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  1. So IF I want remote access, then MySQL is the way forward? But if I DON'T want remote access...? And if I want to make a forum for my server, can I just verify a players login details through the internal.db and link it to a forum account?
  2. Care to elaborate in which ways exactly that MySQL is "more functional and convenient"?
  3. You are aware that with a limited view of what you're working with, we can only offer limited help, right?
  4. I would assume that in your client script, your GUI button "close" isn't being created properly giving a nil result.
  5. I got bored and made myself a login panel for MySQL, I now don't know what to do with it exactly. I keep thinking "Maybe MTA functions are quicker and easier to use..." and such thoughts. So I'm here to ask a question: Should I go fully down the path of MySQL, should I stick MTA's SQLite databases, functions and events, or should I try to find a happy medium?
  6. ... ls&id=7476 Blatant copy of my fuel resource titled "fuel", didn't even change the meta.xml. Might wanna take a look at all of his resource uploads though, at least one is a skin upload. DONE
  7. function regenArmor() for _,player in ipairs(getElementsByType("player")) do local arm = getPedArmor(player); if arm < 100 then local nuarm = arm + 10; if nuarm > 100 then nuarm = 100; end setPedArmor(player,nuarm) end end end setTimer(regenArmor,5000,0); There you go, now fuck off and learn properly so you don't have to waste our time and your own time in future. Edit: Please bare in mind that this is a server script.
  8. First script is a player save script, second is a respawn, enjoy.
  9. If your main concern is to earn moneey from a platform which you can develop your own servers or free, can I suggest you simply look elsewhere? Take joy in the scripting of the server itself and look at any "earnings" as a bonus, don't focus on them from the start.
  10. I found ... TA-Banner# on the MTA Heroes page, or something, maybe the hosting page... Anyways, a lot of MTA hosters won't offer SMS payments because of the high costs in running that shiz. However, the company I linked you too off something else where you can buy a voucher in cash from a paypoint of sorts and use the code from taht to pay for it. I've forgotten the details since I last checked, so you could always check that out?
  11. What kind of price range are you talking here? And what kind of access to the server would you need? A control panel, FTP?
  12. Heh, I just noticed that the filter changed my function names... Awesome...
  13. You can PM me if you want, I also have a friend who hosts servers and does scripting as well.
  14. Here's a wee gate script I've made, just thought I would post it here (instead of the community since this isn't really a resource) in case it helps anyone. local gatePos = {}; local gate = {}; --gatePos[0] = {ox,oy,oz,orotx,oroty,orotz,cx,cy,cz,crotx,croty,crotz,model,dur} gatePos[1] = {2002.8,-1451,15.3,0,0,180,nil,nil,'-5.4',nil,nil,nil,980,1000}; gatePos[2] = {1997,-1445.2,15.3,0,0,90,nil,nil,'-5.4',nil,nil,nil,980,1000}; gatePos[3] = {-2740.5,569.7,15.15,0,0,90,'-3.95','3.95',nil,nil,nil,-90,985,1000}; gatePos[4] = {-2740.5,561.8,15.15,0,0,90,'-3.95','-3.95',nil,nil,nil,90,986,1000}; local colShapes = {} --colShapes[0] = {x,y,z,sizeX,sizeY,sizeZ,{gate,ids}}; colShapes[1] = {1991,-1458,12,18,19,6,{1,2}}; colShapes[2] = {-2747,557.5,13,15,16,8,{3,4}}; addEventHandler("onResourceStart",getResourceRootElement(getThisResource()), function() for i,v in ipairs(gatePos) do gate[i] = createObject(v[13],v[1],v[2],v[3],v[4],v[5],v[6]); setElementData(gate[i],'posData',v); setElementInterior(gate[i],0); setElementDimension(gate[i],0); end gatePos = nil; for i,v in ipairs(colShapes) do local colShape = createColCuboid(v[1],v[2],v[3],v[4],v[5],v[6]); addEventHandler("onColShapeHit",colShape,function(p,d); if getElementType(p) == 'player' and d then openTheFuckingGates(v[7],source); end end); addEventHandler("onColShapeLeave",colShape,function(p,d) if getElementType(p) == 'player' and d then closeTheFuckingGates(v[7],source); end end); end end); function openTheFuckingGates(whatGates,col) for k,v in ipairs(whatGates) do local posData = getElementData(gate[v],'posData'); local x = {}; for data=1,3 do local y =data+6; x[data] = posData[data]; if type(posData[y]) == 'number' then x[data] = posData[y] elseif type(posData[y]) == 'string' then x[data] = x[data] + tonumber(posData[y]) end end for data=4,6 do x[data] = posData[data+6] or 0; end moveObject(gate[v],posData[14],x[1],x[2],x[3],x[4],x[5],x[6]); end end function closeTheFuckingGates(whatGates,col) local eles = getElementsWithinColShape(col,'player'); if #eles then return false; end for k,v in ipairs(whatGates) do local posData = getElementData(gate[v],'posData'); local x = {}; for data=1,3 do local y =data+6; x[data] = posData[data]; end for data=4,6 do if posData[data+6] then x[data] = posData[data+6]-posData[data+6]-posData[data+6]; else x[data] = 0; end end moveObject(gate[v],posData[14],x[1],x[2],x[3],x[4],x[5],x[6]); end end It should be pretty straightforward to understand, you create a colShape by defining a new row in colShapes[], and you can make it more one or more gates. For the gates themselves, you set the open values, and the closed values. For the closed values you can let them as a number for it to just move to that co-ord, or have them as a string like they are there for the example X and Ys in the script, and it will move the gates that much, instead of needing to calculate shit. I'm not sure how well the rotations work on that whole string based thing. And I'm not saying that it's perfect or bugless, it's just here in case anyone can find it useful.
  15. Slotman, maybe it might help if you actually learn how to script first... Or even take more English lessons BEFORE asking?