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  1. So IF I want remote access, then MySQL is the way forward? But if I DON'T want remote access...? And if I want to make a forum for my server, can I just verify a players login details through the internal.db and link it to a forum account?
  2. Care to elaborate in which ways exactly that MySQL is "more functional and convenient"?
  3. You are aware that with a limited view of what you're working with, we can only offer limited help, right?
  4. I would assume that in your client script, your GUI button "close" isn't being created properly giving a nil result.
  5. I got bored and made myself a login panel for MySQL, I now don't know what to do with it exactly. I keep thinking "Maybe MTA functions are quicker and easier to use..." and such thoughts. So I'm here to ask a question: Should I go fully down the path of MySQL, should I stick MTA's SQLite databases, functions and events, or should I try to find a happy medium?
  6. http://community.mtasa.com/index.php?p= ... ls&id=7476 Blatant copy of my fuel resource titled "fuel", didn't even change the meta.xml. Might wanna take a look at all of his resource uploads though, at least one is a skin upload. DONE
  7. function regenArmor() for _,player in ipairs(getElementsByType("player")) do local arm = getPedArmor(player); if arm < 100 then local nuarm = arm + 10; if nuarm > 100 then nuarm = 100; end setPedArmor(player,nuarm) end end end setTimer(regenArmor,5000,0); There you go, now fuck off and learn properly so you don't have to waste our time and your own time in future. Edit: Please bare in mind that this is a server script.
  8. First script is a player save script, second is a respawn, enjoy.
  9. If your main concern is to earn moneey from a platform which you can develop your own servers or free, can I suggest you simply look elsewhere? Take joy in the scripting of the server itself and look at any "earnings" as a bonus, don't focus on them from the start.
  10. I found http://www.byserv.de/gameserver/mta/?ut ... TA-Banner# on the MTA Heroes page, or something, maybe the hosting page... Anyways, a lot of MTA hosters won't offer SMS payments because of the high costs in running that shiz. However, the company I linked you too off something else where you can buy a voucher in cash from a paypoint of sorts and use the code from taht to pay for it. I've forgotten the details since I last checked, so you could always check that out?
  11. What kind of price range are you talking here? And what kind of access to the server would you need? A control panel, FTP?
  12. Heh, I just noticed that the filter changed my function names... Awesome...
  13. You can PM me if you want, I also have a friend who hosts servers and does scripting as well.
  14. Here's a wee gate script I've made, just thought I would post it here (instead of the community since this isn't really a resource) in case it helps anyone. local gatePos = {}; local gate = {}; --gatePos[0] = {ox,oy,oz,orotx,oroty,orotz,cx,cy,cz,crotx,croty,crotz,model,dur} gatePos[1] = {2002.8,-1451,15.3,0,0,180,nil,nil,'-5.4',nil,nil,nil,980,1000}; gatePos[2] = {1997,-1445.2,15.3,0,0,90,nil,nil,'-5.4',nil,nil,nil,980,1000}; gatePos[3] = {-2740.5,569.7,15.15,0,0,90,'-3.95','3.95',nil,nil,nil,-90,985,1000}; gatePos[4] = {-2740.5,561.8,15.15,0,0,90,'-3.95','-3.95',nil,nil,nil,90,986,10
  15. Slotman, maybe it might help if you actually learn how to script first... Or even take more English lessons BEFORE asking?
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