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  1. Update 03-08-2017 ---Looting system finished up into a playable state. - you can find loot points around Tierra Robada and BC, and once writing /loot inside a point, it'll bring up a GUI listing the items you've found. ---Tunnel system almost implemented completely. - our tunnel system is a bunch of modular 3d models I created for making Bone County / TR alot bigger. You may enter the tunnel at, lets say Fort Carson, and you can actually walk all the way up to El Quebrados, using the tunnel system. ---Over 50 new items added (more comming daily) - varying from trash, such as a KFC bucket, to herbs that you'll be able to mix, and general materials needed for building. ---Wearable items & models to them. - when finding an item, such as - let's say a Pitchfork. Then you'll actually be able to click it in your inventory, and wield it on your character. The system needs a few small fixes, allowing players to move the worn object up/down/left/right on 0.1-1 in xyz axis. This is caused by the GTA peds being different sizes. ---Introducing "Missions" - you'll be able to accept missions, if you have the required ammount of "team mates" to assist you via our forums. When completing a mission for New Haven (which is all done through IC), you'll be rewarded for your deed. This is simply put in place in order to keep players occupied for the first time, till we get a proper NPC encounter system in place.), members of the "event" team will be roleplaying as the enemies, zombies, or whatever needed for the scenario. We currently have two users working on a lore, based on my requirements to it. The lore should be done within long, and should be explaining how the plague started. A few of the requirements I had for our lore, was that there would be absolutely no millitary, or government left - aswell as the Virus appearing by itself, as a natural plague, rather than some scientist creating it (We're -not- called resident evil roleplay) - So, look forward to reading it, it's gonna be worth the few minutes. Its great to see how intrested players are slowly dropping in - thanks alot to the last few ones that dropped in, it's speeding up our proccess alot, having them around. Do you want to set your mark on our server? Jump in via our forums, and participate there. Suggestions are highly appreciated.
  2. I'm straight outta Valhalla Gaming 2009. I've been around since Mount was roaming around in his black huntley, with a 3d localsound attached to him - so it's -roleplay-, not RPG, or similar Regarding the discord link, I'll have an updated one added in a minute.
  3. Welcome to Project Revenant: Post Apocalyptic Roleplay. Through the functionality and scripts of MTA, Project Revenant aims to offer players a post-apocalyptic roleplay experience like no other. Brought to you by an ambitious team of mappers and writers, Revenant offers an experience that is explicitly by roleplayers, for roleplayers tailored to suit your storytelling purposes. With its own handcrafted custom-map built off of the original game paired with an intriguing setting, survive in the desolate wasteland that is San Andreas with hordes of zombies to keep you company, and find out how others have survived hitherto. Stick to the fringes of quasi-civilization as you journey through memorable semi-urban locations such as Las Venturas as well as Tierra Roboda and Bone County let's you venture further where only radiation and carnage awaits. In a test of cunning and morality, will you have what it takes to survive? You may stay updated by joining our forums, at Or by joining our Discord, at You find yourself in a post apocalyptic version of Las Venturas & countyside, where you have to make a living for yourself. As you start out, you'll be placed in the town of New Haven, from where you're able to get a few buddies, trade for the nessecary materials needed, or for just taking a break from the outside world. The dead walks, and has done so for quite some years now. They're denourished, making them slow - this means that survivors can put alot more focus into their crops, towns, and more important things, rather than running away from a biter. Hunger / Thirst Harvesting / Mining Planting / Crops Looting / Items If you wish to contribute with mapping, please contact "Mike" on Discord. We are re-doing entire San Andreas, flipping over world objects, and adding content. This thread will be updated on the run - alot of features to add.
  4. limelemondk


    Might be a stupid question. But does it not just crash since you're not applying the texture to any specific ID? - Just a thought.
  5. DM as in Race DM - or Deathmatch? I know that Deathmatch/Stealth was pretty popular during the 10-13 period (been here since late 08) Sorry for the many questions, I just have a hard time understanding what you're looking for - and I'm sure that if you just add some more information, a lot of people are willing to help you
  6. What exactly do you mean by old school maps? As in MTA: Race - old, or "old" based settings?
  7. Then please send a PM to Cody - and pray that he is in a nice mood
  8. Please try using engineSetModelLODDistance and assign a longer LOD for each object ID.
  9. You most likely have too many objects in one place. This can be fixed by doing a custom streamer. Before you head out into that; Did you try to use engineSetModelLODDistance?
  10. Nice example indeed! -I probably should, but i'd have to add that as an end feature I think. Might also just release the max file, so people can do changes to the models themselves (once done)
  11. I did consider prebaked lightning, but I wanted to see how I could get it working with for an example: Light objects. As for the 2nd UV, no idea - pretty much just doing all forms etc for now. (note: Some models are ripped)
  12. Some of the detailing objects added to the kit. Note: I am also working on a sci-fi kit on the sideline.
  13. Rendered example - with door included.