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  1. With 1.3.2 out, Multi Theft Auto introduced the ability to set a client's cursor's alpha. As a server owner, this can be useful when you are trying to distinguish an important feature with by blinking your mouse, or anything else. In this case, I managed to create a basic system that allows a server owner to import any cursor image they have and allow players to play Multi Theft Auto with custom mouse pointers. Although this can be down prior to the update by editing the GUI settings, this can be useful for owners who wish a player to play under a certain mouse pointer. Ability for a
  2. I've tested that before I even released it. Worked perfectly fine. The others who I also tested it with didn't notice it either.
  3. Weird. First time I've heard of this happening. It could be another resource inflicting with the inventory system.
  4. Do any errors show when you attempt to restart the resource?
  5. Can you send me your item database, and list exactly what you're doing that causes this problem?
  6. The video above is a trailer for a series I'm working on based off of Soul Calibur II gameplay. I'm currently still building a better story for this series, which is why I'm planning on releasing another trailer soon. Any suggestions, or comments for this upcoming series? Whether you're a Legend of Zelda fan or not, would you find a series like this interesting?
  7. Make sure you add the image from the group to meta.xml. If you have done so, please post the portion of the code related to what you're trying to accomplish from meta.xml, and from where you used the group functions. Also consider to recheck the directory of the image that corresponds to the group.
  8. You haven't created any groups. http://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Her ... _Functions
  9. Where are you triggering the event "onPlayerWinDD" or calling the function explosionsON? There could be a possibility that the player parameter is invalid. Also, when you called setTimer, you're not passing the player parameter which could contribute to the reason why this function isn't working. I posted a code below that I need you to run. If a message appears in your chatbox, the player parameter isn't valid. I've also fixed the setTimer problem you've would of faced. function explosionsON(player) if not isElement( player ) then return outputChatBox( "explosionsON: Inval
  10. Thanks for being patient. - Fixed inventory browsing bug. - Fixed limited inventory bug. - Fixed inventory grouping bug where items weren't sorted properly. - Fixed issue where items weren't loading. - Fixed issue where inventory items simply showed a black box. - Fixed issue where groups didn't show up randomly. - Added the ability to drag items to the world. - Added the ability to pick up items. - Moved all event related scripts into the "events" folder. - Added the ability to customize dropped item object IDs, and their coordinates because of object dimensions. With that being sa
  11. I found a problem within the script itself. In the new version that is coming out soon, this error will be patched. Thanks for your help!
  12. Can you show me the code where you created the inventory groups?
  13. The inventory group names you've linked to the items are called: "1", "2", "3", "4", and "5"? If that's the case, all your items should be separated into five separate groups?
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