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  1. Hello there, I'm currently wondering is there anyway when somebody runs or walks or like does fast sprint that it can be changed to a animation when they do it such like in Samp when they walk they can move the camera to watch the walk?
  2. Daniel.

    Redeem Code

    if Id id put one under if code == then would it work?
  3. Daniel.

    Redeem Code

    I noticed that but would it work if I tyed in something like /redeemcode sodq-39jd-239j-230jd would it spawn the object?
  4. Daniel.

    Redeem Code

    So I'm currently creating a donation system for my current gamemode I was wonder if this will work to give a player a object such as `spawnVehicle` anyway here is the code function onRedeemCode(thePlayer, commandName, code) if not (code) then outputChatBox("SYNTAX: /".. commandName .." [Redeem Code]", thePlayer, 125, 294, 14) else if code == "sodq-39jd-239j-230jd" then --setPlayerMoney(thePlayer, 1000000)-- What thing tha twill happen else outputChatBox("This code is not in our code database, sorry.", thePlayer, 255, 0, 0) end end
  5. Daniel.

    I'm a tease.

    Looks good robhol really nice work, hope this gets released.
  6. Thing is, It's not his script it's Valhalla Gaming 4.0.24's
  7. Daniel.

    SAMP Scripts

    I was just wondering, I don't use samp scripts I just play samp, heh
  8. Maybe a respawn vehicle command for mods + or admins so you canrespawn vehicles maybe or a command such as /clearallvehicles - it clears all the vehicles only for admins?
  9. Tested, Work great good work Phoenix Games!
  10. Daniel.

    SAMP Scripts

    Is there a samp script that you can convert certain type of samp scripts to Mta I mean I found one before but where is it now?
  11. Can you please stop trolling he's a guy that has been in Multi-Theft Auto a long time you've not been in it for long have you so give the guy a break you're a noob according to you're current stats so go and get a life mhm?
  12. Good luck Chris I've been on xUltimate and it was a success good luck anyway with your server I hope it goes good and well for you!
  13. Can it work like this jerrytxd = engineLoadTXD("skins/jerry.txd") engineImportTXD(jerrytxd, physco) but the physco.txd not sure where to find the model ID
  14. Alright so I'm currently wondering how I could replace a skin using a Lua Script replacing something in th eGTA3.IMG with the Skin psycho.txd and physho.dff Could Someone give a example Lua Script?
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