrates people, and makes them post instead of finding the answer.
  4. This is just a suggestion really, but on the posts that the moderators close for people not searching, would it be at all possible for them to delete these posts, because when you are searching for a certain item a lot of these posts come up and have nothing in them. Thus, the searching process becomes much more time consuming, leading to more posts that have already been answered. I just feel that if some of these locked topics that end with the moderators saying "search harder" were deleted, it would make searching much more efficient. Don't get me wrong, I agree with the moderators closi
  5. He didn't piss me off. I respect the fact that the search engine could prove valuable and that if more people used it the spam on the board could be cut down, however, with the amount of posts that are on this bulletin board, it can at times be time consuming. I just posted something that I realized when I got done playing. Also, since there are numerous posts on the first page about cheaters being the source of the crashing, and i didn't see a post about this on the front page, I figured I would provide an alternate solution. Sorry to start such a bruhaha.
  6. I don't know if anyone notices this but when me and my buddies play the game over the internet, i've noticed that the game freezes up even though none of us are using trainers. It seems like whenever any one player exits the game while they are in a vehicle the game crashes for everybody. Therefore, wouldn't it be possible that when an online server crashes, it isn't due to people using trainers, but players exiting the game while in vehicles. Just a thought. I've been in countless servers where everyone "claims" they are not using cheats, and yet the game crashes. I think this may be the
  7. I sent that one...as for the name, you can just keep it as stjo118. Thanks.
  8. So am I, the chainsaw is apt. 3c in MTA as well
  9. i don't know about the chainsaw being on starfish island, but there is also one in apartment 3c. Go to the marina on the first island. Head north and go around the curve. You will see an alleyway. Follow it. Jump over the stairs. The pink building that you either land on or jump over is the one with apartment 3c. If you are facing the building go in the door on the right, and look around. There are no textures but you should see the chainsaw and be able to feel your way around to both get it and get out of the building.
  10. Hey Wido, nice to meet you. However, you might wanna double check your progress bar, I think you are a little off it should be :::....... ::::...... actually, upon furthur inspection i think you just don't have a space between the Gameplay: and the first ":"
  11. dont repeat ideas please =P is this message just to me, or is it to the other posters as a whole, because its not just me repeating stuff, and if i'm not mistaking (which i might be) a coop mode had not previously been suggested in this thread
  12. Cops and Robbers idea is the best imho. especially the part about the jailbreaks...lol. Also, i don't know how feasible a Co-Op mode would be but that would also be cool.
  13. Yeah, it's sorta weird, i found this too. One of the lesser known things i suppose.
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