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  1. Yeah, don't worry about that ^^ Is there a way to install it to a different directory? Because the version I have will only let me install it to this one.
  2. Is there a way I can install it to a different directory and have two versions per say?
  3. Nope, I got the same "Unknown Software Exception"
  4. I do have mods but SAMP works and deleting the .set didnt work either.
  5. It hasn't I recently installed it for the first time and tried the map editor.
  6. Singleplayer MTA or the stock game? Edit: Singleplayer works fine.
  7. http://pastebin.com/haHxuuiq Done, still broken ^^
  8. Just removed that, no luck.. I still get the same software exception.
  9. Here is my MTADiag.. http://pastebin.com/RQ0nckgC Basically, I don't know what is causing it, it cannot be any mods because my SAMP works perfectly fine. Any ideas?
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