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  1. 👋. Данный вылет связан с нехваткой оперативной памяти. Варианты решения: 1) Перейти на 64-битную Windows (если сейчас такая версия не установлена). 2) Играть на другом, более оптимизированном сервере, если текущий имеет огромное количество модов. 3) Обновить компьютер (если ПК древний и вариант #2 не подходит).
  2. Sarrum

    MTA not starting

    👋. Google "HOODLUM GTA: SA 1.0 EXE" and replace that with your current gta_sa.exe.
  3. Sarrum

    Error cl25

    👋. Your gta_sa.exe is 15,157,760 bytes, but should be 14,383,616 (US 1.0) or 14,386,176 (EU 1.0). Google "HOODLUM GTA: SA 1.0 EXE" and replace that with your current gta_sa.exe.
  4. 👋. You can do it with a simple texture replacement shader. local rawShader = [[ texture Tex; technique simple { pass P0 { Texture [ 0 ] = Tex; } } ]] local shader = dxCreateShader ( rawShader, 0, 0, false, "ped" ) local texture = dxCreateTexture ( 1, 1 ) dxSetShaderValue ( shader, "Tex", texture ) engineApplyShaderToWorldTexture ( shader, "muzzle_texture4" )
  5. Hello. Can you please download and run MTADiag? Then post the pastebin link here. It can help investigate.
  6. Go to \server\mods\deathmatch, then hold down the Shift key and open the context menu (right-click) in this folder. In the context menu, you will see the option to Open command window here (or Open PowerShell window here). Clicking on it will open a CMD/PowerShell window. Type dir, hit Enter and post a screenshot here.
  7. 👋. I see you have the original gta3.img file in the models folder, delete the current one (gta3.img) and rename gta3.img.sabackup to gta3.img.
  8. addEventHandler('onPlayerChangeNick', g_Root, function(oldNick, newNick) if g_SToptimesManager and g_SToptimesManager.mapTimes then local index = g_SToptimesManager.mapTimes:getIndexForPlayer(source) if index then local row = g_SToptimesManager.mapTimes.dbTable.rows[index] row.playerName = newNick g_SToptimesManager:updateTopText() end end end ) (toptimes_server.Lua) Should do the job.
  9. Sarrum

    cl25 error code.

    Good to hear, np.
  10. Sarrum

    cl25 error code.

    Remove these files from GTA San Andreas folder: - 3da_extra9.dll - d3df.dll - d3dg.dll - ForceDLL.dll - opengl32.dll and try again. Also, does single player work for you? Your version of the game is something completely different from the Steam version. 👀 So if you have a licensed version, it's better to install it, instead of using some sort of repack.
  11. Sarrum

    Unknown Error

    You must have broken something in your acl.xml file. Restore the original file and the problem will go away. (
  12. Sarrum

    cl25 error code.

    Hello. Please download and run MTADiag and follow the instructions. Post any Pastebin URL MTADiag gives you in this topic.
  13. И в мете файл указан как <file src="html.html" />?
  14. @MRmihailZH при создании браузера нужно указать в аргументах, что он может отображать только локальный контент (isLocal).