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  1. Thank you, didn't even know it was that easy
  2. Hello, I would need some help with a race script. The thing is when there is one guy left (DM maps) the map changes after 5 seconds. How to make the map change ONLY where there are no players left?
  3. and you wanna help with a stolen script?
  4. No, my friend gave me it
  5. It's compiled @WASSIm. Still the same error @OGF
  6. Hey, can someone tell me how to fix this thing?
  7. Yeah i am sure its not ... It looks like the same, you must register on the site... Maybe you didn't copy the code but these panels looks same, be original please
  8. Nice stolen panel... (Its the FFS one with changed skin) here is the proof..
  9. so u say nothing werent copied? ffs panel skin is copied, SCOREBOARD IS LIKE THE FFS ONE-u said that, and MAP INFO LIKE FFS ONE...
  10. nvm but i will never buy a script for any price especially copied
  11. server side : local raceState = "" local enableMessages = true local messageColor = "#FF5555" function afkMsg(mtype,afkCount) if(mtype == 1) then outputChatBox("#0000ff* #FFFFFF".. getPlayerName(source).. "#0000ff has been killed by the #FFFFFFAFK killer#0000ff #0000ff[#ABCDEF"..afkCount.."/5#0000ff]",getRootElement(),255,255,255,true) elseif(mtype == 2) then outputChatBox("#0000ff* #FFFFFF".. getPlayerName(source).. "#0000ff has been kicked for staying #FFFFFFAFK#0000ff for 5 rounds!",getRootElement(),255,255,255,true) end end addEvent( "afkWarn",
  12. I have problem with anti-afk script. Anti-afk dont kill when player is afk. client.lua local MaxAFKtime = 30 local warnTime = 20 local v = 0 local AFKtime = 0 local sx,sy = guiGetScreenSize() local wEvent = false function rWarn() dxDrawImage( sx/2 - 300, sy/2 - 100, 600, 200, "img/warn.png") dxDrawText("You will be killed in "..tostring(tCount).." seconds",sx/2 - 255, sy/2 + 45,sx,sy,tocolor(255,186,0,255),1.01,"bankgothic") end function stopWarn() if(wEvent) then removeEventHandler("onClientRender", getRootElement(), rWarn) wEvent = false
  13. buy or make it lol I said "How to make colored toptimes like this?"
  14. Hi. How to make colored toptimes like this?
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