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  1. Its just a freakin red cylinder :L
  2. @Denny if im not mistaken just edit the fy and fx and im all set?
  3. Ok explain everything for me please juste xplain all for it to work i need it to work at the doherty sf garage
  4. My question was just right the x coordinate next to it or type = first
  5. Ok so if you guys are suposed to be helping me how about breaking it down to basic to help me erase "get player team" and put the x position coordinates or leave it and type = what ever the x postion coordinate is?
  6. Im still new to this but was i suposed to edit that ^^^?
  7. createMarker "onMarkerHit" -- event getPlayerTeam outputChatBox else killPed or spawnPlayer
  8. Does any body have a script like if a regular user enters the area it kills them or spawn them some were else please i really need one and if you do find one can you tell me how to find the size of the area.
  9. Thank you guys so much it works only i can login and out and nobody can thank you.
  10. Ok so ive added it good it works but i cant login. :L
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