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  1. [DGS]Advice on this Open Source Dx Lib

    Better optimization. I've tested your script, did the button performance test. 30 fps. Now, realistically you wouldn't really have 1k buttons but I did check overall performance, and it's just not that great imo. I found that it takes up quite a bit of resources and especially on older computers with lower end gpu's it has negative performance impact. Seems that your code is doing lots of calculations each frame when it doesn't have to. You can overcome some of this by using render targets and eliminate any unnecessary calculations by only updating it when a change occurs, like a mouse enter/leave, click, etc. Render targets are great for this, however, real optimizations would still need to be done. Secondly, why didn't you make it object-oriented? That would certainly make your code a lot shorter, more structured and a lot more manageable than it is right now. Especially with inheritance you could probably cut down your code up to 1/3 of what it is now. I can give you a hand in that if you like. Anyway, keep up the work, you certainly have one of the most complete frameworks out there which I applaud you for that.
  2. Prevent vehicle despawn.

    Probably what you need https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/ToggleVehicleRespawn
  3. vehicle limit

    Do you have multiple colshapes? Instead of root use co4 as the root. addEventHandler("onColShapeHit", co4, checkVehicles) also, you may want to make sure it's a vehicle that's hitting the colshape: if (getElementType(theElement) == "vehicle") then
  4. vehicle limit

    I don't see anything that teleports all vehicles to one point, however, you are looping through all vehicles, which is weird considering you're only trying to move one vehicle. Get rid of the loop.
  5. [REL] MTA-Indicators

    Make it so the indicators stick to the edges of the screen when you face away from them. If you didn't add that already. I couldn't tell in the video.
  6. Browser is not displaying localhost.

    Set isLocal to false when you're loading the localhost This worked fine with my server local browser = guiCreateBrowser (0, 10, 500, 500, false, false, false) local theBrowser = guiGetBrowser (browser) function setURL() loadBrowserURL (source, "http://localhost:3000") end addEventHandler ("onClientBrowserCreated", theBrowser, setURL)
  7. Browser is not displaying localhost.

    Just change the address in loadBrowserURL
  8. Browser is not displaying localhost.

    Edited my post didn't read the comments in the code
  9. Browser is not displaying localhost.

    Try youtube.com or mtasa.com which should work without requesting the domains Else try adding port 80 after localhost like "localhost:80/index.html"
  10. Browser is not displaying localhost.

    You're setting the URL too fast. Use the browser events. You'll need to use this one: https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/OnClientBrowserCreated
  11. Command block in Las Venturas

    A quick and easy way would be to add this if (getZoneName(player.position, true) == "Las Venturas") then return end --> function spawn( player ) if getZoneName(player.position, true) == "Las Venturas" then return end local rnd = math.random( 1, #spawns ) setElementPosition( player, spawns[rnd][1], spawns[rnd][2], spawns[rnd][3] ) end addCommandHandler("pvp",spawn)
  12. Safe zone

    Try adding this if attacker ~= localPlayer then
  13. DxDrawLoading

    What part are you stuck with? Please provide some actual code so we can help you with it.
  14. Anti-Bounce 3, your opinion

    I've never heard of anti-bounce. What is it?
  15. if not z == 20 then Is what you're doing but z will probably never be 20 exactly, so do z >= 20 instead. return then you're returning but that doesn't stop the object use stopObject() and then return it. Hope this helps.