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  1. If someone is providing free host that does not mean he wants your small game server scripts. You should be thankful to him because getting host is really expensive for kids. I have seen many people caring for there small scripts even if it has only commands to chat. you just made a small script which is useless, if u will go out of mta u will find theres too much complex programs to handle.
  2. I recommend mR|TurboCow aka cowturbo .He is one of best mta scripters.btw beware of scripters who just get in for admin and waste time.example solidsnake.
  3. http://www.mysql.com/ << its big help
  4. u bought scripts from daniels?? lol he was just a server keeper of valhalla.valhalla dont sell scripts.daniels got kicked from admin at valhalla so he got scripts and he sold them illegally.You dont know spelling of tried.you write tryed.not good for host owner
  5. Another server trying to copy CIT ? P.S. : You also posted in wrong section
  6. lol u r just jealous of CIT because we get players and SANL don't. SANL is just a rip-off of SAES. We have the best script and scripters of MTA and so we get players. SANL have scripters like u who are just in for admin rights.
  7. It was pretty intelligent question, he means that whats the point in hosting a server from hosts like virtuagaming which makes no sense at all. Hosting from pc is same as virtua also does not support 24/7 and neither you can trust them with ur scripts as they stole valhalla script and running it in their server. also it lags and its same as host from pc.
  8. Theres no point of hosting from virtua, u can host from any professional hosting company to enjoy 24/7 server and good control panel. virtua is just a company who runs stolen valhalla scripts and will probably steal yours too and run on their laggy servers.
  9. Its not cloning, he is just showing features, there has been many servers like this name like GTA4 cars, real cars dm/freeroam, theu didn't copied anything. if u can't name ur server with good names then stop whining about real cars are mine
  10. lol i tried not work, it says you need to be interior. i think u forgot to add command for normal players, is it just for admins?
  11. Nice help cowturbo, atleast you didn't wrote nonsense like castillo
  12. You forgot to createMarker, and addEventHandler("onMarkerHit",markername,functionname) and for x,y,z use local x,y,z = getElementPosition(player). There is end missing for function lol stop frustating, if u don't know then just tell him that you don't know. This section is to help people not giving link to mtasa wiki. This code makes sense if you have your common sense.
  13. lol everything is over mtasa wiki, theres no point in helping , castillo is not a scripter, he only knows is to spawn zombies. If you think he helps then check viewtopic.php?f=91&t=33686 . he don't helps at all, just troll shouting over others and attitude as if he made mta
  14. u scripter?? lol u run default zombie apocalypse by "the kid" and call yourself scripter. u just join other community for admin rights and u script hmm... nothing lol
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