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  1. . В МТА карта по умолчанию открывается на клавишу F11. Если речь про пользовательский ресурс, мы не можем знать, как он устроен. Скорее всего используется bindKey. Поэтому могу предложить только воспользоваться поиском по файлам ресурса, либо же предоставить больше информации.
  2. . You're missing a '<' at the start of the </servername> tag. <servername>STEALTH DO CYBER 24H/servername> <!-- Right here ^ --> Next time you can use this website to look for syntax errors: https://www.w3schools.com/xml/xml_validator.asp
  3. Sarrum


    . This crash is a result of out of memory. Your PC is too weak for such servers. 2GB of RAM is not enough for anything these days. So just find another server (with less mods) to play on or upgrade your PC's hardware.
  4. Sarrum


    The latest crash (offset 0x003C91CC) is caused by being out of video memory. Upgrade your video card or play on a less demanding server.
  5. 0x00349B7B Bad skin model. Use unmodded GTA install to check or incase of server mods, ask server owner to identify and replace the corrupt skin mod. Information for modellers & server owners: corruption in the anim hierarchy in ped's skin DFF or bones configuration from https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Famous_crash_offsets_and_their_meaning
  6. We don't provide support for MTA Province. Please go to their own forums to ask for help.
  7. Sarrum


    These crashes is memory-related. It could be that you have low RAM available (ran out of memory) or the server you are playing on is abusing memory (badly optimized scripts/mods, memory leaks).
  8. . Была обновлена библиотека FreeType, которая отвечает за отрисовку шрифтов. Нельзя вернуть к старому виду и теперь так будет всегда.
  9. Debug Diagnostic Service (DbgSvc.exe) Try stopping this service.
  10. A similar issue is described here: https://github.com/multitheftauto/mtasa-blue/issues/1466 So, yes, you're right.
  11. Sarrum

    Please help

    AV (process) maybe found C:\Program Files\McAfee\WebAdvisor\servicehost.exe [10](McAfee, LLC,McAfee WebAdvisor) AV (process) maybe found C:\Program Files\McAfee\WebAdvisor\uihost.exe [10](McAfee, LLC,McAfee WebAdvisor) Although WebAdvisor seems to scan only websites. AV health: poor (2) [Dis0:COMODO Antivirus[60010]] [Dis1:Windows Defender[60100]] I would recommend that you decide on an antivirus (enable one of the current ones) and perform a full system scan. Then completely uninstall and reinstall MTA.
  12. Sarrum

    Please help

    One of the options is that McAfee antivirus deleted loader.dll file because it's flagged as a false positive. Follow these steps to restore the file: https://service.mcafee.com/webcenter/portal/cp/home/articleview?articleId=TS100843 Or try temporarily* disabling the antivirus and then reinstalling MTA. * - after you can add loader.dll to your exceptions and turn the AV back on.
  13. Sarrum

    Please help

    Hello. Please download and run MTADiag and follow the instructions. Then post the pastebin link here.
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