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  1. I think you didn't understand me and the link I provided installs the Linux version ie none windows platform. No, you did not understanded me sir. Here you can find ready to run mta sa server(wich the host that im working is using) You just need to uncompress the file for a directory, unzip the resources for the resources directory, and the configuration for the configuration directory. And after that, you just need to do: screen -dms `whoami` ./mta-server If you still need help, send me a pm, and i will send you all commands needed for you set up the server.
  2. You can use all port's of the vps higher than 1000
  3. Some people have linux knowledge, and other not.
  4. Hello! If you're just thinking to host game server, and you do not have any knowledge with Linux operating system, you can go with game server host provider, they have professional workers who will help you running your game server. For "gsp", you can find the hosting talk section, for vps'es, try domvps(they have good reviews)
  5. Hi, there is a linux version for the mtasa servers.
  6. You can see Here the host's who's offering mta sa game servers.
  7. Alot of host's out there accepts paypal.
  8. That's one of the problems on the shared hosting in some companies. But we cannot think on the servers "empty", i need to think on "full" servers. Anyways, let's gonna finish this offtopic talk... @AHSS Buy a high performance vps to host your server if you do not want to go for a shared game hosting company. The best, just looking for their reputation, is domvps, check them out.
  9. You're wrong... 100 players can take at least 100mb, depending on the script running on the server. I have clients, some of their servers are full(100 slots), and their servers are just using arround 100mb - 300 mb Alot of host's can handle it, just depends on the main server. If the main server have 16gb Ram, will can handle it without problems, if the same have 4Gb ram, will can handle it if it's not overloaded.
  10. Alot of people who offers free webhosting have just one objective in mind, steal scripts, gamemodes and others, to use them or sell. That's why you should go to the hosting companys, who offers 1 week trial or 1 month free trial.(or 4 hours, like serverffs)
  11. And plus Mr Alexs_Steel, you should wait up to 24 hours to your server activated, from 5 working days. Some host's make it instant activation, others manual activate, on manual, you need to wait up to 24 hours, on 5 working days, to get your server activate, if you buy your server at a saturday or sunday, you need until monday, for your server be activated.
  12. Like i said to others, you're not allowed to host servers on webhost, just if you are the OWNER of server at all. @above, if you have php/ssh2(or sockets)/mysql knowledge and linux knowledge, you can easly setup a game server control panel and/or a registration/login script with automatic server setup.
  13. 4GHZ cpu with 8 cores LOL Anyways good luck with your free hosting.
  14. @above You can easly script a game server control panel. You just need to have php ph/ssh2 knowledge ; mysql(if you want to add more than 1 account)
  15. There is not such thing has infineted slots. Anyways, charly-man, that vps can handle with 500 clients or more, depending of the script and others.
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