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  1. Hello I want to make some maps and I am wondering how to test maps. Do I have to make a Internet server? Because I want to put them onto the showcase section with a download. Can I also make it in LAN? Pardon me if it is in the wrong section.
  2. Hello I have seen the mta resource downloading is very slow. I have 15 mbps Internet and it is not going that fast. I have no download manager or accelerator. In the next release it should be faster.
  3. Hello I am new to mta and I need help. I have searched the forum, google and YouTube on how to install shaders. The shaders I downloaded do not have a readme. So I don't know how to install them. I haven't seen a post on how to install them. All I need to know is how to install and uninstall shaders. I have shader graphic card.