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  1. Thank you for the administrator who deleted the list of requested scripting items from aboudmad's posts.
  2. You did 25% tops, can hardly speak English, and were just jacking scripts off of the forum. We currently have a scripter two thousand times above your level who is actually able to create things from scratch instead of just taking them from the forums. People do have time fo' dat'.
  3. Of course we aren't scamming. I'll give anyone my IP, full name, or some shit like that so you can DDoS or hack me or whatever if I scam you. It's not just me, it's a group, and we're all pitching in for the $250
  4. Bumping, still needing a scripter. Last one bailed on us.
  5. We (PA-RP team) need a scripter for a complete gamemode. Please message me or add me on Steam @ "brightlitefilms". You will be given details after that.
  6. You're giving me the same answer everyone has given me, you can't just "read a manual about LUA and know everything about MTA". You need to get advice from others, and guidance.
  7. How exactly would I go about creating a quiz/registration system for a roleplay server? I'm quite the noob to LUA, and have tampered around with some scripts, but I can't seem to figure out where to get a start on this.
  8. Thanks, another major issue that I will end up having is MySQL and database creation to save characters as well as register them. Any suggestions?
  9. I know, I know, I've been trying, and so far I've got it to where you can log in, a logo shows up, you spawn at a spot, and et cetera. I have nothing and no knowledge of what to do based around a gamemode or anything. I don't know how to create teams (as in races such as ghoul, human, mutant, et cetera) and stuff like that. What I want to do is too damn complex for my beginner's knowledge.
  10. I'm a United States fifteen year old male from Michigan. I'm new to the MTA world, but not new to San Andreas (SA-MP included) and have been playing them ever since their first release. I have little LUA experience, and have ran several servers within the Garry's Mod community and edited the scripts myself, but never created from scratch. Me and a couple of other members are looking to establish a game mode based mainly around the "Fallout" series, made by Bethesda. We tried doing this with SA-MP but PAWN is just horrible, like, absolutely horrible. We have a website established for the game
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