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  1. Be sensible mrdie, the reason the dude's did that so was that they could put an end to illegitable users and peep's usin' trainers to cheat to play the game.
  2. Yep...same here, well actually, I got a program I use to set my IP, so I can change it whenever I feel like it. As for cheaters, well, I cheat here and there, but thats only on my own server, and I let others know, so we kinda screw around and have fun then just killing each other to death. But since 0.2 came out, well, that kinda things, but doesnt matter to me. :-/
  3. I somehow got the same error once, I just loaded up MTA, click connect, got the trainer msg, funny enough, I dont have any trainers on my HD at all. :F (recently formatted my HD, so I lost it) It was probably a glitch or mishap for me, as it worked when I resetted my PC afterwards....
  4. That wont do much, the peeps would just rename the files of the programs and bye-bye script. What would work better is if MTA would go through each running application and check part of the code to see if its a trainer or not. (only problem there would be is to make it recognize if its a trainer or not, like, they'd have to include part of the code of the trainer to check or something)
  5. If you havent yet, download the MTA PDF help file (http://upload.mtavc.com/general/mta0.2.pdf), goto page 7, and read the part on key binding. [edit] Er, scratch that, there's no key bind for it, anyway, look in the ViceCity controls (in the game) and look for "Camera", select it and change "Home" to whatever you want, and I think that'll do the trick for ya.
  6. No-CD Crack = modification MTA 0.2 = not allow modification
  7. Lol @ people complainin' that no-cd cracks wont work Jeezus people, cant ya read, a no-cd crack is a modified GTA version, and thats why they dont work in the latest MTA, though I wonder if throwing in some dummy data into the exe to make it the correct filesize of the original exe to bypass the CRC would work, probably not. Anyway, at least I'm able to play it by myself and online though, just no more LAN for me I guess.
  8. Well, my story eh? Ok, I was walking around on one of the docks, then my bud came over on his helicopter goofin' off, then, when he was near the ground, I tried stealin' it, and by some odd physic thing I get forced up the side of the copter, land RIGHT in the blades, then get shot off 1000 miles away (or so I think...game crashed right after I got flinged off...).....its fun to get butchered by the blades.
  9. Why not have a built-in game lister in MTA in the future? I mean, I've tested some programmer's games and they had all the crap to list all games hosted for the particular game, and it didnt require the use of ASP or Gamespy, so it was pain-free to use. Only problem would be hostin' a server or something to keep track of the hosted games.....
  10. BattleCom is where its at. I and my bro use it whenever we play anything over the network, whether we're oplayin MTA or BF1942, I'd probably say it'd be nice to implement a function into the MTA Server to allow them to host a voice chat session, and the MTA Client users will also have a function to allow them to join the hosted session by the server, so there wouldnt be any hassling finding the hosted sessoin manually...
  11. Thats all I ever use MTA for, unless I'm on the net and some stranger drops in to play... Well, for the AI, what could be setup is that the server controls all the ped's AI, so it handles what AI are in what area (cause they all are randomly generated as you move around town) depending where each player is, then the server would send its data on the Ped's and there movements\reaction to the other players to the other players. As for multiplayer co-op, well, all I can say is, it'll be a pain in the **** to get something like that workin 100%.
  12. I dont know why people bicker about the Trainer crashin MTA:VC, it works perfectly fine with it as long as you DONT use any of the spawn vehicles\weapons\skin cheats and etc, some of the cheats in the trainer I use work perfectly fine. Musta been something your server didnt pick up on makin your buddy think he was the first guy who joined when someone else already did... Not from my testings...like I said above, it depends on what cheats you use. (I can have my car granite-hard and invincible and others can still see me)
  13. Yeah, if I were the one programmin the mod here (I cant even do a "hello world" example in C++ fer cryin out loud, I can only program in BASIC and PHP), I'd stick with optimisin the code, and making it as bug-free as possible b4 adding ANYTHING else into it. (actually, I cant remember makin a buggy program at all.....probably cuz I never bothered modding anything or doing heavy network codin...)
  14. Well, the "Search" button usually helps...but anyway. To join games you host (on same PC), all you need to do is load up the MTA:Client and slap in your IP address, and hit connect. After you connect, all you simply have to do then is load up ViceCity and start a new game, and voila! To join a game, you'll want to download the "All-Seeing-Eye" (link to it in the Misc. Category in the Download section of this site), then use it to search for games using the MTA.exe I believe...then once you find a game, double-click the game, and that SHOULD load up mta.exe and put the IP\port of that server
  15. Well, after downloadin MTA:VC today (man, didnt take you guys long to get it out ), I started playing the thing against my bro. over our LAN connection. Anyway, I also had the net running at the time downloadin some stuff, and about 10 minutes after I finished downloadin the crap, someone joined my game over the net. I just found that kinda cool cause from how my IP for the server was setted up for I thought could only be accessed by my LAN, guess not though, but hey, at least it worked, havin I and my bro's PC on the LAN and one dude from the net playin in the same game with no problem.
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