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  1. I am pretty sure GTASA needs a video card to work.. it's light but not that light, an Intel onboard card won't do try to run gtasa single player, if that doesnt work either then youre just gonna need a pc with a gfx card
  2. youre free to alter the code and host it edit: service edited to do nightlies now and update time set to 2 hrs http://uhm.sparksptpm.co.uk/mta-linux/latest http://uhm.sparksptpm.co.uk/mta-linux/get new source code: <?php /**************************************************** MTA LINUX SERVER LATEST BUILD FETCH SERVICE Documentation: [url=http://uhm.sparksptpm.co.uk/mta-linux/]http://uhm.sparksptpm.co.uk/mta-linux/[/url] Developed by uhm under Apache License v2.0 *****************************************************/ function get_d
  3. Hi Specially for you I built this: http://uhm.sparksptpm.co.uk/mta-linux/latest fetch latest version URL as text http://uhm.sparksptpm.co.uk/mta-linux/get fetch latest version (redirect, suitable for use with wget) http://uhm.sparksptpm.co.uk/mta-linux/ documentation and source download checks every 4 hours and caches result you are welcome to give me free lifetime hosting now
  4. not at all. yall treating this like an argument of mac vs windows (which one you "like better"), but SQLite is designed to have basic functionality so applications can run their own internal db (iOS apps also use this). while MySQL is an enterprise solution with features I mentioned earlier but also security, stored procedures, transactions, scalability... all of these are clearly more advanced possibilities laymen won't need so it's really up to a developer to make their choice in this case, developing a login resource, then I too would advise mysql to answer ur question about remote access
  5. mysql is only really useful in the following cases: * u want to hook it up to another database like a website (ie forum account integration) or just want to store it elsewhere * u want to do relational database things like foreign keys and triggers up to you
  6. uhm

    Error MTA Server

    i see from ur sig that its fixed now? but u dont have to write ur ip because its like only for host companies that have like 10 IPs for 1 server then they can pick which ip it is on or if you only want to run the server via hamachi and not via LAN that kind of stuff if its empty it listens on all ips so that cant be related
  7. uhm

    I've a problem!

    maybe u put it to windowed mode with same resolution as screen do regular full screen (no check mark) or smaller res option > video > make screenshot if not fixed plz
  8. uhm

    Error MTA Server

    check mtaserver.conf try change 22005 to like 46798 also did u put something in ? bc u must not put anything usualy if not help plz put mtaserver.conf in here
  9. problem aint deathmatch.so its libreadline do like apt-get install libreadline5-dev or some shizzle
  10. uhm

    Power saving

    disable non necessary hardware to name a thing
  11. uhm


    what object list? like ur map file? or like in the map editor that you dont want too see so many things?? make screenshot if other
  12. http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/wind ... d125857c8c
  13. syntax error; unclosed elements "Fun Cars" and "Real Cars". use: <catalog type="vehicle"> <group name="Fun Cars"> <group name="Cars"> <vehicle id="495" name="Voozer" /> <vehicle id="462" name="Hover Board" /> <vehicle id="593" name="Flying Carpet" /> <vehicle id="571" name="Slicer" /> </group> </group> <group name="Real Cars"> <group name="Cars"> <vehicle id="602" name="Ferrari 458 Italia" /> <vehicle
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