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  1. i posted phpbb 2.03 exploits, but they censored it, because they dont want their boards getting hacked up. :rollseyes:
  2. get vbulletin, phpbb is for poor fucks who like getting exploited
  3. nope, he hasnt contacted me in ages, we were plannign to work on it though, i tried emailing/irc him, but no response.
  4. t0y

    TNT gang?

    yo this is TNT evO, is this the same TNT gang with TNT God and such? was just confused because i play with {TNT{evO name, and i play mta wiht {TNT{God and some other tnt dudes, so im just confused!
  5. lol and how will you do that, netstat -n them to death? i hate cheaters! im holdin off mta til 0.2
  6. yeah, they hsould look into hl consoel type thing, since they can go and download the Half-Life SDK, which is free, and look into what type of coding or w/e it is.
  7. hm, my name isnt mcneal, im not like that, im loyal, i dont turn on people like dat, just because one bitch messed it up, doesnt mean they should lose faith in the human race.
  8. hm. its been a few weeks, i guess they dont want it, oh well, their loss, ill prolly give it to someone else
  9. yo wat up stanto, dis evO remember we raced and i popped out yo tires
  10. i tried putting some GTA3 things in there, but it seems so out of place, but if anyone can send me something from gta3 to put in there, feel free to do so. lol, no im not a pro designer. ;P heres the final
  11. hey guys, i'm new and these guys are doing this all for free, and i was thinking hey why not give something back, (the only thing i can do is web-design) so here is a work-in-progress, MODS if you do not like the work in progress site please inform me thru email t0yofmyg0t@hotmail.com so i can stop the work in progress but if you do like it i will gladly finish making the site for FREE of charge, thank you for your consideration. HERES THE FINAL
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