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  1. I am sorry to hear about these issues you have faced, can you please PM me your ticket number so I can personally check into this for you?
  2. The Windows OS does not have anything to do with the console. We have it working on the development panel just waiting to release it to the public once all the bugs are worked out.
  3. Thank you solid for jumping in on this monopoly.
  4. We currently accept PayPal and CashU at this time. What's CashU ? https://www.cashu.com
  5. We currently accept PayPal and CashU at this time.
  6. We run a pretty solid network as long as you are not the target of large scale network attacks.
  7. We also accept CashU and are looking into other payment methods.
  8. Only a few days left in our massive Halloween sale, grab a new server while supplies last!
  9. No problem at all, glad we could help you out, enjoy!!!
  10. No problem at all, just pop in a ticket and include your full name/address on that ticket from latencyhost for verification purposes and we will get you taken care of https://vortexservers.com/clients/submi ... 2&deptid=3
  11. No problem at all, pop in a ticket @ Vortex referencing your account at Latency and we will comp you 3 free months with a better service through Vortex in any of our locations
  12. Our busiest months are ahead of us here at Vortex, we have spent the last few weeks preparing for one of the largest sales we offer each year. Today we bring to you our once a year special edition Halloween Sale. We are changing it up a bit this time with offering two different promotions for you. One being a 65% off your initial order with us which is what most are used to and then our next one is a 35% off recurring coupon code valid for the entire life of your service. 65% off your order (one use): SPOOKY65OFF 35% off your order (recurring): SPOOKY35OFF4LIFE Both promotions will no longe
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