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  1. I forgot the timers. Thanks for reminding me about the timer.
  2. No. I need when a player joins and he downloads all the necessary files, the camera starts moving.
  3. Hey guys. So I want that when a player joins a server his camera starts moving. I made the script for a moving camera, but how to make that when a player joins the server for the first time, the client side event is triggered?
  4. Hey guys. I got my MTA linux files at this location: /usr/lib32/mtasa I'm using Linux Debian 6 Squeeze 64 bit. And MTA version 1.2 And when I try ./mta-server, I get this: libncursesw.so.5: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory ERROR: Could not load ./core.so * Check installed data files. Press enter to continue... Anyone knows what to do?
  5. Hey guys. I want to change the height of Top Times GUI, but I don't know how to. So can someone explain it to me?
  6. Hey guys! I want to make a colored name tags. So if a player's name was like this: John How can I make that player's name tag (his name above his vehicle in race gamemode) was the same as his name?
  7. So I just do setPlayerNametagShowing(thePlayer, true), right?
  8. Nope. Player's name above his vehicle.
  9. Picture Look at the picture. See this colored names above players? That's what I want.
  10. Hey guys! I need help with something. And that something is: I want to make name tags in the same color as player's nick, ofcourse if the player has colored nick. Can you help me?
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