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  1. [insert witty reply that will cause extreme laughter]
  2. *note to self: dont use modded vehicles* well me started work collecting some new stunts, tho they arn't super, so i'm trying to find some better ones, but im also trying to find new stunt grounds as most have been used by everyone...
  3. thanks for the feedback... and i am starting work on the new video... i instaled a modfree vc the yestarday... me work hard on some good stunts
  4. i'm still meaning to instale a fresh copy with no mods... but im to lazy... plus i have a small hdd, and its kinda full as it is... back to vice to try some better stunts... and get some better camera angles
  5. so yeah, my first attempts at stunting, my first video, and my first time playing vc for just under a year... so i guess i could call it a first for me... http://homepage.ntlworld.com/louis.bush ... tuntsm.rar enjoy
  6. twas a good video, but the intro just seemed to go on forever...
  7. heheheh... it looks pritty sweet... heheh... i'm a cheap slut, who will upload nething... (well was untill my host closed down, an i had 2 go back 2 angelfire ) nice work posty
  8. idea for the choppa... just make one of them transporting choppers, the 2 bladed 1's simple... give it doors... and the vehicle slide thingy, thats the game, so u don't get stuck ontop or cars, happened on gta3 2...
  9. wow... not even a dint on ur car... hehehe... that scotish dude is funny... hehehehehe
  10. stick in a goat... coz it would be funny... maby its just me... muhhahahaha... meantly unstable matter here...
  11. lol... i am running a p200 32mbram 2mb gfx card... and a !!!2gig!!! hdd... running win98, and gtavc runs like a dream... i play in 1600x1024 and it owns opps... typo... i play in 16x10 hmmm... i wounder if gtavc would run in that res... i might go get my sisters pc, and have some fun muhahaha... tho xp is crap... to much fancy userinterface crap... dranes half or ur ram... ms tryed 2 do what mac do, only mac do it well... i might stick win2k backon its the best os ms have made so far...
  12. coz the post was locked were i wanted to put this... i will put it here this is decated to you rhinox
  13. but if R* did partener with microsoft... will they do wot they are doing with mm3, only release it on xbox... the mofus...
  14. it was a fresj insataltion... i click new game, and it crashes there
  15. wtf?? b4 i installed mta gta3 worked fine... now that i did when i click on start new mta game(not exact wording) the game crashes... but b4 when i put mta on it didn't, what could i of done wrong??
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