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  1. Doesnt sound like itll be "your" server then.. >.>
  2. damien111


    So is there a bug with multi theft auto that if your to far out in the ocean your pickups will be there but not just be visible? Is there a work around? Im just wondering. Cause i heard about it and i need to know for a project.
  3. It is a copy of Valhalla RP. We are making a complete new unique system. Cody@ Thanks! That's a great one, I know TEDERIs Thats not the point, the point is you and the other server will get mixed up all the time, and its common curtosy to not use the same name for a server as someone else.
  4. That event handler isnt adding a event to the marker, are you stupid? I edited your code with 1 if statement didnt change anythingelse.
  5. checkGateMarker = createMarker ( 216.22926330566, 1875.0806884766, 7.4616560935974, "corona", 10.0, 0, 0, 255, 0 ) function onPoliceShapeHit ( thePlayer, matchingDimension ) if ( getElementType ( thePlayer ) == "player" ) then outputChatBox ( "You have entered Police Base zone!", thePlayer, 0, 0, 255 ) end end addEventHandler ( "onColShapeHit", policeColShape, onPoliceShapeHit ) function createGate () gatePolice = createObject ( 976, 209.8828125, 1875.8419189453, 12.372331619263 ) end addEventHandler ( "onResourceStart", getResourceRootElement ( getThisResource
  6. I think you should know theres a major rp server called Multi Theft Auto : Roleplay
  7. Are you a developer of MTA:RP cause i will gladly help you if you are, but ill need proof, i am a big fan of that server.
  8. Would you be able to move it around or what?
  9. You should proballly wait until your more experienced. If you know how to script then write code that goes through a table of strings and outputs them.
  10. damien111


    It only happens with my nephews client, on any server he try's to join.
  11. damien111


    When my nephew trys to join a server his download stays at 0mb. It downloads the map though. Just not the moded files. Also, we have allowed access through the firewall so that isnt it, thanks in advanced
  12. Price up to 30$ max now! Please somebody?
  13. Paying 20 USD for a very large map with lod models scripted in so map loads models beyond draw distance! The map has to be large, a island. Ill need two copys, one with tree's bush's , etc, one without ( they will be put with scripts ). The reason being i need one for testing basic mechanics, one for later. I also need them done in a week at the maximum. The island needs to be massive though! As big as one of the islands , perhaps 3/4 of that size. It needs to be detailed with rocks, waterfalls, etc. This is 20$ USD Job, i will give more depending on its quality.
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