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  1. Might be a stupid question. But does it not just crash since you're not applying the texture to any specific ID? - Just a thought.
  2. DM as in Race DM - or Deathmatch? I know that Deathmatch/Stealth was pretty popular during the 10-13 period (been here since late 08) Sorry for the many questions, I just have a hard time understanding what you're looking for - and I'm sure that if you just add some more information, a lot of people are willing to help you
  3. What exactly do you mean by old school maps? As in MTA: Race - old, or "old" based settings?
  4. Then please send a PM to Cody - and pray that he is in a nice mood
  5. Please try using engineSetModelLODDistance and assign a longer LOD for each object ID.
  6. You most likely have too many objects in one place. This can be fixed by doing a custom streamer. Before you head out into that; Did you try to use engineSetModelLODDistance?
  7. Nice example indeed! -I probably should, but i'd have to add that as an end feature I think. Might also just release the max file, so people can do changes to the models themselves (once done)
  8. I did consider prebaked lightning, but I wanted to see how I could get it working with for an example: Light objects. As for the 2nd UV, no idea - pretty much just doing all forms etc for now. (note: Some models are ripped)
  9. Some of the detailing objects added to the kit. Note: I am also working on a sci-fi kit on the sideline.
  10. Rendered example - with door included.
  11. Construction Kit #1 Post-Apocalyptic Settings Hey there. So - I recently began modelling (a few weeks now) - and I do have dreams of one day becoming an actual level designer. But for the time being, I'd like to assist the rest of the MTA community in creating some sweet levels, and designs. Here I present you my first of many construction kits. This one is based off of an underground tunnel system. Think something alike Fallout 3 - Vault 101. The kits will be released once I complete them. Please note that the textures applied on the screenshots, not are the end result. If you wish to have your own models added to the kit, please add me on skype: Ameffe1 Note: The objects are all done as low poly as possible, in order for it to fit GTA:SA. They will look better ingame. Please give your five cents - all tips and ideas are appreciated! Also - when the end result is released, you'll have full non-commercial rights to use my models and textures.
  12. -I'm pretty sure Cody is unable to lose his MTA server password. He is talking about the VPS it is hosted on
  13. Will you please just stop commenting, since you're doing no good? I am telling you that I am unable to edit the title. If an MTA dev doesn't believe me, I'd be happy to show it to him through teamviewer.
  14. Editing first posts in topics is now enabled. I am asking for change of TOPIC title. Not the post itself.