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  1. silverorder

    Mysql login problem.

    Fixed it! The link help me a ton. Mixed up some code while trying fix it and just keeping making it worse.. but i solved it! Thanks for the help and link! Bookmarked it for future use
  2. silverorder

    Mysql login problem.

    Hello. trying to make a mysql login system. the error: script.lua:37: bad argument #1 to 'mysql_query' line 37 looks like this local query = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM `users` WHERE `username` = '" .. username .. "' AND `password` = '" .. pass .. "'") The error only appears when i try to login All the tags i use is the same as in my db.. checked over 100 times I have no idea work this one out i have search up and down the forums and found nothing. I started scripting my own MTA yesterday, but have past exp. a little lua, PHP and mysql plus some more.