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  1. That's the consequences.. But I think a very low-quality, well-compressed mono-audio will do just fine..
  2. Yea.. I hope MTA:VC could have its own button assignment, apart from the in-game one. <
  3. Very Good Critic! Maybe for player that are behind/not visible, a text just appear with player's name before it. Thanks for pointing that out..
  4. Frequent crashes while playing MTA:VC +Forced shutdown/restart could make some of your file truncated/corrupted also.
  5. That's a Great Idea. I thought of that too, but I was worried if the Audio Stream would take an extra bandwidth. But, yea.. I would like to see this feature to be implemented too! I'll give my vote!
  6. VreebieZ


    Just Sprint & Jump.. You'll be fine. But, yea.. y not.. 2more secs would be easier.. I'll vote for this too!
  7. VreebieZ

    Blood Ring!

    Good idea... if the rules of the derby is No-Shooting, then there could be: 1. Player need to "surrender" / release / store their weapon like in >here< --and system will remember and give back the weapons when entering the city back; or 2. Penalty --Everytime player shoot, he losses blood/HP. -vZ
  8. Exactly.. So it'll need more button to: 1. TALK: Text displayed near character 2. BROADCAST: Current chat mode 3. PRIVATE/WHISPER: Kinda like chat mode, but for pre-set recipient. -vZ
  9. When player type a chat, it's like his/her character says something. OfCourse this don't have to be inside the balloons, but a small text near the player's character would be very helpful. Benefit: 1. Easier to indicate 2. "Talking" Feature What do you think, folks? -vZ
  10. I'm not sure if mod can do this, but It'll be a good idea if players can release their weapons. How: Player press a key to release whatever weapon currently selected. Player can release all weapons by releasing selected weapons repeatedly until all weapons are gone (except fists). The benefit: 1. Hide weapons 2. Weapon-Retriever in GangFight (Give retrieved weapon to others) 3. Disable weapons (when entering area) example: In bloodring, user can release their weapon in a special place or "locker" 4. "Surrender your weapon" feature What do you think, folks? -vZ
  11. Basic, but.. HELL YEAH! Will be very helpful
  12. Also apply a Ban for "specific period"...
  13. Track specific name/user so every "bounty hunter" can look for this "target". If this mode is on, either: 1. Targeted user will have special markings on map ;or 2. Map only display this locked target mark; or 3. Map blinks this target mark. I think this will be a great feature in: 1. Gang-Wars: Locate enemy clan/leader 2. Bounty-hunter: Track the target 3. StreetRace: Mark the RaceLeader What do you think folks? -vZ
  14. VreebieZ

    Show names

    I'll VOTE for this feature too!
  15. VreebieZ


    Count me in... G-Strings..I mean.. Unit... Yeeeahh...
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