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  1. . Please download and run MTADiag and follow the instructions. Then post the pastebin link here.
  2. . Please download and run MTADiag and follow the instructions. Then post the pastebin link here.
  3. Most likely you have previously played on servers where there were much less mods, so you have not encountered such an issue. No problem.
  4. . According to your MTADiag log: This crash is a result of out of memory. Out of video memory. Your PC is too weak for such servers. 2 GB of RAM & 512 MB of VRAM (video memory) is not enough for anything these days. So just find another server (with less mods) to play on or upgrade your PC's hardware.
  5. . That crash is happening when rendering some effects. Restore this file to original with a backup or reinstall with a clean GTA: SA to resolve it.
  6. Sarrum


    No problem . If there are any more problems, we will be happy to try to help resolve them.
  7. Sarrum


    . This code is usually caused by running out of memory. Are you playing on an unoptimized server? Does this happens on all servers? Also you should try lowering streaming memory, by going into Settings > Advanced > Streaming memory > Min.
  8. . To clarify: Are you using XP/Vista or a more modern OS? Are you trying to connect to your own hosted server or someone else's?
  9. Yep. A better GPU with more VRAM (video memory) will definitely help. But I should note that you still only have 2 GB of RAM. If you want to play on such servers, you need at least 4 GB. Therefore, you will most likely have to upgrade everything in your PC.
  10. . I've moved your post to the correct section: Scripting. Check this tutorial:
  11. . I've moved your post to the correct section: Client Support. And please use English in this section. From https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Famous_crash_offsets_and_their_meaning: 0x003F5A3A Out of video memory (probably). It means your videocard is too weak for the server that you're playing on.
  12. Sarrum

    I have a problem

    If the listed options above didn't help, there are a few more: - some program is running on your PC (such as video recording software or an overlay) which causes a crash; - the server you are playing on is trying to use a lot of video memory (your video card has only 1GB) and this causes a crash.
  13. Sarrum

    I have a problem

    , - update/reinstall your graphics card drivers; - try reinstalling DirectX; - try to delete your gta_sa.set file which is located in the GTA San Andreas User Files folder, which can be found in your Documents folder.
  14. . Вам в Ban appeals и на английском языке повторить сообщение.
  15. . Please download and run MTADiag and follow the instructions. Post any Pastebin URL MTADiag gives you in this topic.
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