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  1. Add the keyword: in for k,msg in ipairs (badwords) do Syntax: http://www.Lua.org/manual/5.1/manual.html#pdf-ipairs
  2. What did you try? Because setPlayerHudComponentVisible works, unless another script overwrite it's state.

    Simple help :D

    local position = "15,20,18" local x, y, z = unpack(split(position, ","))
  4. function deluxe ( ) local player = client addEventHandler doesn't work the same as the addCommandHandler. Use the predefined variable `client`, to get the player that did activate the event.
  5. That is not really an issue, since it doesn't freezes the code. The database will just queue the queries and not execute them in parallel. Creating tables is something you should do once, not every time you start your script. Or are you talking about saving player data when you stop the resource?
  6. if not p then return true -- there is no parent? end for i=1,5000 do local data = dgsElementData[p] if not data then error("Data mismatch... go spam thisdp", 2) end if not data.visible then return false end p = FatherTable[p] if not p then break end end hmmm maybe... 😆 can't test it


    Probably because your url contains an invalid protocol notation. Make sure to use https:// or http://
  8. The functions that @Tut provided are the way to go to achieve that. You can find here an example resource on how to use the second function:
  9. Then you probably need to replace that with: local vehicle = getElementData(player, "repairingvehicle");
  10. bindKey getPedOccupiedVehicle local timer = repairTimer[vehicle] isTimer killTimer repairTimer[vehicle] = nil
  11. If the health loss isn't subtracted, you will be able to detect the issue with the pre-event: https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/OnClientPlayerWeaponFire Since the health didn't change. + getTickCount to check if the damage is done within the same frame. And maybe include the ped task as well for validation.
  12. When that occurs, what was the loss value?
  13. Also without mods? There are some mods that do have some collision issues.
  14. You mean that there is no damage given? If that is the case: You could maybe use: https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/OnClientPlayerWeaponFire to save the latest player shot and set that as attacker. (with some tricks)