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  1. Cyandie

    Fire Spots

    Thanks guy I'll check the about in a bit.
  2. Cyandie

    Fire Spots

    Is there any way to like place a fire object/element in any X, Y, Z? instead of just using it on a player you could set like some area on fire or a car?
  3. Exepet RootGaming they have a decent amount of roleplay unlike other roleplay servers.
  4. I don't think this should be placed to be honest it would be unfair for people(even him).
  5. Lucky I know 100% of the admin panel
  6. I think he means people just want the stats/powers instead of actually goign on a server and staying on there no matter how the admin's may be but it's about the player base.
  7. Maybe on every kill after you kill 50 or a number it diappears like if you do ten it fades slightly and on and on.
  8. I guess I play GTA3/VC:MP sometimes lol.
  9. Phil I sent you how to use that code lol should read your msgs more. but heres how to set a map with it function setGameMode( ) setGameType("Roleplay") setMapName("Los Santos") end addEventHandler("onResourceStart", getRootElement( ), setGameMode) Also why not go learn Lua? http://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Scr ... troduction
  10. That code is a big mess to be honest and not very stable.
  11. @ Al3grab Worked thanks
  12. So like this? function setTeamCriminal( thePlayer ) local criminalteam = getTeamFromName ( "Criminals" ) setPlayerTeam(thePlayer, criminalteam) end addCommandHandler("criminal", setTeamCriminal) ?
  13. Okay so I have this script server sided and it won't put me in the team when i type in /criminal here is my code function setTeamCriminal( thePlayer ) setPlayerTeam(thePlayer, "Criminals") end addCommandHandler("criminal", setTeamCriminal)
  14. He means like stop when you normally run you can change it to walk as a ped like in samp so not the CJ walking ped anim.
  15. He has them he is using a new roleplay gamemode.
  16. It was fun seeing the design of this Window and it's pretty good looking Gui so keep up the good work
  17. Callum Jones probally ddosed you.
  18. Glad to see everyone mostly uses NOtepadd ++
  19. Why not try Google Chrome? Just download it from Google today!
  20. Why not just buy a Computer instead of a Laptop because the FPS are limited on some Laptops like mine.
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